Simon Grey

Basic Info:

Player: Blackheart

Demeanor: Quiet, reserved, strange, focused

Nature: Excitable, distracted, hungry

Description: 5'8", 190 pounds. Slightly above average height with lean muscle. Blonde hair, kept short with the bangs brushed forward, just old enough to have some facial hair but it's very sparse. With aviator glasses on and mouth shut he appears reasonably normal.

It's when the glasses come off that things get a little strange. There are two sets of eyes in place of the usual one, medium grey in color and slightly smaller than normal, with two sets of nearly rudimentary jet black eyes beside them. His fingernails are thick and pointed and teeth sharper than the average person's. They stand out with a toothy smile but otherwise aren't terribly noticeable.

Typical outfit is a t-shirt, jeans, and either lightweight sneakers or heavy steel toe boots. Almost always wears black or dark grey and isn't a fan of designs on his clothing.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • Freerunning- (4) Agility Navigate obstacles using speed, agility and the obstacles themselves as a surface to run, jump, or climb on.
  • Stealth- (3) Agility Blend in to surroundings and wait for opportune moments. Muscle movement is limited and poses can be locked into place.
  • Close-range combat- (3) Brawn Includes hand-to-hand combat and the use of handheld weapons. Blunt weapons or his fists are preferred but things like knives or sticks are within his ability to use.
  • Reflexes- (4) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

Enhanced sight- 2 - A second pair of complex eyes grants him better depth perception and higher clarity. The smaller rudimentary eyes sense light more efficiently and give a glimpse at other bits of the spectrum. Ultraviolet and infrared are at the fringe of his abilities.

Wall sticking- 2 - Cling to walls for brief periods of time. The rougher the surface the longer he can hold on and move around. Glass and smooth plastic aren't as grippy. The hold isn't reliable enough to carry a second person or much weight beyond his own.

Super jump- 2 - Able to plot out and jump inhuman distances.

Venomous- 1 - Secretes a mild toxin in his saliva. Skin contact: numbness, some burning or tingling, is common. Allergic reactions are more severe. Avoid if allergic to bee stings or other insect toxins! Contact with broken skin/a bite: some lethargy, upset stomach, headaches.


  • Stands out in crowds w/o sunglasses (Mild)
  • Sensory overload: bright lights, crowds, are the worst (Mild)
  • Accidental contact with venom. Doesn't happen often but it can (Mild)
  • Super jumps can end badly if not executed properly, if something moves, or obstructs the path mid-jump. It takes some planning to do properly. Too much or too little effort put into the leap can make him overshoot or not reach the end point. (Mild to severe depending on how bad the failure is)


  • Cheap brick cellphone. Water resistant, nearly indestructible, with an unreasonably long battery life. Too bad 90's Nokias don't support Angry Birds.
  • Swiss army knife
  • Black canvas messenger bag with cut-resistant strap

In SunnyBrook dorm:

  • Spare sets of clothes
  • Modern phone but he doesn't use it often
  • Fire leg tarantula in secure enclosure
  • Dark grey sleeping bag

Personal History:

After years of trying and rounds of fertility treatments Simon's mother Jesse became pregnant. It was a joyous eight months full of excitement and planning. Everything screeched to a halt when the happy parents' baby was born a month premature. Ten toes, ten fingers…eight eyes. The teeth and nails being off were less of a concern but not even a mother could love the abundance of eyes.

The couple tried. They tried to be good parents and love the child they created. After a while it became too much to make the odd kid seem normal. Simon wouldn't keep the glasses on and acted strange around other children, climbed on things he shouldn't. Hans, his father, gave up and locked Simon up in his room to keep the boy out of trouble.

It didn't take long to grow bored and escape. Simon ventured into the world on his own with the willpower to survive. Unfortunately that part of him that objects to hiding behind a pair of almost comically large mirrored sunglasses won out over common sense. It wasn't very likely that the GWU agent that encountered a youth with entirely too many eyes foresaw that kind of thing happening at a coffee shop. Fortunately for both parties it took little more than a blueberry muffin and milk to convince Simon to put the glasses back on and go for a trip off to SunnyBrook.


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