Strict Memento of Character Archive

This is a document with all the kids in Sunnybrook and their danger levels. This is written from the perspective of a guard named Illya Armsiveil who is a normal human. She watches the security cameras mostly. Dangers go from S to F, S being they need to be locked away with F at they couldn't hurt a fly. (OOC note, this list seems biased…that's because it's meant to be as such since it's written by a single guard. Not meant to be some official chart on the characters, simply an outside look.)

Character Danger Level Benefits Dangers
Aiko Minami B Technologically savy. Extreme hacking Is blind, seems to enjoy screwing with the school systems.
Akemi Kimura D Real Friendly, No ill will Is Wendy Dependent, anomalous nature
Angel Crouzet E Has yet to cause major trouble, quiet Has yet to fully show the extent of her power
Claire Venera B Easily ordered, demonic familiars, easy to find weaknesses Easily ordered, boss makes her a wild card.
Charlie Small D Well-natured, friendly, Good power for allies disables electronics, Spirits can be mean.
Dina King cell-content cell-content cell-content
Eira Skadi A Her powers make great popsicles. Heat is an easy weakness Hard-headed, actions are seemingly random. Arrogant
Elizabeth Winogrodzki B Monster Hunter lineage, magically adept Smokes, into weird crap
Jace Rose C can negate powers, tactically adept Asocial, power hurts anomalies
Jackie Legs E Friendly, has a cat Mind powers are usually scary
Ju Bao A Seems to want the best for students, power can cause pleasure He is sketchy, manipulative I think
Katlyn LeBlanc F Quiet, artistic I've somehow only noticed her's weird.
Lilith Al'Khoury S Passionate, into stuffed animals Assaults other students, broke out
Lucette LaGarde C Shadow birds are cute, weak to sunlight=easy Shadows are highly dexterous and flexible. Helped with prison break
Malissa Maguire cell-content cell-content cell-content
Max Allen A Calms Nadia Down, has anti-anomaly shield danger to himself, mind powers=bad
Maya Kingritch C Dresses like a pirate, A+ student wants to take over GWU, can easily create artifacts
Nadia Madison A Healer, Max can control her maybe Crazy, divine probably
Rose Scarlet C Stutters, just reads a lot. Summoning is a rather absurd art in of itself
Samantha Roskowick B The dog was sorta cute Is a frankenstein, overly aggressive
Tabitha Kraemer B Not yet available She can do light sabers…I prefer Star Trek
Twelve F Clueless, likes strawberries Created as an experiment, a little too clueless
Valentin Avdeev D Apparently heals,can somewhat control Max Quite nosy
Vinnia Key Cohldurn E cell-content cell-content
Wendy Strauss B Cute firefox Pyromaniac, in crazy love with Akemi…it's scary
Zeke Ward C Doesn't seem to cause too much trouble. Has great fashion sense. disregards common sense, you can't go through walls!
- - - -
Alex Snow cell-content cell-content
Alex Snert cell-content cell-content cell-content
Herb Stockman cell-content cell-content cell-content
Julian Teller C cell-content cell-content
Lucius Tanner cell-content cell-content cell-content
Salem Devlinn cell-content cell-content cell-content
Stella Izayoi E cell-content cell-content
- - - -
Alexei Oksana F Works in the infirmary, friendly Acts way too mature for a 12 year old
Charlotte Roskowick cell-content cell-content cell-content
Finn Bloom cell-content cell-content cell-content
Sara Green A She just reads mostly, Aiko controls her Has become self-sufficient, nearly took down a lieutenant of the Eye
Suzy cell-content Not Written Not written
Viktor Chernoff E Not Written Not written
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