Westley Roan

Basic Info:

Player: Blackheart


Frustratingly curious. Doesn't always know when to stop asking questions especially when it comes to supernatural powers. Does not comprehend personal limits if he feels he needs information. At times it can seem like he has nefarious intent but his motivation is for the greater good. He wants to help and at times it can get to the point of being overzealous. Has a dry wit and is sarcastic at times.


Quietly paranoid, likes to keep a sense of humor, and is focused on keeping himself preoccupied. He tends to worry and focus on the negative things in life and his predicament if there's nothing else to think about.

The worm has no real personality of its own yet aside from predatory instincts and aggression. It doesn't think the same way a person does and functions at the level of a feral animal. While able to process some information and make sense of the data its IQ isn't measurable. Dubbed 'Bob' by Westley.


On the tall side with an average build. Lifting weights is not his thing but every day begins with a morning jog. Physical exercise clears his mind and helps to keep him in good enough shape. Creases from his brow knitting, thanks to stress, have begun to prematurely age his features. When he's up for days at a tim bags form under his pale blue eyes. As for wardrobe he sticks to blues and greys. Normally a button-up, t-shirt, or sweater. Pants are jeans and very rarely slacks. Typically his shoes are slip-resistant black sneakers.

Wormy's body is visible when viewed by an appropriate piece of medical equipment or power that allows sight either psychic or extraordinary measure. It's a small dark blob a few inches in length and diameter between his brain and skull. Tendrils weave around his brain like blood vessels.

Wormy as a representation viewed by Westley in reflective surfaces, dreams, when he's seeing things, or others via powers or other technology to make seeing it possible, it takes a similar form to its host. At a glance the copy looks like Wes but further inspection reveals it as a fake. Most of the parts are right but the details are off like pieces were swapped out at will to meet personal preference. Dark veins and arteries are visible under pale nearly transparent skin. When its mouth opens there's a slight delay from 'floating' jaws not attached to skull but instead cartilage. Multiple rows of teeth almost too sharp to be human spiral back in the jaw much like a shark. Like the teeth its nails are sharp and thick almost like claws. Its lidless eyes are black with no discernible iris or sclera and shuts via a clear nictitating membrane. The worm's movements are jerky and quick.

Link to picture here!


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • Computers- (2) Brains
  • Analysis- (2) Brains
  • Research - (2) Brains
  • Try, try again - (2) Brains Determination keeps him working on problems even past the point a normal person would give up.
  • Mouse in a wheel - (3) Agility So much jogging. It's what he does to clear his head. One day he should join a marathon.
  • Tinkerer - (3) Brains Good with his hands. If it whirrs, clicks, or beeps he has an affinity for it. While he can attack problems and build things by brute force and determination alone all things mechanical is his strong suite.

Supernatural Abilities: (1 point remaining. To be used at a later date)

Upgrades available - 1 - As the worm grows over time it creates tendrils that weave through Westley's body and have the ability to distort it. (If/when his body changes a notation will be made here)

- Eyes. The pupils can be made to dilate and contract to a greater degree than is normal. It can aid night vision and cut down on blindness that occurs when going from a dark area to a light one.

Souping up the car - 1 - The slug can take control of Westley's body. While it takes good care of his body it's more reckless than he is. It can push his physical limits further than he's capable of but not to truly superhuman levels.

Groundscrew- 2 - A desirable tenant keeps good care of the place they're staying in and the brain slug is no different. It boosts Westley's natural healing abilities in a passive manner. Aging slows, minor injuries clear up faster, and major ones are less likely to leave scars or other lingering relics.

Seeing things - 2 - A good imagination is better for more than just daydreaming. This power allows him to put himself, from his own perspective, wherever he pleases. He does not physically transport himself to the place but instead alter his perception of the world to suit his desires. For example an imaginary chair exists only to him and he can interact with it given it doesn't physically exist. He can move but not sit in it. The slug makes itself visible to Simon this way particularly in reflective objects like mirrors.


  • Infinite questions. Is any of it real? The ability to alter his perception of the world makes him question if anything is what it seems. (Mild)
  • Removal of the slug would do more than remove his powers. It is so deeply entrenched in his mind and body that doing so would kill him. He is stuck with his little friend. Forever. (Mild)
  • The back of his head is essentially a reset button. The slug creates pressure in his skull that is mitigated enough to allow survival but he still sensitive to percussive attacks. (Mild)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Brown leather messenger bag that usually has an ultrathin laptop, iPad, and compact solar charging station.
  • Paper notepad and space pen capable of writing on wet surfaces and in strange gravity.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Books and logic puzzles. Many of them.
  • A young kitten named Professor Winnifred the Third or Fred for short. The kitten is a grey tabby with the piebald mutation giving him spots of white across his body.
  • Several robotics kits. Small things like RC helicopters, a cat body, and small toy cars.

Personal History:

Up until a month or two before his arrival at SunnyBrook things were normal. Painfully boringly normal. This was fine for Westley. Go to school, stay late to complete homework, go home, do chores, tinker with hobbies, sleep. Repeat. Day in and day out. On weekends he'd go to work at the local coffee shop.

Then there was a meteor shower. Westley, having always been a curious fellow, watched it from the deck of his parents' house. There was an explosion nearby. Small but violent. Upon investigating the ruckus he found a small meteorite still smoking from its passage through the atmosphere. He collected the rock while wearing a pair of heat resistant mittens pilfered from his neighbor's BBQ grill. Part of him wanted to turn the rock over to someone for studying. However he wound up keeping it on the desk in his room.

Nothing was strange about his newfound paperweight. Every now and then he'd run his fingertips over its surface and ponder the places it has been. Where it came from and where it could have been if it had not crashed into the Earth.

The headaches started a month later. They weren't that bad at first but Aspirin ceased to work eventually. Noises from unknown sources, fleeting images at the fringe of his vision, other oddities plagued him. Like the headaches they started off minor enough he could ignore them. Fear of insanity prevented him from seeing a doctor or telling his parents.
Both the visions and noises would grow quiet if he focused on extinguishing them. One day, when trying particularly hard to vanquish the frustration, the scene warped around him. The world grew silent and still. His fan ceased to spin and the playing children froze mid-stride. Panic overwhelmed him and the spell broke. Everything was back to normal. That night he simply gave up and lay in bed until morning.

The following day was the same as always. While out for a morning jog, before the sun thought to rise, something went awry. The world as he knew it ceased to be. Westley lost control of his body when something else claimed it. The thing in his head was in control. The jog turned to a run faster than he's normally capable of maintaining. It carried him through a busy intersection and, unfortunately, into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Westley woke in the hospital to a face not belonging to his parents. The person was a GWU agent alerted by doctors after finding evidence of a foreign body present in West's skull. The news was both welcome and terrifying. Once in good enough shape he would be transferred to SunnyBrook to complete his recovery. It didn't take long thanks to one perk the brainslug grants: a quicker recovery.


Raised Catholic, Republican, and conservative the transition to being a monster will not be an easy one.

Has a thing for gummy bears and won't be caught playing with them but is totally guilty of it.

Westley's head contains 2 brains and not just one. There is his, the normal one, and a second entity nestled snugly between brainmeats and skull. The two minds can converse but the only ones who can hear the slug are Westley and those gifted with telepathy or other capable skills. The slug itself grants him his abilities. Without it he is normal.

Years of being pushed by his parents to have only A+ on his report card has forced him to acclimate to functioning on minimal sleep. Only a handful per night is enough to keep him rested.

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