Tessa Nikolaides

"I never wanted you to be perfect. I just wanted you to be there."

Basic Info:

Emma Theresa Nikolaides-Wilson

Player: Kadmus

Demeanor: She acts friendly and open, with a wickedly teasing side she quickly reveals.

Nature: While she pretends to be the same as she was before the accident, Tessa is incredibly insecure and incredibly angry with the world and how unfair it has been to her in the past year. She's only been in the wheelchair for a matter of months, and isn't used to it yet. Anything that hints to it being a disadvantage will quickly rouse her fury, and she'll lash out. Any talk about it in purely technical/mechanical terms will quickly get her drawn in.

Description: Tessa is a petite young woman with toned arms, looking around 15 years old. She has skin the colour of honey, and her hair is long, white-blonde and curly, with an undercut shaved into the right side, revealing a long scar along the side of her skull. Her face is perfectly symmetrical – almost eerily so, but she's pretty enough that it doesn't matter. Almost pretty enough to draw attention from her faintly-glowing orange eyes, with their cross-shaped pupils. And the two fangs that dimple her lower lip so adorably. And the sharp bronze claws she has instead of fingernails. Her hands are almost always stained with grease.

She typically dresses in casual old t-shirts and ratty jumpers and jeans, which she doesn't mind wiping grease onto while she's dismantling or rebuilding things. For more formal occasions, she'll don a button-down shirt and waist-high pencil skirt, with a suit jacket if it's cold. Her wheelchair is collapsible and minimal, with black cushions and wheels, and red struts.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 5


Perform 3 (Agility): Tessa plays a mean bass guitar and keyboard. She used to play the piano, but it's not possible any more – her paralysis means she can't use the pedals
Academics 3 (Brains): Tessa studies hard – universities require good grades for their engineering courses.
Craft 3 (Brains): She's always wanted to be an engineer, and is usually found fiddling with something mechanical.
Athletics 3 (Brawn): Before the accident, Tessa was a rising star in the school track team. After, she still exercises religiously to keep herself in shape. That chair doesn't roll itself.

Supernatural Abilities:

Genius Familiae 3

Tessa has been blessed – cursed? - with the attentions of her family's patron spirit. It's eager to help her, but it's not really very clever. It does, however, bring Tessa warnings of nearby danger. Sometimes. When it isn't distracted by something shiny.

This power replaces Perception, and can be rolled for Initiative. The family spirit can sometimes detect things that aren't visible to the human eye. It tends to be very confusing when it reports back to Tessa, however.

Fire in the Blood 3

Tessa's blood is quite literally fire, a strong legacy of one of the anomalous creatures in her family's distant past. She can immerse herself in flame without fear of getting burnt, which comes in handy when welding.

Tessa is immune to harm from mundane fire. She can roll this power to resist damage from non-mundane sources. If exposed to fire, she can roll this ability to heal Roll/2 Health.

Monstrous Heritage 3

Tessa's unfortunate manifestation of a number of monstrous traits is a result of her family line – anomalous creatures litter her family tree on both sides, and she has some obvious physical traits because of this – her claws, fangs and eyes the most noticeable, but the stunted reptilian wings on her back and the small horns hidden in her hair are both visible occasionally.

The only manifestation that's really useful at the moment is her eyes – a weakened version of the Gorgons' gaze. She can use them to freeze people in place with terror, or at least slow their movements. She can also use them to directly inflict Psyche damage with sheer terror.


Severe: Paraplegic – Tessa is completely immobile from the waist down. She is confined to a wheelchair, and in constant pain from the injuries sustained in the car crash. She cannot move over terrain that is in any way rough, and automatically loses all contests relating to covering distance.


On person:
Heavily modified tablet
Handbag (Black and red; matches her wheelchair, contains miscellaneous stuffs)
Bottle of prescription painkillers
Small toolkit hidden under the wheelchair

In room:
Wheelchair repair kit
Engineering books
5-string bass guitar (black with a red neck)
Harrier Jump Jet blueprint poster
Animal Headbands: Dog, Wolf, Badger

Personal History:


Tessa grew up normally until she hit puberty, when she started to develop strange, monstrous characteristics. She kept them hidden for years, until her father finally noticed. As a loyal employee of the GWU, he turned his own daughter in. His wife found out and tried to run away with Tessa and her brother, but they were involved in a fatal car accident before they could leave the city. Tessa was the only survivor. After she recovered enough to return to school, she was shipped to Sunnybrook.

Full Backstory

Tessa is the eldest daughter of an engineer and a government worker. She grew up in Washington D.C., where her mother worked in an engineering firm and her father worked in some government department office filing reports.

She had everything she wanted as she grew up – clothes, friends, toys. When her younger brother was born, she lost some of her parents' attentions, but only resented him for a little while. As they both grew older, they grew closer, as they had far more in common with each other than they did with other children, especially as they were only born a year apart.

John was never a sturdy child, unlike his sister, and was frequently ill, so once they started school he and Tessa rarely saw each other except at the weekends, as she eagerly joined all the clubs she could, and quickly made friends. She was driven and focussed, idolising her mother and her mother's profession, and was tinkering with machines from the minute she could hold a screwdriver.

While she never quite fit in with any of the cliques at school thanks to her driven and determined nature, and the fact she focussed on what many still considered a 'boy's' hobby, she's always been outgoing and friendly, and was accepted with pretty much every group as a non-threatening associate.

From a young age, she was encouraged to diversify her interests. Her mother made sure she learned how to play an instrument and that she spent as much time outside, playing sports and just playing, as she did inside, taking things apart and reassembling them.

The problems started as she hit puberty. Alongside the normal changes all adolescents face, she started to develop a number of more unusual features. Her nails were slowly changing from normal keratin to bronze. Her canines were gradually elongating and sharpening. There were strange lumps on her shoulder blades.

And most obvious of all, her eyes were changing colour from their original sky blue to a vibrant orange. A glowing vibrant orange. And her pupils were changing shape, stretching and splitting.

At first, even she didn't notice this. But eventually, it couldn't be ignored. She hid the nails with nail polish, the eyes with contacts, and stopped smiling with opened lips. But even these measures eventually started to fail - especially at home.

She didn't know that the government organisation her father worked for was the GWU. And she never would have thought that he would sell out his own daughter for his job. But he did.

The first she knew of it was when she was woken up by her parents arguing in the middle of the night, and then her mother burst into her room and started packing her bag. Less than fifteen minutes later, she, her mother, and her brother were in the car driving to who-knows-where.

And then the 18-wheeler hit them in the side. Her mother and brother were killed almost instantly, and the feeling of the car folding around her legs was the last thing she ever felt in them. She was trapped there while the car ignited, forced to watch while her family burned up next to her, strangely untouched by the fire.

By the time the emergency services arrived, the car was so hot that they couldn't get near it. It took nearly an hour for the metal to cool enough that they could approach, and they were astonished to find Tessa still alive – though unconscious from her other injuries, including a cut along the side of her head from a massive shard of glass, a severed spine from crunched-in metal, and crushed legs from a collapsed car.

She woke up in hospital with GWU agents in her room, missing most of her hair, unable to feel below the waist. It took months before she was healed enough to use a wheelchair, and months more before she was able to leave the hospital. During this time, she became aware of the presence of a strange, iridescent jay that talked to her with her brother's voice, and which only she could see. It told her what was happening around her. When it wasn't distracted.

Her father tried to visit multiple times, but she refused to see him. She refuses to use his last name. He's not her father any more. She was discharged from the hospital straight to Sunnybrook.



Blair: She's nice, but a bit standoffish. We played some basketball and she helped me move in.

Zita: The best ever! She's my BFF (Best Flying Friend). We promised that we'd go flying together when we could, and I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, she's adorable. EDIT: She took me FLYING! SHE'S THE BEST! I'm helping her make a crossbow.

Katlyn: She's nice, but a bit, uh, well. Forward. I told her I wasn't interested, and she backed off.

William: A sad ghost kid. I'm making him something to let him choose what music he wants to listen to.

Jon: Kind of a wuss. He might be interesting if he got some self-confidence.


4XP Spent
Moving Towards Perfection (Brains +1)

5XP Earned
1 from Sunday 25/10/15
1 from Sunday 01/11/15
1 from Sunday 08/11/15
1 from Sunday 15/11/15
1 from Sunday 22/11/15

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