Zahara Willows

Basic Info:

Player: Ashi

Demeanor: Zahara Willows holds herself quite high, hardly ever slouching her posture she maintains a sense of not only confidence but gives off the feeling that approaching her would mean trouble. Many would describe this as appearing 'snobby'.

Nature: In truth, her demeanor is mostly transparent to her nature. Zahara is no stranger to being the harbinger of truth through blunt statements. She has had her fair share of experiences with people, giving advice in the wrong places and usually shedding light to the path of failure before all else. If one were to listen long enough, she might actually have something somewhat profound to say.
Around those she is close to, Zahara will slowly open up and a smile might actually form on her lips. Might. She tries her hardest to maintain her patronizing personality, but when broken through she can be found to be rather fragile on the inside.

Description: There are many out there who call Zahara beautiful, and she would tell you that is the truth, so long as the word 'beautiful' remained on the highest tier of words to describe, well, beauty. In truth she is rather normal, having a fresh and youthful face with light makeup done every morning. She is 5'6", and roughly 130lbs at the age of 16. Her skin, despite having a mass of long and curly red hair, has managed to actually tan rather than sprout freckles all over. Though this may be a trick of makeup, no one has really found out yet. Her eyes are a pale shade of green, though their softness is easily dismiss-able so long as she is looking at you. A more notable feature of hers are her eyebrows - they're rather dark and bushy in comparison to her hair, though her bangs do a well enough job to cover this up. Since arriving at Sunnybrook, it has become customary to decorate her hair with real vines, roots, or flowers in some fashion. This can range from a simple hair accessory, being used as a headband, or to even tie her hair up. She always wears dark jeans, and plain fitted T-shirts.


HP:7/7 (1.5 from Brawn)

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1+2 = 3

Agility: 1+1 = 2

Brains: 1+2 = 3


Persuasion; [3 | Brains] Zahara has an uncanny talent of looking at someone who is talking and pretending like she's listening.
Parkour; [3 | Agility] Zahara doesn't have anything more than an average build, but her stamina is well enough to run and jump long distances.
Punch Punch!; [3 | Agility] Zahara isn't shy to having a fist fight, having gotten in a number of them before.
Fruits, Veggies… Poison; [3 | Brains] Zahara had a wide, general knowledge of plant life. Most importantly, what can and can't kill you, and how to make a mean salad at the salad bar.

Supernatural Abilities:

Growth; [4] Zahara's main ability is Growth, as it ties into many of her abilities naturally. She is able to alter already existing plant matter (seeds, plants, grass, flowers, trees, bushes, fruits, vegetables, etc.) and breathe life into it telekinetically. This includes rapid growth, genetic mutation, or restoring life to a plant that has become wilted.
In addition she can sustain the life a plant that has been disconnected from its natural source of energy, and depending on the size she can do so for up to roughly week. She uses this ability mainly as a fashion accessory for flowers or vine-headbands and hair-ties.
Zahara's Growth ability currently does not extend outside of the plant's natural state; meaning she cannot control cotton/fabric, paper, etc.

Animate; [3] If making an orchard of apple trees wasn't enough, imagine them turning into an army. Well, that's a goal of hers at least. Zahara can animate plants to move as she likes, effectively being able to turn vines and roots into ropes, which can constrict or strike targets. Spores of plants can also be forcibly released, releasing pollen which could prove effective for airborne toxins and pheromones.


Zahara's plants have a weakness to fire, ice, and lightning affiliated attacks. (Severe)


In her pockets:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  • Packets of varying seeds from the local market

In her dorm:

  • A laptop that needs a new battery because the current one can't hold a charge
  • Tons of makeup and makeup brushes
  • Makeup mirror which sits on her dresser
  • A stash of handheld Nintendo games
  • Handheld consoles ranging from the Gameboy to New 3DS

Personal History:

Throughout Zahara's life she's always been pretty average. Average parents with an average life, average grades and average friends. The one thing she can proudly call not-average about her is her supernatural ability. As a young girl, most of her days were spent outside in her parent's small flower garden. Behind the white picket fence of the backyard she would play with the flowers in her own way, not knowing she had been observed by her mother and father many times over. For years they had worried about their special daughter, though with nowhere to turn to for help they had decided to let the matter go; she wasn't causing anyone harm afterall.
What landed her in Sunnybrook was a small series of unfortunate events, starting during an evening walking home from school activities. Like your typical plot for a bad detective anime, Zahara was forced into the back of a van and rolled off. After three weeks of constant searching, Zahara appeared at the police station mostly unharmed all by herself, and lead them to where she had escaped, during a transfer of facilities. The scene had "unexplainable" overgrowth of various roots and trees in the area, which were tied into the car she had been in, and even ran through some of the criminal's very skulls. It was during the after investigation that started shortly after her return that she was taken away forcibly yet again to Sunnybrook Academy.


  • Loves the color purple, especially when paired with green.
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