The Moonlight System

Hello, this is the moonlight system, an original system created by UltimixRed with the help of kioku. The purpose of the system is to be quick and simple on the GM and new player's part. The system is meant to be accessible to people who are more used to soft RP than something at Sunnybrook, so it's not as complicated as some of the other systems out there like Warhammer 40k or D&D.


There are 4 attributes, 2 physical and 2 mental. These are the natural abilities people have access to.
Brawn: Strength, muscle, endurance
Agility: Speed, finesse, reflexes
Wit: Intellect, quick thinking, social grace
Will: Mental fortitude, determination, presence
Players all start with 1 in every stat, and have 7 points at the beginning to distribute, no attribute can go above 4 at creation and 6 is the max.


These are the more malleable stats, that changes as events transpire. They can be improved later on through various means.
Health: Physical wellness, freedom from injury. Starting value is 6+Brawn+Agility
Psyche: emotional and mental well being. Starting value is 6+Wit+Will
Supernatural: This pool represents the resource your character taps into to preform their powers, and can go by different names such as psionics, mana, etc. Starting value is 3


Skills are things a character is good at and are tied to one of the 4 attributes. Skills should be broad as to be able to do several things, but not too narrow as to focus only on one, or too broad and be all encompassing. Skills that you cannot choose are things like cooking, sewing, playing an instrument, those types of skills should be merely flavor.
Ex. Jumping, is too narrow
Athletics, is too broad
And Acrobatics is wide enough to cover things like jumping and ranged dodge, but not stuff like running and lifting.
Skills start at 0, and cap at 6. New characters get 12 points to distribute, and no skill can go above 3 from the start.

Combat Styles

Some examples of combat skills and the uses for them. Coming up with your own isn't bad either as long as it balances out.
Martial Arts Brawn: Great for the good old fisticuffs but not as suited for weapon wielding so gains -2 penalty.
Fencer Agility: Swordsmanship heavily reliant on footwork and fluidity, -2 penalty on fisticuffs
Brawler Brawn: They are an anything goes type of fighter, from punching to makeshift weapons. receives -1 penalty on both.

Ranged Weapons
Archery Brawn or Agility (Pick one): The usage of bows, and crossbows.
Throwing weapons Agility: Includes throwing knives, hatchets, bombs, really anything of that sort. cannot be used for melee defense
Firearm Agility: The use of guns and whatnot. Cannot be used in melee defense.


These are the reason you are here, the supernatural capabilities of your character. Powers can range from simple telekinesis, to conjuring fire from your mind, to being able to stop time itself. Powers are also typically things that normal humans can't do, so keep that in mind. Powers rely on 2 attributes instead of 1. Pick 2 attributes that would make sense for your power, and you add the average of the 2 (Rounding down) as it's modifier. This makes powers weaker overall in the beginning but can outshine them in the end.
Ex. Pyrokinesis- Wendy can create and manipulate fire

Powers are capped at 7, and 4 for character creation. Players get 7 points to distribute at the start.

Special Abilities

These are the subsets or specialized applications for your power, every power you have gets 1 special ability. The special ability draws on your supernatural pool to be used. These can be things from just making your power plain better, or giving it unique properties such as psych damage or Area of effect. You can get creative, though the special ability must make thematic sense with the power it draws upon, making fire isn't going to let you summon a squid.

Ex. Pyrokinesis- Wendy can create and manipulate fire
Special Ability Blue flame- Wendy makes her fire so hot it turns blue, dealing +2 damage
Ex. Electrokinesis- Maya can manipulate and create static electricity at will
Special Ability Minion Summon- Maya creates a gremlin that is an electric elemental that is able to operate on it's own


Powers aren't always a blessing, sometimes they have side effects that make you question whether you were born lucky, or cursed.
Mild- Same as our system now, gives +1 to initial power point or supernatural
Severe- same as our system, gives +2 to power or supernatural, or +1 to both


Tiers are a show of how much a character has grown, their overall experience and aptitude. All players start at tier 0 and work their way up to tier 5, which is done via spending XP to enhance your character. You gain XP for being active every week, being good at role play, and completing runs.
Tier 0 > Tier 1: 16 XP
Tier 1->Tier 2: 20 XP
Tier 2->Tier 3: 24 XP
Tier 4-> Tier 5: 28 XP
Character advancements: These are the things you spend XP on to get to the next tier. However each can only be taken a certain amount of times per tier

Upgrade XP Cost # Per Tier Benefit
Toughen Up 2 2 Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind 2 2 Increase Psyche by 2
Unnatural Progression 3 1 Increase Supernatural by 2
Moving to Perfection 4 2 Increase any Attribute by 1
Learning New Tricks 2 3 Increase Skill points by 1
Power Boost 3 1 Increase Power points by 2
Anomalous Generation 4 1 With GM approval, create an Artifact

(Note, once Tier 5 is achieved, Anomalous Generation is no longer limited and can be taken as many times as your XP can handle. You can also opt to not count Anomalous Generation as an upgrade toward your tier advancement)

The Dice

There are 2 main sets of dice used in this system, 3d4 and 2d8. Skills and Attribute rolls, use 3d4 while supernatural powers use 2d8, the point being to give different advantages to normal skills and powers. Skills are more consistent on rolls but have a lower possible outcome. Powers are wilder and less reliable, but are able to roll numbers Skills can't.


This is a chart of difficulty for rolls, ranging from 1-28 and is to serve as a helpful baseline to determine what rolls you need to succeed, set by the GM.

Target # Difficulty example
1-4 Routine, things you don't need to put much thought into
4-8 Average, the random Joe off the street could do it no problem
8-12 Trained, A random person would have trouble, but not someone practiced
12-16 Skilled, is difficult for most people to accomplish without lots of effort
16-20 Olympic, this is the peak of human potential, the best of the best
20-24 Miraculous, something that takes lots of luck and skill to achieve
24-28 Supernatural, only accomplished via powers or other anomalous means
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