The Heroine and the French Mute

[14:17] <MobileSavy> The Heroine appears. The library, where else would she be, having just gotten off the bus, thrown all her crap in her dorm room and stormed off to the library, truly the only place that offered a bit of comfort despite how little she knew it and her surroundings. Thick wavy dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing a long black shirt and her
[14:17] <MobileSavy> black chorus hoodie, paired with dark blue jeans she browses the shelves of books, not really in the mood for Manga and looking for something she can actually enjoy. Morgan sighs to herself, this sucked.
01[14:24] <@LipstickThespian> Down the photography section, non-fiction, sitting on the floor. A quiet girl sitting with a sketchpad in her lap and a few open books around her. Architecture books, different references that resemble the school they're in. She's sitting against a stack and looking down at them, then sketching in her pad as she tries to get a good feel for how to paint the school later. Onyx hair, straight and down past her shoulders. A simple teal blouse, a black a-line skirt, white tights and black flats. She's dressed professionally, or at least fashionably as she works. Earbuds in and alone in her own little world when Morgan comes across a one Katlyn LeBlanc.
[14:30] <MobileSavy> Morgan's eyes dart around, she notices the rather pretty girl sitting down in her own little world. Sighing again and looking at the books Katlyn had in a short glance, then quickly going back to her shelf of books. She kept sneaking glances at the girl, no courage to actually talk to her, what if this really turned out to be like those movies, and this girl
[14:30] <MobileSavy> had a valley girl voice and told her that black was so out of style or something like that. The thought terrified her to the core, here's to hoping this isn't that situation.
01[14:32] <@LipstickThespian> For Katlyn? Not so much on the voice, or really the take on style. She isn't ditzy either, she notices the sidelong glances and she starts to form a plan until. Well, she reaches over to grab something out of her bag and accidently drops her pencil case open onto the floor. A couple dozen pencils and pens and markers falling on the floor. Oh no! What a mistake! How unexpected! She starts to pick them up and sees, well, maybe the girl will help.
[14:35] <MobileSavy> Is Morgan sweating, oh god, does she bend down and help the girl? What if she bends down and her pants decide to rip of something, or something else equally horrible. Her face getting a bit warmer looking as she mans up and then slowly bends down, collecting the pencils, pens and markers, handing them to Katlyn with the most nervous fucking expression, it
[14:35] <MobileSavy> was like she was walking on eggshells. "Hi" she finally says in the most nervous sounding voice Katlyn has ever heard uttered.
01[14:38] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles, it's wry and it's a little reserved but she flashes a smile as she looks up at Morgan. She takes them as they're handed over and she tosses them in her bag. This was going great! Wait, she's talking to her, she is still listening to music oh crap. She reaches up to pull out her headphones and they pop out. There! Now she can listen. Okay. Leaning over to grab another pencil that's gone off. She mistimes, the girl is reaching the opposite way and their heads knock into each other. Ow. Ow ow. She sits back and holds her head, shit. Fucked it up. Life is ruined.
[14:41] <MobileSavy> Morgan can almost feel her heart stop as Katlyn smiles at her, oh god she's going to puke, why is this random girl so pretty and she smiled at her. Just wondering when the part comes where they makeout under the stars. That's how teen romance works right? Our Heroine is getting a bit ahead of herself, but who knows. Their heads knock together, Morgan wincing
[14:41] <MobileSavy> and a few books fall off the shelves of the nearest bookcase, Morgan wincing even more as her head turns to look at it, fuck, shit, cock, she knows she did that. Looking to Katlyn and full on sweating "Crap, s-sorry.."
01[15:05] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn is quick to shake her head and throw the idea away. It was both of theirs faults. Well, more hers. She set it in motion. Okay! Recovery time, we can- shit shit her earbuds are pumping out some shitty French pop music. She reaches over to her phone on the floor and pulls out the headphones from their jack. OH FUCK IT'S PLAYING OVER THE SPEAKER. French Pop Love Songs, blaring over her phone in a quiet library. It takes a few seconds to turn the sound off. The damage is done, like an atom bomb going off there is nothing left but a crater of her pride and radiation sickness in her stomach. Or it might be butterflies. She gives Morgan a look of worry, judgement of her taste in music, a real concern for a hipster like her.
[15:09] <MobileSavy> Morgan's face goes pale as the loud music takes over the quiet library, if she were one of the bystanders she would be very annoyed, but she's actually dealing with this as well. Her face and the back of her neck intensely sweaty as she controls the music. Morgan can only mumble out a few words and a laugh "you have good taste in music" it's so mumbled this
[15:09] <MobileSavy> compliment can barely even be understood.
01[15:12] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn has a few seconds where she collects herself, and then she's just kneeling there on the ground across from Morgan with a lock of anxiety on her face. Well. Shit. Okay. How do you say you're sorry? You just, sit there and stare at the new girl with your mismatched eyes, Which is what she does, gripping one of her sharpies and just staring. Fuck. Say something. She writes on the back of her hand and holds it up to show the girl. 'hello.' in black sharpie and light cursive font.
[15:16] <MobileSavy> Fuck she has mismatched eyes, what is this, a anime? Morgan can't help but think this girl that hasn't said a fucking word and awfully pretty, she feels like she'll just, melt into Heroine Soup or something of the sort. She quickly scrambles up, going over to pick and put back the books that she had accidentally made fall. "H-hey, s-sorry about that..
[15:16] <MobileSavy> I'm…" She pauses, OH DEAR GOD SHE FORGOT HER NAME, what kind of idiot does that, sweating and taking too long to correct herself "Morgan." She mumbles finally.
01[15:20] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn is, in a genre other than anime, still just a stereotype. A manic pixie dream girl sitting in the library, a walking cliche. Still, that's how she do. This other girl? Well, only, check off cute on the list. Adorable, that's a check. Awkward as she is, alright we're good. Now, the look in her eyes, it could be a lot of things. More testing required before she makes a move. Oh, that pause before her name, how… Dramatic? Sure! Katlyn reaches over and flips over her sketchpad, on the front in big letters lays her name. KATLYN. As well as a small doodle of a flower but hey, she doesn't have a plan for that. Okay she does. Still.
[15:23] <MobileSavy> Morgan finally gets the books stacked back in their proper place on the shelve, walking a bit carefully almost in fear that she'll break more forces and something else will fall over, that would annoy her to no end. Katlyn, okay yes this was a, it was a normal name, oddly didn't seem fitting for the girl, she would have pinned this quiet girl's name to be
[15:23] <MobileSavy> something else. "C-can you…" Oh god this'll seem rude and Morgan only realizes it once she starts saying it "speak?" Her voice cracks. Fuck.
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01[15:26] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn shakes her head. Easy answer, she gets asked it a lot. No reason to beat around that bush. Did her voice crack? Puberty is hell. She picks up her books and pushes them aside, grabbing her sketchpad and bag and leaving her pile of books on the floor for some poor aide. She makes a few quick hand gestures to see if the girl knows sign. Failing that, she pulls out her phone and opens a note app. 'may i have your number to talk. it makes it easier.' Smooth.
[15:29] <MobileSavy> Our Heroine finally moves to sit down in front of Katlyn, is it hot in here or is it just you, she thought about saying that but it might bring attention to the fact that Morgan is sweating a lot. Fuck maybe it really is hot in here who turned off the air. She very quickly pulls out her phone with a doctor who case and clay charms she made herself, fumbling
[15:29] <MobileSavy> it with and giving Katlyn her number. "T-there you go."
01[15:33] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn might have noticed a few drips of sweat on the girl's forehead. She was wearing tights, she always thought the air conditoning was on too high. Looking at the phone she smiled, oh cool, she likes England! And it has those cute little charm things. Now she has the girls number and she can talk to her more easily. 'thanks.' she swypes, 'sorry. its annoying i know.'
[15:42] <MobileSavy> Morgan shakes her head quickly "d-don't worry I-it's fine.. D-do you mind me typing too or w-would you rather just me talk?" Morgan asks, taking a deep breath. She now has given the pretty girl her number and they can text at any time… Oh god.
01[15:43] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn shrugs her shoulders and leaves it up to her. The girl with the stutter. She had a stutter. It was cute, and nervous. She glances up and down the aisle and then lifts her phone up. 'sorry. were you looking for a book. i could help you.'
[15:52] <MobileSavy> Morgan did better with typing, she always has, gave her time to correct herself. She had a stutter, and well it was more annoying to her than cute, a woe of hers in the past when it was something to be made fun of. She flashes the girl a quick smile, paging some of that damned thick hair back and typing to her. 'No, actually, just looking around really, I
[15:52] <MobileSavy> figure I'll end up spending a lot of time here."
01[15:54] <@LipstickThespian> 'do you read a lot.' Casual conversations in the stacks with a new girl. At least it gave her time to look her over, more than once. There wasn't much hiding the fact that she was exploring the girl with her eyes in between text messages. The two of them silent in the aisle.
[15:59] <MobileSavy> Morgan was well, she was okay looking, sorta, maybe if she lost some weight and wore makeup she'd actually be kinda pretty, but that's not the case. Her thick hair was actually something to be jealous of, but for Morgan it always has been a absolute nightmare, she'd just chop it all off if we wasn't scared of people judging her. 'Yeah I love reading ^_^
[15:59] <MobileSavy> you?'
01[16:01] <@LipstickThespian> Smiley faces. Fuck. Alright, she's a little cutesy but that's okay. She loved the girls hair but she saw a lot of oppurtunity in some forced makeup tutorials. She shrugs her shoulders, 'i dont know. i really dont find the time outside of class. i know. its awful. but hey what are you gonna do. what type of books do you like.'
[16:07] <MobileSavy> Morgan liked to add smiley faces to her texts sometimes, it was nice and expressed more shit than just plain text, then again they can see eachother, some rather staff occasionally passing them by and looking as like they were just going to tsk and them and say something about how in their day kids talked face to face. 'That sucks.. My favorite is you know,
[16:07] <MobileSavy> fiction, romance mainly, haha I know I'm a dork. I also like graphic novels and manga..'
01[16:09] <@LipstickThespian> 'whats manga.' Katlyn was out of her element, she knew about graphic novels but she always either got jealous of the art. Or just didn't like the format that much. 'also.' she said as she came up with an idea, one of her own that was something perfectly inline with her usual course of action. 'we should go sit somewhere. without people. people are weird.'
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[16:14] <MobileSavy> Morgan's eyes go wide, how could this lovely girl not know the medium of manga? The best thing in the world 'uhm manga is…' She texts that and sends, pausing 'okay yeah people are weird, we could go to my new dorm? I could show you want manga is rather than explain, that would be… A lot easier haha..'
01[16:15] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and smiles, alright. An invite into the room. 'sure. i dont have any drinks to bring over. will that be okay?' Your French is showing a little Katlyn. She feels a little awkward for saying it, but, well. Drinks make everything easier.
[16:20] <MobileSavy> 'Drinks?' Morgan questions, then looking to Katlyn with a curious expression, standing up and offering her hand for Katlyn to her herself up with if she wants, she doesn't have to, it's not like Morgan likes her or anything, Baka!
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01[16:25] <@LipstickThespian> Of course she'll take the hand, Katlyn is not only European, but she's sort of into this awkward girl's style. 'usually i bring drinks over when i spend time with people.' she wrote to the girl as she laced her fingers between Morgan's and held it loosely. Was that sweat in her palm?
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[16:27] <MobileSavy> Sweaty hands are sweaty, Morgan regrets not like, wiping her hand on her jeans first or something. 'Oh! Don't worry about that, I'd dint know people did that.' She then slowly starts pulling Katlyn along, leaving the library, next stop, the dorms!
01[16:31] <@LipstickThespian> 'okay. what hall are you in.' Katlyn is guided along and just, well, prepares herself to either be shot down or have a really good memory. Depending on the course of events.
[16:35] <MobileSavy> 'I know basically nothing about this place, haven't even read the thing yet, all I know is where my dorm is pretty much… Yeaah..' Morgan feels a bit stupid, but she's hoping Kat can forgive her for it.
01[16:36] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and walks along, keeping the loose hold on the girl's hand. 'did you just get here this week. i havent seen you around. i think id remember.'
[16:40] <MobileSavy> Morgan gets the slightest tinge of red on her cheeks, was that flirting, please god let this be flirting. 'Uhm, I actually got here… Today?' She lets out a nervous sounding laugh.
01[16:42] <@LipstickThespian> It might be, maybe. Keep it vague enough it could be flirting and it could not be flirting. Who knows! Kat. Kat knows. It's flirting. 'oh. cool. welcome to sunnybrook. i guess.'
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[15:57] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles a bit, stating to actually get used to the girl, maybe it was more so talking through text that helped. 'Thanks! You're probably the first person I met here… Haha' they finally get to her room, near the stairs thankfully enough, Morgan fumbling to find her keys, opening the door. Her room very basically is a normal dorm room, bed, dresser,
[15:57] <MobileSavy> desk, with multiple suitcases plopped on the bed.
01[16:02] <@LipstickThespian> 'score.' Katlyn texted back, she was getting a bit more bold. Maybe it was the fact she was invited into the girl's room right off the bat. That was encouragement! 'oh wow. you werent kidding. first day of school.'
[16:07] <MobileSavy> Morgan nods, getting a bit nervous again, turning on the room light and sighing. 'Oh crap yeah, so, Manga, I'm going to show you a copy of one, I can't believe you had no idea what it was!' As Kat gets more bold, Morgan obviously seems to get more comfortable. Moving to zip open a suitcase… Filled entirely with books, especially manga…
01[16:09] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn closed the door behind them, latching it like any good friend, and took off her shoes as she walked over. Looking at the bookcase and her eyes tracing over the books. That was graphic, I mean, not like convential art, sort of 'oh like cartoon books. okay. i get it.' An insult, or just a cultural misstep it wasn't sure.
[16:12] <MobileSavy> Morgan knits her eyebrows together, almost looking offended 'it isn't just 'cartoon books'! They're really good!' She looks through them, taking a few moments before pulling out the first Fruits Basket manga copy.
01[16:14] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn reaches over and takes it from her and examines the cover. Huge eyes, unrealistic hair, too colorful and really just. Well. Why are all these boys so pretty? 'why are all these boys so pretty.' she texts as she starts to flip through it. The wrong way, of course, she doesn't know any better.
[16:18] <MobileSavy> Morgan eeps, setting her phone down for a second as actually speaking as she shows Katlyn how the hell she's supposed to read it, even showing her the little warning on the back of the book. "You have to read it the other way, and the boys are pretty because… I dunno why, but I like it."
01[16:20] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn was finding out that, they were doing some fucked up shit in the orient with their book presses and their. Well. Cartoons. She sat down on the edge of the bed and started reading. What the fuck was she reading. What are these antics they're getting into. It was all very, very confusing for her. After a few minutes she picked up her phone. 'so this is manga. huh.'
[16:23] <MobileSavy> The book contains dead mothers, zodiacs, cats, rats and Yankee thugs, absolutely charming. Morgan gets back her phone to look at the newest message "I mean, this is just one type, there are different kinds, like horror and stuff, also different styles depending on the manga artist…" She picks up a copy of fairy tail "see how they're drawn differently?"
01[16:25] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn looks at it and nods her head. 'okay. i get it. its a fairly simple style but they both have charm to them.' She wasn't going to dismiss an entire art style just because the content hadn't hooked her yet. 'and you are like. obsessed with this stuff right. i mean. a whole suitcase full it looked like.'
[16:27] <MobileSavy> Morgan blushes, letting out a completely nervous laugh "I wouldn't saaaay, obsessed, it's just, a hobby I guess, plus most of these are just part of a collection, and it's not all manga, I have some normal graphic novels in here, like this one, it's one of my favorites." She plucks out a graphic novel called Anya's ghost, handing it to Katlyn "and plus
[16:27] <MobileSavy> normal books."
01[16:29] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn takes it from her and, well, her mood changes. The art style is eye catching and she loves the character design. She crosses her legs in their sheer tights and starts to read it. It's, well, it's doing a lot to convince her that Morgan might have taste. Probably. Needs more testing. She sits there for a while reading it, smiling at the little story unfolding.
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[16:34] <MobileSavy> First off, as the writer I have actually read it and it's fucking great, art style is to die for, the character is relatable, hell she even looks kinda like Kat, but instead with freckles and brown eyes. And the twist is absolutely brutal, but it might take Kat some time to even get there. "It's one of my favorite graphic novels."
01[16:36] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and brushes a hand across the page. She wanted to mimic the style, she commited it to her memory and then looked up at Morgan. 'i like it. can i borrow it. ill trade you something.' Reaching over to her bag she started to dig around and eventually came out with a small little notepad, filled with her doodles and no really completed work. Mostly an array of sketches of fellow students, not a real graphic novel but close.
[16:37] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles, thinking for a moment "you know what? You can keep it, I don't mind" she picks up the notepad, looking it over and seeming interested "you did this?"
01[16:39] <@LipstickThespian> Keep it? Well. Alright. Katlyn smiles and sets it in her bag to read later. She looks over at the recently picked up notebook and smiles. Nodding her head. The cover contains a giant spider at a tea party with stuffed animals. It's wearing a bonnet. It's sort of adorable, ya know, for a spider.
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[16:44] <MobileSavy> Morgan gushes, she was scared of creepy crawlers but it was cute as hell "you're actually kinda really good, this is awesome." She looks at Katlyn, almost as if she had gotten a light bulb above her head "You. You should draw a graphic novel! It would be so gooooood!"
01[16:46] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn's smile turned a little wry, compliments on her art always made her feel really really weird. Because, well, she never really thought she was good. Or great. Or even okay. She looked down at the notebook and her doodles and shook her head. 'i dont know. im like. really bad at commitment. plus with the job. and band. and the commisions. i dont know. thank you though.'
[16:51] <MobileSavy> "Holy crap you have a band?" She asks, moving from being a nervous wreck of a human being to being quick and hyper, easily distracted almost. Moving to clear a spot and get Kat to sit with her on the bed. "It could be fun if you ever had free time, could work on it together! Though to be honest I'm just using this as an excuse so that we'll be able to hang
[16:51] <MobileSavy> out again without me seeming desperate." She laughs nervously, why did she just say that, at least she's honest.
01[16:57] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn sat with her and felt a little more awkward. Talking about herself was weird. Talking about her projects was even weirder. If they ever did appearances Mads would be the face of the band, not her. She needed that caramel colored public relations artists for stuff like that. 'ya. well. with a friend.' More than friends. 'its fine.' There's a small movement like she means to laugh as well, but no sound comes out, as usual. 'we can hang out. im pretty chill about that. honestly. on one condition. you have to join my lgbt club.'
[17:01] <MobileSavy> Morgan blinks, then scrambles off her bed, picking up a black journal and scribbling something in it before tossing it to the side. "Deal! Though do I have to be strictly lesbian to join, I dunno how any of this words, back where I'm from you'd probably get suspended for doing something like that, even if they couldn't legally do that." She laughs nervously
[17:01] <MobileSavy> again.
[17:01] <MobileSavy> *works
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01[17:09] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn watches the girl scramble. Oh hey, a little black book. Literally. She shakes her head at the thought of having to be strictly lesbian. No matter how wonderful that would be, but hey, it cofirms her ideas. 'its fine. you can be anything. no hate. and ya. last school i was at wasnt exactly pro rights.'
[17:12] <MobileSavy> Morgan nods "Sadly that's how it is some places" she sighs, then nodding "alright good, to be honest I have no idea what the fuck I'm into so I'm just gonna wing it" she laughs "not like I have any experience with either sex…" She frowns
01[17:19] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn smiles at the thought and nods her head. 'dont worry. its just a club to support people anyway. dont feel any pressure. ill keep the graphic novel idea and think about it but i dont promise anything.' She didn't, honestly. Maybe she'd do it, maybe. Depends how it went with the girl.
[17:22] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles and squees, hugging Katlyn from the side for a second before quickly removing herself, Morgan stalp, don't get touchy touchy with people, it's weird, you're weird.
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01[17:25] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn is hugged, and she seizes up a bit because she is not used to having the tempo set for herself. She looks at Morgan, and shifts where she is, and rubs her tight covered thighs together in the most mundane hint she could possibly put down. Make a move? Oh. Well. Maybe on the first date. She could do a few things at least liiiiike and her hand is on Morgan's knee.
[17:28] <MobileSavy> Morgan's face very subtly turns red, she doesn't notice the hint, a bit dense really, but that's fine, probably. She doesn't say anything about it, kinda super liking it. "Uhm, sooo, do… You like cats?"
01[17:30] <@LipstickThespian> Kat and cats, what a weird thought. 'they are kind cute. i like them i guess. never had any pets. friend had a cat that was mean. do you like cats.' Cat chat. Chatting about cats with Kat.
[17:32] <MobileSavy> "I mean I really like cats and am kinda terrified of getting old and becoming one of those stereotypical cat ladies but that's besides the point" her words are quick and nervous before she clears her throat and speaks again normally "but Uhm, yeah, had two cats at home."
01[17:35] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nodded her head and smiled. There was one of those women in her village. Her friend's grandmother, actually. 'cool. do you have pictures. tell me about them.' Getting Morgan to open up was sort of fun.
[17:37] <MobileSavy> Ohmygerd she gets to talk about her cats, how often do people actually ask and seem interested in someone else's cats? She opens her pictures on her phone, if Kat payed attention she'd notice the most recent picture that's shown for a brief second is in fact of Kat, in the library. She shows a picture of her and her younger brother holding up two kittens,
[17:37] <MobileSavy> one cream with brown paws, face and tail, and one that's white with brown eyes and no tail. "First one is milk-dud and the second is John Snow."
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01[17:41] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn is midly interested in cats. She looks over and catches the candid photo but doesn't get a clear view of the kitties. Oh my gosh, kitties. 'those are adorable. how did snow lose his tail.' Right to the important part of the questioning. 'also is that like your brother. do you have more pictures.' Asking so many questions, and all the while her hand is doing it's best impersonation of an ice skate and gliding back and forth along Morgan's thigh.
[17:44] <MobileSavy> The hand sends shivers down her spine, damn hormones are making this far more enjoyable than it probably is. "Not sure, we got him from a shelter like that, and yeah, that's my little brother Thomas." She nods, swiping and finding a few more pictures of them, one of them is Thomas dressed as sailor moon, Morgan doesn't really want to explain it, it's more
[17:44] <MobileSavy> hilarious out of context.
01[17:46] <@LipstickThespian> Wonderful, wondeful hormones of the teenage variety. She leans over to look at the pictures and she smiles as she looks at the picture. 'that costume is pretty amazing.' she texts Morgan. More than a fan of people defying gender barriers. So she has a little brother and two cats, Kat is starting to piece this all together.
[17:47] <MobileSavy> "Yeah, took awhile for me to make.. And well, convince him to wear, but he looks so darn cute in it!" She grins stupidly, it was fun talking to Kat, she hadn't really opened up to someone that wasn't Thomas in a very long time, maybe it's just the setting that prompted it, or maybe it was something else.
01[17:50] <@LipstickThespian> Make? Well, an artist in her own right. Kat nods her head in agreement, her own smile wry and a little awkward but at least she is finding out that the new girl is more than two dimensional. 'he does look cute. does he prefer male pronouns or something else. its also pretty cool that you made it. are you a seamstress by trade.'
[17:53] <MobileSavy> "He prefers male pronouns, still is a dude and prefers it that way~ but it's fun to tease him because he kinda looks really Uhm.. What's the word? Starts with a A… Bluh I dunno." Then shrugging "I dunno, I just sometimes do it in my spare time."
01[17:55] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nodded her head, always wanting to make sure she was being correct. 'androgynous. or something like that. or adorable. he does look adorable. for spare time that looks really good.' She reaches gives the girl's thigh a gentle squeeze of encouragement. Or something else. Katlyn played games.
[17:57] <MobileSavy> Morgan nods quickly "yeah! That's the word, I mean if you dressed him up he'd look like the sweetest girl you've ever seen!" Morgan blushes even more at the squeeze, she just might melt into a pool of blush "do you have any siblings?"
01[17:59] <@LipstickThespian> 'so youre saying we should dress him up.' Katlyn was down for the idea of makeovers for anyone ever. Makeup was meant to be applied damnit. 'no. only child. it was okay. not the best not the worst. where did you come from. if you dont mind me asking. lots of different kids here. im from france. there are kids from all over.'
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[18:05] <MobileSavy> Morgan laughs, then nods "yes, we should dress him up" her mouth goes wide as she says she's from France "really? That sounds so nice! I've always wanted to go there, oh I'm from Peachtree City, in Georgia."
01[18:12] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn covers her mouth as if she's covering a giggle, no sound of course, just the action. She nods her head, Georgia was a wonderful coun- she means the state. Kat isn't dumb, internal jokes. Not the best. 'thats cool. you could totally take a daytrip home when you get the security rating for it.' No sense of distance in the Americas.
03[18:15] * Soulless (Soulless@2620:cc:8000:gyy:xzph:zxkx:nwno:ouhq) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC6
[18:16] <MobileSavy> "I mean.. It would probably be like.. I dunno nine hours by car to get home, probably more? Yeah, plus I don't have all that much I want to visit back home, well, besides my cats.."
03[18:18] * Muninn (jo.r.72.471|yromeM#jo.r.72.471|yromeM) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC6
01[18:18] <@LipstickThespian> Oh. Well. 'sorry to hear. well. ya. a lot of us dont really have much worth going back to. new world order and everything right. get excited.'
03[18:19] * Silvy (ten.letyrutnec.nyd.728-46-805-185|srovliS#ten.letyrutnec.nyd.728-46-805-185|srovliS) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC6
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[18:21] <MobileSavy> Morgan hums in thought "I dunno about that, just Thomas is here with me so nothing really seems like I need to go back to at home, I mean, if you had a choice would you go back home?"
02[18:22] * @Kioku_no_Yume (jo.r.72.471|yromeM#jo.r.72.471|yromeM) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
01[18:23] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn had to think a second, well first she gave a quick 'its awesome your bro is here.' before she had to think. Weighing the options, she came to the same conclusion she always did. 'ya. probably.'
[18:27] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles "okay well maybe that isn't a completely fair question, France sounds kinda sorta amazing, then again I have the idea of France just being a place where people wear those weird French hats and eat French bread religiously."
02[18:41] * Kadmus (ten.18146sa.596-57-6-78-ehfz|aumdak#ten.18146sa.596-57-6-78-ehfz|aumdak) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
01[18:44] <@LipstickThespian> 'french hats and french bread. yep. sounds right.' Katlyn smiles at the thought, it was, well. It was a joke right? 'what do they do in georgie. sorry. im not really good with the states. horrible i know.'
03[18:45] * Legacy (ten.enilnotpo.nyd.cl2017g2-vab|802atnegam#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.cl2017g2-vab|802atnegam) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC6
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[19:09] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles even more than she had before, it was indeed a joke "you'd look cute in a french hat anyways" she says, her own weird version of flirting "well in Georgia… I mean, everyone says Y'all, and we have the walking dead people film near us, it's kinda cool."
01[19:16] <@LipstickThespian> 'the french hat has a name you know. if you figure it out. ill wear mine for you.' Kat of course, owned one. 'yall. what does that mean. also i see walking dead gifs on tumblr all the time. it looks really bloody and gruesome and junk.'
[19:22] <MobileSavy> Morgan eeps as she tries to think of what it's called "I- I think it's called a beret? Right? I might be pronouncing it wrong…" She looks down for a moment then leans just a bit on Kat. "Y'all basically means you all, and people have just started saying that instead, and yeah, I never got into The Walking dead, but it's super popular."
01[19:29] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head and gives the girl a thumbs up. 'alright. ill wear mine to our next date.' She placed that out there like it was fact and let the knot in her stomach try and kill her with the anxiety. Then Morgan is leaning on her, and her hand is on the girl's thigh and. Well. Alright. This is good. Set the scene and prepare for the dance to come.
[19:32] <MobileSavy> Morgan's face turns red, oh gosh did she call it a date, is this a first date? OH GOD ITS A DATE? MORGAN WASNT PREPARED FOR THIS. She suddenly seems nervous "a- a date?" Her voice cracks again. Oh goodness, Katlyn is so pretty and here Morgan is, looking like a pile of shit, what the hell.
01[19:36] <@LipstickThespian> Oh god! That voice crack, that complete and utter wreck of a person sitting next to her. Katlyn smiled like she had done something good. Or, well, come on. It was sort of cute in this weird way. 'if you want.' she wrote. 'i know. you just got here. i shouldnt take advantage.'
[19:40] <MobileSavy> Morgan's face gets red even more, her cheeks and forehead almost scarlet in color. Her breathing getting quicker, fuck maybe she should just, jump out the window, if she survives that maybe go for a smoke, wait no, a pretty girl was into her! This is like, what she's been waiting for all her life. "I mean maybe I want, maybe I don't, you're super pretty and
[19:40] <MobileSavy> I'm super gross and weird and I dunno" she says it all super quickly, unable to even catch her breath.
02[19:41] * Impy_ (moc.duolccri.gnilae.34348-sz|14936diu#moc.duolccri.gnilae.34348-sz|14936diu) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
01[19:42] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn was okay, pretty when she put a lot of effort into her makeup. Which was everyday, she was obsessed about it. Well. Okay. 'okay. so. like.' She thought for a moment. 'you have my number. and my notebook. if you want to give it back to me sometime soon send me a text. maybe we meet in the courtyard. or at a restaurant. your choice okay.' Like Kat was going to give her a choice. At all.
[19:45] <MobileSavy> "Okay, maybe, probably, yes, yes that sounds good." She looks down, moving to pull up her legs and hold them to herself, still leaning on Kat. She thought Kat was absolutely gorgeous, well, it might be that whole thing with rose colored glasses and shit, but Kat was nice to her!
01[19:50] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head, leaning back against the girl to show some sense of solidarity. Kat was nice, and a little manipulating and commanding. Still, it was nice. 'i can stay a bit if you need someone to lean on. first day and all.'
[19:53] <MobileSavy> Morgan didn't exactly mind manipulating and commanding, then again those Yandere Levi fanfictions will do that to you. Making a happy sigh and calming down a bit. "I mean, that would be nice… I- I don't wanna keep you or anything…"
03[19:57] * RandomX99 (i.sw.351.05|ynohtnA#i.sw.351.05|ynohtnA) has joined #Sunnybrook-IC6
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01[20:01] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn? Yandere? Well. She smiled and nodded her head. 'grab that book out of my bag so i can read it. and lets get a little more comfortable and i can stay for a while.'
[20:03] <MobileSavy> Morgan quickly moves to fetch the book, handing it to Katlyn, and pulling up a blanket to cover them, Morgan getting cozy next to the girl
01[20:06] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn opens the book and shifts so that the girl can rest against her. And, well, that's that. She reads in her usual silence and lets the girl sit there, only giving her a small text at the start. 'if you want to talk about it. i came here too.'
[20:08] <MobileSavy> "What do you mean?" Morgan wasn't exactly the smartest, despite the fact that she read a lot. Looking up at Katlyn as she goes through the book.
01[20:10] <@LipstickThespian> 'like. the weight of it. your life has changed. forever. and this is the first real day of your new one. ya know.' Katlyn wasn't the most gentle.
[20:13] <MobileSavy> "I dunno, it's weird, you know? I'm weird, always kinda thought about this thing happening to me and well, now it has." She sighs
01[20:14] <@LipstickThespian> 'you thought about being shipped off to a school for the supernatural.' Katlyn wrote as a smile creeped on her face.
[20:16] <MobileSavy> Morgan blushes a bit in an embarrassed manner "I-I mean it's a huge cliche in books and mangas and stuff, w-why wouldn't I think of it?"
01[20:17] <@LipstickThespian> 'i dunno. it never crossed my mind. so weird. we lived such different lives.' Katlyn typed, 'so. you dreamed of it. was it this. well. sunnybrook.'
[20:21] <MobileSavy> Morgan glances at her, nodding "I mean, I thought about it a lot.. This is different.. You know? I kinda thought this would turn out more of a romantic comedy.. But this is real life…"
01[20:24] <@LipstickThespian> 'ya. well. its something special. still not sure if i would call it real life.' Katlyn typed.
[20:26] <MobileSavy> Morgan closes her eyes for a moment before reading, leaning into her even more, it seemed as if a grim reality was slowly creeping in on her. "I dunno, I just.. Haven't had time to think about all of this.. I haven't had time to be freaked out yet, I mean, I haven't even spent a night here yet…"
01[20:29] <@LipstickThespian> 'well. just remember to keep getting up. or text me and ill drag you up. okay. friends are the most important thing you can have now. we are all something different. together.' Katlyn had this odd sense of community with all these nerds, but still, it felt nice.
[20:34] <MobileSavy> Morgan got a weird warm feeling in the pit of her stomach, before Kat had said that she might have had to stop herself from crying like a idiot. "Yeah… That's.. Kinda nice.. I dunno, also Uhm, are you busy tomorrow?" She asked, she kinda wanted to ask Kat to do something with her that she had only heard about on the internets.
01[20:37] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn was busy, she had work at the coffee shop and really needed to put in time with her mural. 'no im not busy. why. whats up.' I mean, she already had the girl leaning against her in her bed. So. What was the girl thinking of.
[20:38] <MobileSavy> "I mean maybe we could Uhm.. Grab brunch or something together? As long as you're not doing something else I mean, we could always do it another day." She really liked the idea of brunch, the thing so many people blog about.
01[20:40] <@LipstickThespian> Brunch? A French Lesbian? She loves brunch. 'i can skip morning class. sure. i know a few places in town that have pretty good crepes.' Well, that was a pleasant surprise and she felt like giving the girl a warm welcome. Plus, playing the field.
02[20:41] * Soulless (Soulless@2620:cc:8000:gyy:xzph:zxkx:nwno:ouhq) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[20:44] <MobileSavy> Morgan felt like her heart would explode, the pretty french girl is going to get brunch with her tomorrow, it's well, like a dream come true! "Crepes sound freaking amazing…" She smiles, moving to wrap a arm around Kat, it helped her get comfy, and well, closer to Kat "so, it's a date!" Oh god Morgan in reality felt like she was going to die just saying
[20:44] <MobileSavy> that, If Kat were to look at her she'd see how red her face was, but her voice managed to stay normal.
01[20:47] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn nods her head, because as far as she remembered, crepes were amazing. Morgan shifted next to her and she looked over and there might have been some red showing under her foundation. It was a date, sure. 'it is.' she confirms the plans. 'i need to head out. i have a commision that i need to spend time with. feel free to text me and ill plan on seeing you tommorow morning.'
[20:50] <MobileSavy> Morgan smiles, nodding and moving to let the girl go, yawning a bit "Alrighty, good luck with your commission stuffs, I'll see ya tomorrow!" Morgan was in a good mood, and as soon as Katlyn leaves poor Thomas's text inbox will be filled with 'I MET A PRETTY FRENCH GIRL AND WE'RE GETTING BRUNCH TOMORROW.'
01[20:52] <@LipstickThespian> Katlyn slips up away from Morgan and gives her a gentle squeeze on the thigh. 'see you tommorow.' She texts with a wave as she heads out the door. Well. Not the worst first meeting ever. Right? It cou- FUCK SHE FORGOT THE BOOK.
[20:56] <MobileSavy> Morgan doesn't even seem to notice that Katlyn forgot the book, a little lost in her own thoughts, texting Thomas all about this awesome chick named Katlyn that will probably be Morgan's crush. Lying on her bed, sighing to herself and holding her own phone to her heart.
01[20:57] <@LipstickThespian> -scene crushing hard-

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