Tabitha Kraemer
Player: Piper

Demeanor: Distant, cold

Nature: Nervous, a little bit paranoid

Description: Tabitha is in almost every way, average. She is of average height, average build, average bust size, etc. Her most notable features are her red hair and green eyes, indicative of her strong Irish heritage, and the smattering of freckles over her face, neck, and shoulders. She wears glasses to correct poor eyesight, and tends to dress conservatively, with clothes that are a bit baggy, and wears no makeup. It's as if she would really rather not stand out in a crowd.

HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3

  • Larceny (Agility) 3
  • Stealth (Agility) 3
  • Medicine (Brains) 2
  • Hitting things until they stop moving (Brawn) 3
  • Dodge (Agility) 3
  • Light control: Changing the physical properties of light on a subatomic level. She can do something as simple as alter the brightness in a room to something as complex as solidify portions of light to create daggers of charged particles that hit with the force of a strong punch and burn with supercharged UV radiation. Her favorite thing to do, being a science fiction fan, is to carry around a flashlight on herself, and solidify the beam into a blade-like projection, emulating the lightsabers from her favorite movies. (4)
  • Wisp: Tabitha can take light with her into places that otherwise do not have a lightsource. She borrows Light and transforms them into globes of light that glow with a pale blue aura. These float near her and she can use the light they shed to fuel her main ability. When she uses Wisp, the spheres appear to be semi-sentient, moving out of sight before she commands them to, and increasing or decreasing in intensity on their own. This aspect is something that Tabitha hasn't explored fully and doesn't quite understand herself. (3)
  • Tabitha is afraid of the dark. She sleeps with the lights on, and if forced into a situation where no light is available to comfort her she will quickly become panicked and lash out irrationally. (Mild)
Everything on Tabitha's person
  • Purse with her money, fake I.D., and various necessities.
  • Multiple flashlights.

Everything in Tabitha's Dorm

  • Few changes of clothes
  • More flashlights
  • Spare batteries

G.W.U. Report on Tabitha "Lightchilde" Kraemer.

Age: 15
DoB: Feb 14 2003
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 119
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Designation: Vigilante
Nationality: American
Anomalies: Ms. Kraemer appears to have the ability to modify the physical properties of light, creating solid constructs and projectile beams from nearby lightsources.

Known History: Ms. Kraemer is a runaway from Avonmore Pennsylvania. She was reported missing in 2015 shortly after a multiple homicide of three high-school boys. Given Ms. Kraemer's abilities it is now believed she is responsible for those deaths, though it is possible she was acting in self defense.

After running away in 2015, Ms. Kraemer fled to Pittsburgh, PA, and blended in with the homeless population. There she began a career as a vigilante, calling herself Lightchilde. It was the nature of the deaths, and the reports of survivors that led the G.W.U. to apprehend Ms. Kraemer and bring her to Sunnybrook.

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