Triyana Gibson

Basic Info:

Player: Marc

Demeanor: A strange mixture of shy and reserved almost as if she's afraid of something. Punctuated with bouts of acting out and needing to be noticed.

Nature: Triyana has been on the run in some form or another all her 'adult' life. Taking advantage of her powers to squeak by. But always afraid that she might make a mistake and be noticed and then found by "Them". She is used to being alone and on has a bad habit of talking to herself. As she has grown accustomed to one-sided conversations to keep her company. It being an actual effort, less so recently, to maintain a conversation with another person. Leading to her often voicing her mind or having very little social filter when she does talk to others.

Recently however, she has stumbled across the ability to tap into something inside her that allows others to see her. And see her they do.This in turn has kindled a desire to be seen and noticed. A desperate need to be acknowledged as a person for good of ill. resulting in a spree of acting out in various forms. In an attempt to garner attention. A trend that ended predictably in the GWU taking notice.

All in all, she is a mixed up bag of conflicting desires. A deep need and now well honed need to stay quiet, hidden and unnoticed. And a newer, pressing need to be seen, acknowledge and to influence those around her as The Other exerts more control and metaphorically stretches it's wings.

Description: A little on the tall and skinny side for her weight, with long dark hair, with very little to speak of in the curves department. But a pretty face. when she is not actively using her powers, Triyana might be considered a bit of a plain jane. Not homely but certainly not a beauty either. Of course this basically never happens due to the nature of her powers. Triyana likes to think of it as she got her fathers body and her mothers brains. While not entirely accurate it is a pretty good summation.

She tends to dress comfortably and usually in baggy clothes. Though she has started to shift away from such styles as she asserts her "being" as she calls it. Wearing more revealing or tighter clothes, often in bright colors.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 117 LBS
Hair: Black/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 16
DOB: March 24 2002


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Stealth - (4) Agility (Sneak+Infiltrate+Shadow)
  • Rapport - (2) Brains (Socialize+Manipulate+ Networking)
  • Evade - (3) // Agility// (Agility Defense+Reflexes)
  • Awareness - (3) Brains (Notice +Social detect)

Supernatural Abilities:

Now You See Me - 3 - Triyana has the ability to, with concentration, drop her usual anonymity. And nearly instantaneously passively pickup on and key in on what people perceive as desirable. And instinctively take on those mannerisms, inflections and appearance of the target(s). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as such. Each observer perceives something different but tailored to them. Though Triyana knows that they are perceiving her as desirable and that they are subject to influence. She, herself has no clue as to what it is the target is seeing. Making them not so much mind controlled. But, more likely to be positively inclined towards her and concede to her wishes and go along with her suggestions. As they now view her as someone who is attractive, friendly and totally approachable.

She can tone down the effects to a level that does not affect those around her. But, it is far more difficult and stressful. And she can only do so for limited times before she either has to relent or she begins to have a serious migraine. She is currently trying to fine tune it and improve her control and the duration she can maintain the ability. But she is more likely to go all or nothing currently. As it is far easier for her to maintain.

As for how this might play out in day to day use in game. Most likely, a It would be something up to interpretation of the player and handled in OOC or PM. Something along the lines of "What level is she using and to what intent?" Which then would them inform RP.

This ability comes with a hook however. Since the development of this newer power. Triyana has evidenced the ability to pick and choose whether or not people remember her. It is still spotty at best Sometimes working exceptionally well. At other not so much. With many people experiencing a retrograde or partial retrograde amnesia effect once she has stopped using her powers on them. ((This would of course be up to the player to determine. Included mostly for drama reasons. As replaying scenes over again could potentially be humorous, or randomly forgetting things she said could result in drama etc.))

As a side note: With experience (or if you feel the power as is is too low in scope) and more practice perhaps she could clip and prune peoples memories of her or outright rewrite or erase memories of the target. Of course this might also have a side effect of making their memories swiss cheese over repeated uses. and causing bleed over into other memories. Once more, something for later that could potentially add drama cause complications.

Now You Don't - 4 - For some reason mostly unknown to her. When people and animals look at Triyana they fail to notice her. She is there and can still interact with the world. Their perceptions however, just glide over her presence. Glossing over and failing to take notice. The ability will work through remote monitors and cameras . While they record Triyana the observer just, as usual, glosses over her presence within the frame.They see her without seeing her and minor inconsistencies (falling books, doors opening, people tripping, etc) are rationalized away as freak occurrences or them tripping over their own feet in the instance of bumping into her.

As previously stated. This is pretty much her standard mode of operation. Partly because it is easier for her and requires no effort. And partly because she has become used to it and it is an easy way for her to just avoid situations and conflicts she does not wish to deal with.

As for RPing this provides a good means to enter and exit scenes easily. To learn secrets and just generally be a creeper. Of course subject to other players approval. Since learning some secrets, having specific knowledge of some things that happened in scenes she was not "included in" or observing things she wasn't meant to see might be fun. But players should have a say in what is sacrosanct or not.


  • To maintain her ability to be noticed Triyana has to concentrate. And it can only be maintained a short while. After about an hour her concentration will falter and she'll have to drop the aura or failing that (~ 1.5-2 hours) she will begin to develop a severe headache. She has never tried pushing past that as of the present.
  • Triyana, while influencing people does not herself know exactly what the target is seeing. Forcing her to sometimes roll with the punches. Not that this is usually a big deal. As the target is usually too infatuated to care about minor inconsistencies that might not be intuitively accrued by use of the power. (ie. she says something that would be out of character for what the target perceives. They brush it off) but it has led to some weird interactions s in the past.
  • In her "standard state" Triyana does not have to concentrate to be seen. But as you would imagine, it comes with it's own share of headaches. In cities and busy places she has to be ever vigilant of not being run over by drivers and bicyclists and weave through an unnoticing crowd.
  • Video Equipment, cameras and the like will record Triyana. Not usually a problem as the individuals watching the monitors and footage are people. But Robots, A.I's and the like would likely have no trouble seeing her. (this has yet to be verified )
  • Since maintaining her 'presence" requires actual concentration (at least for the now). were Triyana knocked unconscious or sleeping she would revert back to incognito mode.


  • Heavy puffy winter coat
  • Gray hoodie
  • A small Swiss Army Knife
  • (now) Empty Wallet
  • Slightly worn but comfy clothes
  • Music player of some sort and headphones

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Backpack (+Change of Clothes+Personal Necessities+Bottle of Water+Small Blanket)
  • Small teddy bear crammed into one of the external pockets of the backpack
  • Burner Phone with 15 minutes left on it (likely useless within the confines of the school) * Crank charged LED flashlight
  • A hodgepodge assortment of clothes running the gamut, from slightly risque', some designer items, and various other items mostly tights and other comfortable clothes.
  • Toiletries

Personal History:

Triyana was born into a fairly happy and normal New Orleans family. Well at least on the outside. Her father, a doctor at the local hospital and her mother an archaeology teacher at the local university. By her eighth birthday she seemed well on her way to a normal and happy life. That was until the day the box showed up on their doorstep.

It was innocuous, a brown paper wrapped box, no return address and stamps that indicated it had at least traveled, if not originated in, Turkey, China or India her mothers name and the families address the only information the cryptic package provided. For several days it sat. Her mother thinking it might have been some mistaken delivery. Until curiosity got the better of her and, like Christmas come early, Triyana watched her mother unwrap it. Her attention rapt on the package her excitement building.

It was quite the letdown for the eight year old. A boring wooden box with some inscriptions on it. But apparently it was some sort of big deal for her mother. She asked questions about what it was. But her mother remained silent an expectant and excited look in her eyes. But Triyana, her interest now waning left the room, an action that may well have saved her life.

Triyana remembers a bright light escaping from under the door and hearing a strange noises. Which seemed odd. But the girl was already engaged in playing which was far more interesting. When her mother did finally emerge from the study she was different, wooden and detached. And when her father made it home. The very first thing her mother did was take him to the study. And when he came out. He was like her mom, wooden almost now that she thinks back on it. Like somebody else was there or something else was controlling her parents. Of course at the time, she thought little of it and it mostly didn't make sense. Besides, gradually things returned to normal.

For the next several years it went on like this. Triyana's parents performing their role, using her and their 'normality' to maintain their cover. In secret working towards their ends. Seeing their plans, or rather the beings that now inhabited their bodies plans, come ever closer to fruition.

Until the night of Triyana's thirteenth birthday. After years of preparation everything was in place. And Triyana's birthday cake had a little something extra included in it. when she awoke in the basement, naked, her skin covered in scrawled black writing head to toe. And her parents looming over her chanting in guttural voices as a hurricane howled and raged outside. As her pleas for answers and release fell on the deaf ears of her parents she knew real fear for the first time in her life.

As the ritual was reaching it's climax Triyana felt a cold power seeping as if through the floor and infusing her body. A prickling of other-consciousness at the back of her head slowly melding itself with her. Just then, the doors burst in. A team of operatives from The Bureau crashing into the room guns blazing. All she remembers of the night from that point on is seeing her fathers body slump to the floor. The final incantations of the ritual gurgling on his lips. And the spray of warm blood that splashed against her face as her mother jumped in the way of the men before consciousness fled once more.

When she awoke there were signs of the fight. Blood on the floors, shattered furniture it looked like a scene pulled out of CSI, tape, chalk lines and numbered plaques everywhere Men with guns and cameras cataloging items. And her, still naked frayed bits of the rope that had tied her to the floor still wrapped around her wrists and ankles, overlooked and forgotten.

As she was about to speak and ask for help. She felt, more than heard, on an instinctual level the need to hide and run.A phenomenon she would come to refer to as "The Other" These men were the enemy. They would kill her or worse if they discovered her here. She had to get away.

And so she did. running as far and as fast as she could. Taking advantage of her peculiar abilities to live. Always afraid of being noticed of drawing "Their" attention. Stealing from people. Living in their spare rooms without them realizing she was even there. Constantly moving. Begin a quite ghost all the while a desire to be seen again. To be noticed and given some sort of legitimacy and recognition among the people she moved about unseen growing.

Then, it came to her. Whether through her desire to be seen or The Other now feeling more secure, relinquishing it's hold or testing its power. It really didn't matter to her. she could be seen again. And not just seen but people stopped and took notice of her. It felt like a rebirth. A liberation that led to other less moral decisions that would eventually lead to the GWU taking notice of her.

It was during one of these less moral lapses, that she was apprehended in New York working at a strip club. Manipulating men into larger tips and draining their wallets dry. When the NYPD showed up, responding to complaints. She was arrested. And escaped by simply waiting until the police forgot about her being in the back seat and opened the door to the cruiser. However, enough of her marks still retained enough of a memory of her to leave behind enough evidence for GWU to piece together, at least in rough detail, what occurred. And the hunt was on.

Over the course of the next few months and an extensive investigation. followed by a cat and mouse game between Triyana and GWU she was apprehended again, her assets confiscated and "invited" to attend Sunny Brook School under the watchful eye of the GWU.


Triyana is used to being alone and over the last three years has developed the habit of talking to herself. Whether this is just a coping mechanism or her carrying on a semi one-sided conversation with The Other is up to debate. By this point she does this mostly by force of habit. Having gotten used to the idea of people not hearing her or reacting.


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