Sierra Aurum The Golden Light of Judgment

Basic Info:

Player: Monty

Demeanor: Sierra Aurum (pronounced: See air ah Or Um) is often quite serious, little things of insignificance are sometimes rather important to her. Sometimes Sierra can be sidetracked by something outlandish and will go to the full extent of her power to make her goal complete. She is battle readied and not afraid to stick up for people who cannot fight back, and she really does not like bullies.

Nature: While she can be serious and tough on the outside, she has a soft inside. She isn't afraid to show her emotions to her true friends.

Description: Golden hair, hazel eyes, a snowy white skin, and wings made of flowy light. Sierra is an angel sent down to the earth Daughter to the angel of judgment. She often wears a flowy white dress, but easily can change this into armor with a flash of light. She is about 5'5", and weighs 100lbs*.

Status: Sierra is still at Sanctum, she attends classes and is currently learning about human history and interactions. Despite this she still does not have the understanding of the humans.


XP: 16

Stats: Stats start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 10[6+u3]

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4[3+u2]

Agility: 2

Brains: 3

Skills things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

Angelic Strength: (4)- Martial Prowess: Sierra's Strength in combat is exceptional due to her Angelic blood. Grants bonus to attack.

Angelic Grace: (3)- Sierra is quick and agile granting her great reflexes, she is able to use her wings to help her maneuver in quick bursts and avoid damage.

Angelic Will: (3)- Sierra is pure of spirit, her willpower cannot be easily overcome.

Angelic Tenacity: (2) Sierra can endure many things, her strength and courage will not waver and grant her greater endurance.

Angelic Intervention of Divine Guidance: Analysis Sierra uses her divine light to grant her knowledge on whatever is in question.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Judgment: Seals of Light- Seven Sins- (5)[4+u1] Sierra can sense sins. Sierra calls upon her Judgment, said judgment envelops her sword in heavenly light. The light does different things depending on the target's judged sin. Successful Judgments upon the target grant Sierra a 'Heavenly Charge'. Judgments stay in the sword for 3 turns or until used, and are expended on hit. Opposed rolls: Lust: Brawn, Gluttony: Brawn, Wrath: Brains, Sloth: Agility, Envy: Brains, Pride: Brains. During non action scenes, each Judgment can be used to grant Sierra knowledge regarding the opposing characters current state of mind, the character will feel compelled to tell Sierra what is the issue depending on if she names a sin that is relevant to their current state of mind. Opposing player can ignore or abide as they see fit. Upon knowing what they want, Sierra can tell them how to get what they want. Knowing their sins shows Sierra their true nature, and can often lead to her delivering their true name.

  • Judgment: First Sin: Lust- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of lust, the sword will be bathed in a fiery flaming wind. Contact with the sword releases the targets inner most desires to Sierra allowing her to see them. If deemed an enemy, Sierra's sword will knock them backward with a gust of fiery wind.
  • Judgment: Second Sin: Gluttony- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of gluttony, her sword is enveloped in an icy black vile goop that when strikes the target poisons them for 3 rounds. Each round the poison steals 1 hp and stores it in the sword. Sierra can expel the hp stored to heal herself or an ally.
  • Judgment: Third Sin: Greed- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of greed, her sword turns golden, next attack with the sword grants Sierra 2 'Heavenly Charges' instead of one.
  • Judgment: Fourth Sin: Wrath- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of wrath, her sword is covered in red aura. Contact with the sword will grant the target 2 to their attack modifier (e.g. Angelic Strength) but will lose 2 from all defenses for one turn.
  • Judgment: Fifth Sin: Sloth- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of sloth, her sword is endowed in lightning. Any contact with the sword in this form will cause the target to feel their nerves spasm. Enemies will be slowed by this (-1 agility), while allies will feel relaxed (+1 agility) for one turn.
  • Judgment: Sixth Sin: Envy- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of Envy, her sword will be covered by freezing waters. Contact with this sword will prevent enrages or boosting attack power for two turns. (I.e. wrath, fury of the wolf.)
  • Judgment: Seventh Sin: Pride- If Sierra calls down a successful judgment of pride, her sword will become emblazoned with pure energy. Any contact with the sword will cause the target to be taunted to attack Sierra for up to 3 turns-determined by amount Sierra beats opposing roll. (1 turn=beaten by 1-2 points, 2 turns=beaten by 3-6 points, 3 turns= beaten by 7 or more points.)

Angelic Armaments-(5)[4+u1] Sierra can call upon the heavens to make her armor and weapons appear. This armor allows for Sierra to be 'strengthened' canceling the weakened light weakness. Sierra can use this to get +2 armor for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 the power rating rounded down, and place her immediately into defense mode.

  • Heavenly Sword- With this sword Sierra calls upon the heavenly light to pierce through defenses. Her sword is capable of piercing through physical and magical armor giving her enemies -1 to all defenses on attacks. This sword if rolls successfully will strike any target Sierra or her allies see as a foe regardless of their form.
  • Heavenly Sword- Charged Upon reaching 2 'Heavenly Charges' Sierra can spend them to call upon her sword to cast her next judgment for free.
  • Heavenly Shield- With this shield Sierra calls upon the heavenly light to protect her. This shield can withstand any physical or magical damage/effects. Successful blocks that utilize a turn to block grant Sierra 1 'Heavenly Charge'. Sierra can use this power as intercept action.
  • Heavenly Shield- Charged Upon reaching 2 'Heavenly Charges' Sierra can spend them to call upon her shield as a free action to save a target from a magical or physical blow they were not prepared for.

Wings of Light-(1) Sierra has wings made of light feather that she can summon to give her the ability to maneuver and fly. She can also pluck one of her feathers, and use it to shoot an Arrow mad of Divine Light at her target, piercing the veil of darkness around them, and dealing damage. She may also give a feather to an ally so that they may call upon her at anytime. She will come directly to their aid.


The negative effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.
Weakened Light- Without her armor Sierra is weakened and suffers a -2 to her brawn.
Heavenly Light- Sierra must pray on a daily basis or else she will lose the blessings of heavenly light and begin to lose 1 hp/day until she prays again. Sierra must pray at a church aligned with her faith.
Demonic Light- Around Demons Sierra becomes uneasy and nervous.
"You've got me in chains"-Sierra is practically emotionless and has very little understanding of things. As Sierra spends more time with someone she begins to develop emotions. The more she begins to feel about that person the more tethered she becomes. If she falls in love with a person she literally becomes physically bound to someone by an angel proofed chain that attaches to their wrist and her collar. Not being in chains will cause Sierra to eventually die. She must be attached to someone.
Hikki Tousen-Sierra loses more clothing the longer she is in combat.
Watermelon-Sierra loves watermelon, she cries when they break, and will go out of her way to buy them.


Everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • armor, sword, shield, hammerspace to store said items.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

Personal History:

Sierra is the daughter to an angel and a human making her a nephilim. Her father was among the angels whom ferried the souls of the dead and the damned to their judgment. Bearing sword and shield he was one of the higher angels among these Angels-his name Charon. Through him the souls of the Earth were visited unto the hells below, or delivered unto the heavens above. No souls escaped these angels, until one day a soul of a woman found its way into the realm of passing. For a brief moment, Charon was captivated by the woman's beauty. He had never known a mortal to be so rich and full of life even still while in death. It appeared that in her case she was very full of life, because her soul faded before his eyes. He knew this to mean only one thing, that she had been brought back from the brink of death.

The Angel Charon, journeyed from his position in the region of passings, and unto the Earthen Realm. It was there that Charon, captivated by the woman's beauty, searched for her for several years. Charon eventually came upon the woman and discovered that she was a fallen angel, but despite this Charon fell in love with her at first sight. Within a year Charon made her his wife, and the woman made him a father. Sierra was thus born, bathed in golden light on the day of her birth. He knew then, that Sierra had inherited the Angelic blessing, and that she one day, may take up his place as the reaper of souls, and ferryman to the afterlife. He left her with his sword and shield, so that she may call upon his favor, she would thus be able to use this power to call down judgments against her enemies.

Sierra was sent to be evaluated for her abilities and guide the innocent and wicked students that resided under the watchful eye of the GWU. Her only issue was, she wouldn't quite fit in…not speaking humam and all.


Seirra is an Angel.

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