Player Name: Tess Cabral or Yvonne
Character Name: Yvonne Zoya

Cool and reserved, she prefers to observe others rather than join in. She is eager to please and impress her superiors, so she tries to act older and more maturely than she actually is.
She's a rule enforcer, and a general stick in the mud. She dislikes fighting, and is disgusted by crude and foolish behavior.

Beneath the cool exterior is a young woman full of anxiety and insecurity. She's terrified of everyone, especially those that express sexual interest in her, and more terrifying, those that actually arouse her. She's broken inside as she feels she's failed her parents, by having her strange powers, and after a life of having all her choices made for her only to be cast out, she's desperate to find a purpose in her life.

A Russian born woman, tall yet curvy, with long blond hair that is severely styled in a formal up-swept bun, and crystal blue eyes. She wears silk button up blouses, pencil skirts or slacks, crescent spectacles on her aristocratic nose, and high heels…sometimes stilettos.

In cold weather, she wears a double breasted military styled dress and capelet, with military styled gloves.

She walks and behaves with the grace instilled in her at a finishing school.

Picture: http://tessandrafae.deviantart.com/art/Yvonne-the-Librarian-397891380


HP: 6
Psyche: 6
Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Brains: 3


Athletic Training:
At finishing school, she took a few gymnastic and track courses, boosting her agility, endurance, and muscle tone.

Also at the school, she volunteered as part-time receptionist and assistant librarian, and is skilled in most administrative assistant tasks as well as the Dewey Decimal system.


Upon touching objects, she can learn who touched the object last, and pick up their emotional state while they had held the object. If the object is handmade, not manufactured, she can read the memories and feelings of its creator impressed into the object. If the object is magical, she can actually communicate with it and discern how it works, assuming it isn't booby-trapped from being held by unauthorized persons.

Book Telekinesis:
Any book Yvonne has touched with her bare hands will respond to her psychic impulses if within range, and self animate, depending on Yvonne's mood and focus.

She is a normal, mortal human, and can be hurt as such.

A smartphone
A black leather backpack with various books and school supplies.

In Dorm:
- Pressed and meticulously clean clothing, mostly suited for professional wear, several pairs of shoes, iron & board, makeup, toiletries, hair dryer and hair styling tools.
- LOTS of books and a laptop.

Personal History:
Yvonne comes from a well to do family who sent her to military and finish schools, as it was very important to them to have a child of discipline and grace. She's had her life choices decided for her from youth, and although she was desperate to please her parents and be the perfect child, she always felt inadequate and awkward around others. She would frequently find solace in reading, and increasingly became reclusive from school peers.

As her parents sculpted her to be the perfect socialite, they threw her 15th birthday party in the tradition of the debutante, and was introduced to others, particularly boys of well to do families. Feeling pressured, she dated one of these boys, but things took a turn for the worse as the boy had a violent and dominating streak to him. As he pressured her in an intimate situation she shrieked out to resist, and the books in her room flew off the shelves, attacking the boy viciously, lacerating him with paper-cuts and smacking him about. He fled the room in terror as the books continued to flutter and fly around her room madly as she wept.

It wasn't long after that until her parents, mortally ashamed at having a freak in their family, their investment wasted, sent her away to this school. Shattered in self-esteem, but still holding onto old habits of never letting her feelings show, she tries to hold her head up high while she tries to figure out what to do next.


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