Charlie Gets Spirited

<SirGoldFish> Charlie, in his infinite wisdom, is currently sleeping under a tree with a small smile plastered on his face from a pleasant dream. He always slept better near or on trees. Much better than those synthetic beds back in the school.
<UltimixRed> Charlie can feel a shift in the natural flow of the forest, something that was not there before is now present. He can sense the change towards the deeper parts of the forest
<SirGoldFish> Charlie's dream abruptly ends, everything returning to the ground as the usually do before he wakes. "Hmmm, that's new." Gathering his bag and staff, he sets off to see this mysterious entity, he wonders if he should try to bring a wolf companion to his aid, but that may be rude.

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<UltimixRed> Farther into the forest where a clearing was, now lies a rather large pond. the water is pristine, crystal clear. however it seems to lack any aquatic creatures besides maybe microbes
<SirGoldFish> Charlie is not sure whether to smile or frown at this sight, he was rather fond of the creatures that lived near and at that clearing. ~I hope they're alright…~ He, still curious at this sight, examines it. He walks around the perimeter of the pond, and, again in his infinite wisdom, decides to dip his finger in the water.
<UltimixRed> The water is cold, its still winter after all. The water didn't even seem to be contaminated by dirt. Charlie also hears the faint sign of wailing but he can't be sure without a perception check
<SirGoldFish> !roll 4d3+3-8 Charlie is not the most perceptive.
<UltimixRed> (you need to do ‘calc)
<UltimixRed> (Charlie’s power actually works for this as well)
<SirGoldFish> (Was it animal wailing or human?)
<SirGoldFish> ‘roll 4d3+3-8 What was that? (For the wailing)
<GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
<SirGoldFish> `roll 4d3-8
<GameServ> SirGoldFish rolled 4d3: 1 3 3 1 <Total: 8(-8) = 0>
<UltimixRed> you should do calc instead
<SirGoldFish> (That comes out to three for a perception check.)
<UltimixRed> Charlie is not able to perceive much from the wailing other than it seems to be coming from the centre of the pond … and if it’s deep then the sound should not be carrying as clearly as it is
<SirGoldFish> Charlie frowns, something is in pain! He tries to concentrate to see if he can make contact with whatever is making the wailing. It is likely not human and whether it might not be an animal, but he has to try something. ~Hello. hello friend?~
<SirGoldFish> *Hello friend, are you okay?
<UltimixRed> The wailing responds, the voice is vaguely feminine but it's mostly just distressed /where am I! what is going on? / it sobs out, it's not an animal that's for sure
<SirGoldFish> Charlie is shocked, it's not an animal. He did not even know he could do that! But he gathers his composure, he must help whoever this is. ~I do not know, friend. Can you tell me what you see, what you feel? Perhaps I can help you." He says in a concerned manner.
<UltimixRed> The voice responds with gratitude /oh thank you, all I see. and feel is water! water is all there is! / the voice is desperate and fearful
<SirGoldFish> Charlie focuses on the pool of water, the wailing and the description of her imprisonment is no coincidence. ~I think I may know where you are, please hold on, friend.~ He looks at the water closely. Perhaps this is some sort of illusion? He wishes not to disturb any of his otter friends so he'll see if he can manage this himself. He takes off his shirt and tries to look into the depth's. Even if it stings his eyes,
<SirGoldFish> he must see to this.
<UltimixRed> The water is quite clear and easy to see through. the pond is quite deep but its still allowing light to penetrate all the way to the bottom. near the bottom is a aquamarine glowing light /Help me, I'm lost! I'm not supposed to be here. /

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<SirGoldFish> Charlie pulls his head out of the water ~I will, friend, I need to think of how.~ He thinks for a moment and comes up with a plan! One he's never tried before, but one that is overall low risk, especially since there seems to be nothing living in the pond. He is gonna pettion the elements and try to drain the lake, temporarily so he can take the orb of light, hopefully his good intentions will allow this to happen,
<SirGoldFish> assuming it's possible.
<SirGoldFish> `calc 4d3-8+6 (Overdrive) ~Mother Earth, heed my call! One of your children is in dire need! Drain this pond so I may give this person the help they need. You may fill it back afterwards.~

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<SirGoldFish> ~Mother Earth, heed my call! One of your children is in dire need! Drain this pond so I may give this person the help they need. You may fill it back afterwards.~
<SirGoldFish> ‘calc 4d3-8+6 (Overdrive)
-ChanServ- Error: You typed an invalid expression.
<SirGoldFish> `calc 4d3-8+6
<GameServ> 4d3-8+6 = 5
<SirGoldFish> (Overdrive)
<FakemixRed> The water drains a fair bit but not all the way, half of the pond is gone but this does not illicit the response Charlie was probably hoping for /It hurts! It Hurts! Why is my body fading!/ once the water starts to fill back up /that’s much nicer, please don't do that again!/

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<SirGoldFish> Charlie has a look of abject horror and sorrow plastered all over his face. ~I am so so sorry. I was ignorant. Please forgive me.~ This is the first time he has caused pain to a living thing unless it was to heal them or for self defense. Charlie is currently on the verge of tears at this point. ~I-I am so sorry.~
<FakemixRed> The spirit would try to comfort Charlie but it's not to sure what to do about itself /I don't care about that….please just help me! What is going on! Why is there only water!/ The pond ripples at this, seeming to reflect the will or whomever it is yelling
<SirGoldFish> Charlie takes a deep breath, still filled with sorrow, but he must calm down for…. whatever this is. ~I do not know if it would be a good idea for you to leave you seem to be made of water.~ He says in his mind as calm as he can.
<FakemixRed> The water shakes /Made of water?!?! How is that possible?! Are you screwing with me!! I'm already as scared as it is!/ The pond is now producing turbulent waves that bash Charlie and everything else at full force
<SirGoldFish> Charlie tries to stand there, taking the force of the water, on some level he feels that he deserves this. "I am so, so sorry, please, I will see what I can do, if I can do anything, friend." He is no longer talking in his head, instead choosing to speak allowed. The poind spirit should be able to still hear him.
<FakemixRed> The Earth Mother whispers to Charlie, barely a murmur "Spirit" The pond spirit replies in a frantic tone /What's wrong? Please can't you help me? I don't know what's going onnn!!!/ she wails
<SirGoldFish> Charlie shudders, first a magic pond and now the earth mother, oh lord. "I will, I promise I will." He thinks over the Earth spirits words and his conversation with Warren. "I- I think you are a spirit." She shifts awkwardly. "A pond spirit and a beautiful on at that." He says, almost shyly.
<FakemixRed> The spirit would blush except current;y Charlie can't see her body and a pond can't exactly blush /Spirit? what….does that mean. And I'm…beautiful?/ She seems to have calmed down some, as well as the water losing it's turbulence
<SirGoldFish> "A spirit is sort of like the embodiment of something…" He says, trying to remember what Warren said. "And yes, you very much are beautiful. One of if not the pretties ponds I've ever seen." He is not trying to be a charmer or anything, he is just saying what he thinks.
<FakemixRed> The spirit seems to think for a second….and soon the blue light at the bottom of the pond disappears. From the pond's surface a medium tall girl that was made of water appears, her cheeks seem to be a darker shade of blue from the rest of her clear blue body. "Am I…the embodiment of this pond? and thank you…for calling me pretty."
<SirGoldFish> Charlie is takes a step back and kneels before the spirit of nature, showing his respect. "Yes, that is what it, uh, seems."
<FakemixRed> "It's fine…you don't have to kneel, it's not like I'm a god or something???? Maybe??" Though she's calmed a bit after summoning her spirit form, she's still quite confused.
<SirGoldFish> While not quite bowing he still tries to lower himself a little before the creature, still gotta show a little respect. "Yes, I am glad I could help… Is there anything else you would like?"
<FakemixRed> "Do you know why I am here? The last I remember was waking up and being covered in water. Though I may have been the water." The spirit says thinking "I also…need a name? I can't seem to find one on my own."
<SirGoldFish> He stands back in aww. "I have other named many of my other friends… I could try if you want." He says, still shy.
<FakemixRed> The spirit nods "Yes…a name will be in order. What do you suppose it should be, I think I can't know, I was born, last week I think?"
<SirGoldFish> Charlie ignores the fact that ponds don't form that fast, too swept away in the wisdom. "Hmm," he closes his in concentration. "What about Amada? It would be a shortening of Amadahy which means Forest water. I think it would be a nice name, what about you?"
<FakemixRed> The spirit smiles "I like that name. Amada, it sounds pretty, I guess I am now Amada….does the pond share the same name as me?" she looks down at the water before deciding that yes, the pond shares her name since she sort of IS the pond
<SirGoldFish> He nods. "I suppose it would." Charlie is sort of awkward with his shuffling and him looking away every so offten, feeling almost unworthy. "So, anything else you need?"
<FakemixRed> Amada thinks "Can you please tell me where I am, and how this pond got here? Do spirits normally form this fast…also isn't my water a little too clean?"
<SirGoldFish> "I do not know, but I could try to find out." He shuffels and takes out an empty jar from his bag. "May I," He blushes. "Take some of your water…" This is so awkward.
<FakemixRed> Amada blushes as well "I think….just a little should be fine…albeit a bit weird?" she looks away as he puts her water in the jar
<SirGoldFish> He fills the medium sized jar half way. "I, uh, think that will be enough, Amada." He puts the jar in his satchel bag. "Anything else I can do for you?"
<FakemixRed> "I do not know what more I could ask of you, but perhaps your name would be good."
<SirGoldFish> "My name is Charlie Small." He smiles. A new and very interesting friend!
<FakemixRed> "Well hello Charlie, I formally introduce myself as Amada." she bows to Charlie
<SirGoldFish> He nods and smiles. "I must ask, do you get lonely here? If you do, I could see if any of my forest friends would be willing to see you, give you company."
<FakemixRed> "I do feel it's a bit odd for a pond not to have frogs or fish…and I suppose more friends couldn't hurt."
<SirGoldFish> "Would you mind if they, uh… drank from you?"
<FakemixRed> Amada looks at him confused "I don't know?? I'm new to being a spirit so we'll find out?!" she says a bit conflicted
<SirGoldFish> "I promise, I will do some research and will try to visit you often."
<FakemixRed> "Please do." Amada says graciously
<SirGoldFish> "I shall!" He scurries off to the school, clutching the jar close to his chest.
<FakemixRed> -Scene Spirited-

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