Zita Jasper

Player: Silvors

Demeanor: Zita seems to be a rather rebellious, not the kind that causes her to shout and yell at others but, a blatant lust for freedom with no hesitation to speak her mind. Despite the rebellious streak, she seems to easily trust people until betrayed, just as quick to lose trust as she is to give it. Similarly, she's fine with being close to people she trusts to the point of occasionally seeming overtly touchy, poking and tapping seemingly as often as breathing though, if hurt by someone she reels away, refusing to be within several feet of the person. And, although she occasionally tries to hide it, the surface fascinates her, the animals and the greenery, the blue sky and clouds above, and the black void and dotting stars, Zita seems enamoured with them all.

Nature: The girl's lightswitch-like personality, flipping from one extreme to another, is born from a mix of desire to have people be close and a fear of what they might do. Caused by a hardwired need to be managed and a self-nurtured desire to be free. She's constantly struggling to fight against this desire for someone to guide her. An internal battle that she doesn't want to admit.

Description: Zita is a well tanned Italian girl. She has bright, emerald green eyes that seem to shine a little between her rather cute nose. Her black hair is short and choppy, coming about half way down her neck, though she has been growing it out over the past few months. She also seems to have recently a dyed a streak of her bangs a neon green color.

Zita is a tan Italian girl who stands at about 5'5" and has a well maintained body. It has muscle, but muscle that isn't very noticeable unless she's exercising or straining. Her hips are wide and her chest, while not big, is a little above average. Her clothes are typically black and neon green and she seems to favor jackets, especially if she's wearing something that could run the risk of showing her back.
Completely covering the girl's back is a massive dark scar, composed of both strange shapes, geometric figures, and various imagery with a giant eye shaped symbol in the middle. The scar seems to be masterfully made, areas of seemingly untouched skin visible between each line like some sort of sick and twisted version of some professional tattoos.


HP: 11/14

Psyche: 7/8

Brawn: 4

Agility: 6

Brains: 2

  • Bladesmaster - (6) Agility Melee Attack/Defense
  • Artistic - (4) Brains
  • Acrobatics - (4) Agility Ranged Defense
  • Perception - (4) Brains
  • Archer+ - (2) Agility Ranged Attack
  • Engineering- (1) Brains Building not-magic stuff
  • Persuasion- (1) Brains Communication
  • Willpower - (5) Brains Mental Defense

Sanguine Daughter - 7
Blood. Blood makes up who you are. It makes up the world. But as my heir, you will wield it. You will wield power itself
Zita has become the heir of the Blooded One. As such, she gains the full physiology of an ancient vampire. Due to the ancient vampire's very nature being that of blood itself, the red ichor making up their very being, she has an attunement to the stuff. Any free blood (Blood not currently within a living body) can be controlled by Zita's mind. She can also draw blood out of Sferanque to use as she desires and store blood within the sphere without drinking it. In addition to this, the Blooded One does not age and doesn't require any sustinence. (other than blood, of course.) In addition, it allows for her to shapeshift into a fox and allows her to walk up walls.

Sanguine Enchantress - 7
Have you heard? They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul… Hm… How about we send in the battering ram?
A vampire is not all blood, though that makes up most of her power. Her other is a much more subtle path, requiring only a lock of eyes. The longer the gaze, the more subtly she can influence, the more subtle the influence, the more careful and permanent the effects. She can hypnotize, temporarily, by doing this. Or she can give irresistable vocal commands while her eyes are locked with the target's. In addition, her immensely pleasureable bites now feel addictive, with the need for more being greater with the longer the bite. A combination of hypnotic gazes and addictive bites result in the target pledging feelty and becoming Zita's thrall.

Sanguine Sorcerer - 4
Money? Strength? No. No, this is something more primal. More ancient. Blood, blood is the true power. The true currency. This is how you spend it.
Zita has gained the power to cast spells by spending stored blood. Rituals will lower the price of blood required, at the expense of time, but the difference is a minute one. The more powerful the desired outcome, the more blood that's required. And the price is exponential, for example, lighting a candle may cost a teaspoon, but casting a fireball will cost a pint. Of course, since she's paying with blood, healing will get diminishing returns at a rate of 4 pints per hp, since she's using blood to restore blood.

Exsanguination - 2
Zita has changed. An artifact turned her body into some variation of a vampire, ceasing her aging and allowing her to function without normal food, albeit, she can still eat and does so as per normal. The main effect of this, however, is a unique ability to Zita. She can deflect any powers or spells used on her, provided that she has drank at least a drop of her attacker's blood in the past 24 hours. If she rolls double her attacker's roll, the spell/power gets reflected at her attacker!

Bonded To Akemi - 0
2/day refreshing at dawn, Zita can use one of the following:

  • +3 to Persuade checks for 1 minute
  • Mildly to moderately (depending on target's willpower) influence the emotions of another. (Or +1 to an emotion-influencing or mental suggestion power, potentially for multiple rolls during the same encounter on the same target.)
  • Aura like Akemi's allure for up to 1 hour (too strong may affect Zita too though).

Dialed Up To Eleven (Severe)
Zita's senses have been heightened but, well, suddenly having super senses isn't really pleasant. Her sense of smell is heightened to the point that garlic and vinegar cause severe headaches (and potential psyche damage). Sunlight hurts her eyes and makes her skin feel itchy when large amounts of it are exposed.

Vampire…ish- Zita must drink at least two pints of blood every month, or else her body will rapidly decay until she drinks again. Of course, drinking more isn't a bad thing, and the hunger is always there.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell Phone
  • Pocket Sized Sketchbook
  • Violet-Tracking Pocket Watch

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Treasure Seeker's Outfit
  • Grappling Hook
  • Magical Cat Ear Headband! (Black with neon green stripes and a matching fluffy cat tail!)
  • A flute
  • Various sketchpads
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Crossbow
  • Various colors and qualities of hair dye
  • Eponnie Communication Doll
  • Eponnie Telepathy Doll
  • Black Jacket Sleeveless (Dust Enchant)
  • Black Jacket w/ Sleeves (Dust Enchant)
  • A functioning replica of Snape's wand
  • A Invisibility Necklace with an android (the type of phone) charger
  • Magic Crystal that changes color based on anomaly it's touching.

Zita was born in an underground manor where humans were treated as slaves and cattle for their four vampire overlords. Like all children of the manor, she never knew her parents. For her first birthday, she got her brand, like all human inhabitants of the castle. It wasn't until her second birthday that she even met other children and the interactions were brief, as she aged though, the meetings became much longer. Eventually, She would assist the older children in cleaning in addition to providing blood. That was her life. Wake up, obey any and all orders, feed any vampire who asks, and then return to sleep.
One day, that all changed. One particular master, a vampire named Revzal, ordered her to clean the grand hall. Upon cleaning it, the girl found a series of hidden buttons and crawlspaces which led her to a hidden chamber. In the chamber was a knife made of ivory, embrodiered with gold and onyx. Upon going to touch the knife, she felt it transfer its abilites into her. That was when she saw it, a memory imprinted into the blade by its previous wielder. A memory of green stone and blue roofing. A memory of a distant world. It was on that day that Zita made her decision. She would go to this mythical world of blue and green, a world she once heard whispers of among those that weren't born here. She would make it outside.
After returning to her duties, knife hidden in her outfit, she was requested by Revzal to feed and amuse him. Of course, due to her mental warping, it was more of an order than a request. It was not the first time, that particular vampire had a keen interest in the girl. So, she obeyed him, fed him, played music for him, and did whatever he commanded of her until the vampire dismissed her. However, Revzal made a mistake. Rather than ordering the girl to return to her room and sleep, he told her to leave his chamber. Under most circumstances, she would have walked back to her room and slept but, she wanted to see that endless blue and green once more. So, she made her escape.
It took days of starving and sneaking but, she eventually made it out of that massive cavern and maze of caves. What she saw was unimaginable. Rolling green hills and a blue ceiling so high up that she couldn't find any walls to climb up to clean the puffy white things off. The girl wandered, eventually stumbling upon some kind of building among the weird brown and green stalagmites. It resembled the houses that occupied the underground castle though, with only one floor and a single door. The girl walked in and was promptly met with a wooden crossbow aimed between her eyes.
Inside was a man in his forties, a scout from a group of vampire hunters who had renovated a ruined cabin into a hidden base. When Zita told him her story, he believed her. The man, who was named Vincent, informed Zita that she came from the lair that all vampire slayers hunted, known to humans only as 'The Crimson Castle'. Thankful for the information, and because Zita reminded Vincent of his deceased niece, Zita was fed and given clothes. The hunter proceeded to teach her, both basic academics and how to fight off would-be attackers. After a few months of travel, the pair reached Vincent's fellow hunters. Upon telling them of the girl's plight, his team forced Vicent into a hard decision. He couldn't risk Zita being alone, she was fifteen and didn't understand the outside world. On the other hand, his team couldn't take her with them, she was bound to any commands that vampires gave to her. For vampire hunters, that meant that being near her was similar to being near a bomb. Vincent, not eager to leave his now adopted daughter, poked around and eventually learned of a school called Sunnybrook. While Zita was reluctant to leave her new father, she knew that it was for the best. And thus, the vampiric thrall turned adventurer came to Sunnybrook.


Money: $1207

Experience: 0 XP

Weekly XP: +5
Puppet Rescue: +2
Weekly XP: +1
Anomalous Generation: -4 (Sircatore)
Weekly XP: +2
Triyana's Phantom Dungeon: +2
Power Boost: -4
Weekly XP: +3
Toughen Up: -4
Weekly XP: +2
Learning New Tricks: -4
Christmas Present 2015: +1
Weekly XP: +2
Moving To Perfection: -4

Tier 1:
Weekly XP: +1
January Training: +1
Weekly XP: +4
Power Boost: -4
Weekly XP: +4
My Friend the Iapetian: +2
Artifact Creation (Sircatore 2.0): -4
Weekly XP: +3
Moving Towards Perfection: -4
Weekly XP: +3
Don't Blink: +2
Toughen Up: -4
Learning New Tricks: -4

Tier 2:
Weekly XP: +1
To Pick A Magic Peach: +1
Hel on Earth: +3
Artifact Creation (Sircatore 3.0): -4
Weekly XP: +4
Blob-catore: -2
Weekly XP: +3
Power Boost: -4
May Training: +1
Housesitting: +2
Sferangue: -10
Moving Towards Perfection: -4
Weekly XP: +3
June Training: +1
Ran Destruction Sphere: +1
Learning New Tricks: -4
Toughen Up: -4

Tier 3:
Weekly XP: +3
Gumbal1 Writing: +1
Pixie Panic: +2
Sferangue 2.0: -4
Weekly XP: +4
Friendship Week!: +1
Power Boost: -4
Ciel Saga 1: +2
Weekly XP: +7
Moving Towards Perfection: -4
Psyche Up: -4
Learning New Skills: -4

Tier 4:
Weekly XP: +2
August Writing: +1
Redwood Ruins: +1
Anomalous Generation: -4
Weekly XP: +5
Learning New Skills: -4
Power Boost: -4

(2/5 Power Trainings Done)
(2/5 Skill Tutors Done)


Elspeth… She came baaaack!
Akemi is… I'm in love with her. I wanna date her so much but she… I can't.
Eponnie is… acting weird. I don't like it… I miss the old her.
Ellie can be really nice sometimes! And she's super good to lay on. Squish.
Alright, so Aiko is super awesome! She's not a fan of kisses, but I don't care! She gives me head pats.
Mads and me don't hang out enough…
I'm glad I have Veronica. She's one of the few things that makes me happy.
Cindaria is nicer to me, since I broke up with Vi.
Jon is my little big bro, and I'm his big little sis.
Athene is sorta drifting away from me.
Lisa is… she scares me. Kinda. A little? Like, I know I can trust her MOST of the time. But some times…
Sometimes, I feel like Milli isn't even there anymore.
Suzy is… she's the worst. She's evil and mean and… and…


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