Player: Hannibal
Characters real name: Jacob Cross

Demeanor: Respectable,fearsome,withdrawn.

Nature: lighthearted,loyal,boisterous.

Description: 16,Tall standing at 6'4 and pale with shoulder length black straight hair. Has scars Cris-crossed all over his hands. Has a runners body type.Average looking aside from notable features.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Melee combat - (4) Brawn
Reflex - (4) Agility
Parkour - (2) Agility
Perception - (2) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Catch all - 4 - Wendigo projects a ghost form that is intangible and can move around freely as long as it doesn't touch anything. Anything wendigo ghost form touches attaches to it. Material continues to be added until the mass is double wendigo's normal weight and the shape of the golem is roughly humanoid. cannot merge with living organisms.

Gaze-3- Wendigo can look at an object and know what it is made of instantly.


  • Cell phone, keys and wallet.
  • Backpack usually containing: bottled water,some books, a change of clothes and some metal ball bearings.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Personal computer.
  • large magnets stored in lead box.

Personal History:

Wendigo grew up as Jacob Cross in a average christian household with a fairly average life. Jacobs father lost his corporate job on his 14th birthday and fell into drugs and alcohol; after he started drinking Jacobs farther became abusive and violent. One day Jacob came home to find his farther holding his mother over the balcony about to push her and something in him triggered. Jacob blacked out and when he woke up he was covered in his farther blood and his mother was screaming at him, calling him a monster. Jacob ran away and lived on the streets for 2 years before getting picked up by the government and being enrolled. Jacob chose to use the persona "Wendigo" as he has always been interested in native American mythology and while he is in his ghost like form Jacob feels intense hunger pangs until his form is at full mass.


Weaknesses: wendigos powers
have one big weakness being that he leaves his real body behind when using catch all power. Another small weakness is that his gaze power often causes him to be distracted by materials of things. While he is in his ghost like form Jacob feels intense hunger pangs until his form is at full mass.

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