Wilhelm Xander Dietrich

Basic Info:

Player: ImpKitsu/Imp

Demeanor: Wilhelm is a perfectionist and expects it from not only himself but others too. Anyone not trying for perfection is considered lesser and he rarely accepts other's flaws. He tries to be charming and finds fair success.

Nature: Wilhelm is incredibly insecure. His entire identity is built around being perfect and he considers no amount of pain too great to keep his outward perfection.

Description: Wilhelm is 5'6"- he considers it a personal failing and sometimes wears up to four inch lifts. He keeps his weight 140 lbs +/- 5 lbs. His hair is long and braided, with the neckline neatly trimmed. It's mostly blond but he adds brown lowlights- just enough to give the braid visual texture. He has deep green eyes. His features are delicate. He is of half-Japanese, half-Icelandic ethnicity and is the son of immigrants. He is very pale.

He has parts of himself he hides, he's a chimera of sorts. He has two large wings growing out of his back- now compressed and broken under a men's corset. He has very large, feathered wings in shades of green with clay red primaries.. In a resting position they go as high as ear level and drag slightly on the ground behind him. His sides, hipbones, and back have green and light-cyan scales. They extend up his back and wrap around his shoulders like a cape. He has a mouthful of pointed teeth filed down to normal size- that produce venom.

He can easily pass for a woman if he decides and has on occasion. He strives to be perfect in all regards. He would be the perfect woman just as readily as he would be the perfect man. He wants to be all that is perfect.


HP: 9/9

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Charming (4) Brains Wilhelm is a practiced liar and flatterer. He has practiced his charm in a mirror and has managed to woo himself on more than one occasion. He tends to make himself and others weak in the knees- so long as they can't see how self-satisfied he is about it.

Toughness (5) Brawn Wilhelm has a high pain tolerance, especially when he is determined. He's spent a great deal of time binding his wings down, breaking them. He works out excessively. The tooth filing was done illegally by a body modification clinic. He has attempted to chip his scales off before but they always grow back as they were.

Willpower (5) Brains Wilhelm has great will and in a test of mental endurance will completely crush a lesser man. He is very hard headed as well and can be very sure of his opinions even when they have no good basis.

Flight (3) Brawn Wilhelm can fly under his own power using his wings. He has swift-type wings that don't let him lift off the ground, but so long as he has thirty foot drop clearance, he can get himself flying. He can reach speeds up to 150 mph and can glide for long distances. Active flying wears him out more quickly. But he can do that as well.

Supernatural Abilities (+2, PB+4):

Magical Bits - 4 - Every part of Wilhelm's body has innate magic bound into it and the parts, if harvested, can be used in magical applications. They can be used in talismans, potions, and as building blocks of magical artifacts. Some can even be chewed or burned for minor effects. He feels pain and heals at a normal rate so this could be very dangerous for him if the wrong people got it into their heads to take a bit here and there.

Most of these are either unavailable or are only available in small amounts, limiting what they can be safely used for unless he would start a regular harvest. Bold ones are ones he is aware of. ++

Hair Energizing Anything his virgin hair is used in has greater magical energy than it would otherwise.
Skin Clarity Using his skin clarifies the intent of what it is used in and it's more likely to work as intended.
Nails Persistence Wilhelm's nails increase the persistence/duration of magical applications they are included in.
Scales Reversal The addition of scales in any magical application reverses the effect- sometimes in unexpected way.
Venom Affliction Venom can be used to afflict the target with plague-like illnesses.
Feathers Health Healthy feathers confer good health. Sick, broken ones create bad health. Primary feathers can be used as a magic marker if created into a quill by the right people.
Bone Fortune Clean bones are very fortunate. They can bring good luck and blessings. Charred bones, the opposite.
Blood Purification Anything covered in his blood is purified of all magical effects, positive and negative.
TEARS Decay Wilhelm's tears accelerate the ruin of any non-biological they come into contact with. If he cries on a handkerchief- it will be as though those spots have aged greatly and they will dry into aged, brittle fabric.

Magical Affinity - 6 - Wilhelm could learn almost any form of magic if he applied himself. He could be extremely powerful with the right training and trainer. He is bound to magic to the deepest reaches of his soul. He has a natural aptitude for it. He has a few innate skills that he can make use of. The exception to all this being Blood Magic as his own blood negates magic. ++

Magic Furnace Wilhelm can make bursts of heat and fire. The duration is limited and so far it has only been used defensively to make walls of heat that prevent people coming closer. The temperature maxes out at 500 and scales with how much danger he feels he is in.
Phasing When panicked and aware of incoming danger, he can become momentarily out of sync with the world around him. The timing has to be right for it to be useful and it generally makes him slightly ill when it happens.
Pocket Wilhelm's pockets are all linked. He has no idea why. He can fit as much in them as would fit in all the pockets of all his pants.
Pour Wilhelm can cause the original liquid in it to pour endlessly from any container so long as no one is looking directly into it. If he or anyone else tries to see where it is coming from it stops. He's found a way to exploit this for endless coffee.

Malicious Intent Sense - 3 Wilhelm can feel if someone has malicious intent towards him in a 50 m range. If he is able to focus, he can tell who it is, where they are and- to an extent- what they plan on doing.

Anomalous Generation

Wilhelm's staff grants him the ability to manipulate natural elements, starting with what was simple, plantlife [T0]. It's a druid staff as he is a natural born druid. The staff's core is a large, T-Shaped piece of bone that has grown out of his back. As it left him, it took a chunk of Wilhelm leather with it. Creamy pale skin and green and blue scales wrap around the staff and hold it together, draping loose elsewhere. It's set into an ancient limb. Hanging from it is a few bottles, two contain fire, two contain purple venom, two contain dirt and two appear to be empty. They are part of the staff and have no real use alone.

T0 ability- Florakinesis - Wilhelm can direct plants to grow and animate and mature. Creativity with the materials will be important as he uses it.


  • Hunted! Wilhelm is hunted by The Merchants, who want to create a Wilhelm farm and harvest him for the rest of his life. They are persistent and remorseless.
  • Harvesting from Wilhelm incurs normal injury for whatever part of him is harvested. They will grow back eventually but normally and at the same risk as any other healing injury. He does not scar.
  • Wilhelm has a mix of avian, reptilian and human genetics and while they normally ignore each other- they don't always play nice. They express differently based on factors like stress, mental-physical-emotional well being, and environment. These can make him sick and, if they got bad enough, cause his body to start rejecting itself. (severe)
  • Familiar of Claire (Severe) Wilhelm must obey any orders given by Claire when she utters the command phrase "orvus oculum corvi non eruit". Only she can remove it, no one else can use the phrase unless they have her heart.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A very nice, brand-new cellphone
  • His pocket contains a large amount of mundane items he has collected, especially spare change and money.
  • His wallet
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Makeup
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • First aid stuff
  • Twenty meters of paracord
  • Small sewing kit.
  • Magical taser - retrieved when it was left behind by the people hunting him. Fires invisible bolts that are excruciating but causes no physical damage.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A large selection of high-fashion clothes and shoes- men and women's-
  • His laptop with a lot of pirated movies, music, audiobooks, and television
  • His skin and hair care products and moisturizers.
  • His supplements for his workouts (Whey powder, creatine, NO2 booster)

Personal History:

Wilhelm came from a normal family, he thinks. Just a very wealthy, normal family. He was entered into beauty pageants from infancy. He had a strong desire to compete and win from the time he could make that decision. He loved the attention. When his wings and scales started to come in at age nine, he threw fits to be pulled from those competitions. He was more concerned with his appearance and that he could never win than the fact he was growing weird body parts.

He had access to his winnings- as his parents didn't need them and he had no reason to save. He started experimenting with different ways to hide his deformity. One day his house was blown up and his family killed- The Merchants were hunting him and needed him alive. He got away, somehow, but just barely and was brought to Sunnybrook.

He was examined by medical staff and samples were taken.


Wilhelm, with a lot of surgery and rehabilitation, could probably fly some day.

He doesn't have a high tolerance for other people. Especially if they fail him

Wilhelm usually picks a person or people he wants to impress and can become obsessive.

He will take any opportunity to perform. His talent was gymnastics and he loves the cyr wheel.


Keefer [Tesla]- Wilhelm thinks he's a bit simple minded, and weird.

Madeline [Nemi]- He thinks she's well connected but insecure and… weird

Cain [Freakish]- Cain is weird.

Elspeth [Savy]- He thinks El is a bit childish but a good person to know. She's nice at least

Tessa [Kadmus]- He considers Tessa the queen of Mega-Bitches After getting off to a rough start, they have made good again- bonding over how good it is that Cin broke up with Moby. They are on good terms, it seems.

Zita [Silvors]- Dating the queen of Mega-Bitches, but probably a decent person. Said she could do better dating wise. She hit him but they are "starting over." that doesn't mean he has forgiven her.

Credo [CZ]- Cool guy. Friendly. Also likes exercise and is able to fly.

Cindaria [Lena]- She is a good yoga partner and they are going to town together to do some clothes shopping and other things. He wants to learn to sew from her. They went shopping. She knows about the corset but not the reasoning. They plan on going to the beach together. They dated and then broke up. Wilhelm is still good friends with her.

Katlyn [LT]- He likes her, though he thinks muteness is a bit weird. They are going to start the Sunnybrook Fashion Society- he's pretty serious about this. She has good fashion sense and he appreciates that they can shoot the shit together and trash talk their peers about their messy appearances.

Conn [Kadmus]- Feels a bit bad about thinking the scarring is gross. But Conn is otherwise nice. Conn is responsible for his being healed and has mixed feelings about the guy at the moment.

John Redd [Crayola]- Weirdo. He's got all those bandages and he's kind of flaky. Wilhelm wasn't a huge fan. Maybe if he was less weirdo.

Westley [Blackhart]- Nice guy, needs a new fashion direction.

Kevin [Legacy]- Isn't a fan of his weird looks but he's found a bit of a buddy in the guy- on account of their powers being physically damning to both of them. He's told Kevin he's a Chimera but hasn't elaborated.

Triyana [Marc]- He sees her as a perfect girl but thinks her manners could use some work. Still, she's oddly charming. He gave her some of his clothes now that he can't wear them. She looks like the perfect woman to him, though he thinks her manners need some work with is part of why she is so perfect. She gave him a mental bandaid- that will make him feel better about himself for a day or two [starts Dec 7]. Will there be side effects?

Leah [gumbal1]- They went ghost hunting together. Leah was way too soft on the ghosts and wouldn't just put it out of its misery even though it was purposely messing with their heads.

Anthiel [Nemi]- They went shopping together. He thinks she is pretty and fun. She has good taste and she knows he is the king and queen of fashion- both. She visited him in his room when he was feeling down about the wings and gave him Akemi's number. Now he just has to get the courage up to try it.

Anya [Silvors]- She is nice, smart, competitive. They get along. She tried to be encouraging but he wasn't very receptive. They traded numbers

Clair [UltimixRed]- Wilhelm met her and she offered to teach him magic in return for him signing some kind of contract. He tried to get her to answer his questions but she talked around him. He ended up doing it just because he couldn't let the opportunity pass.

Morgan [Savy]- Met her on the roof. She's way too concerned with dating and kind of unattractive in his opinion. He believes she is immature.

Richard [Blackheart] - They've started making mischief together. It's surprisingly refreshing for Wilhelm, though he and Richard have some philosophical differences that could be fun in the future

Andrey [Nemi]- Attractive, fashionable. Wonderful positive. Wilhelm is dating Andrey now that Cin dumped him. He is extremely smitten.


$$$ : $ 530.00
Total XP: 15 (32 used)

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SGF WC - +2
Sunny Holiday - +1
Dec'15 Training - +1
Mar '16 Training - +1
Flight Training - +1 Flight.

Tier 0
Power Boost - -4
Toughen Up - -4
Anomalous Generation - -4
Learning New Tricks - -4
Moving to Perfection - -4

Tier 1
Moving to Perfection - -4
Learning New Tricks - -4 (flight)
Power Boost - -4

Run [XP] [$$$$]

//Flower Power [2] [$300]
They fought some demon things. He got soaked in shitty black viscous sulfur water. He also scored some free flowers on the way out for his room. //

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