Andrew Light

Basic Info:

Player: Shining_Light

Demeanor: (Current) Meek and self-effacing

Nature: Confused, shaken AND stirred for the most part. A rather bright fellow whom enjoys cheering others up and on whilst internally panicking and stressing about everything, though the initial happenings have made the cheery side a bit more weary.

Description: Despite being average height, a slender frame makes him appear to be smaller than he actually is. Rather lean, he's more athletic than his demeanor would show- though he would certainly not win any races or lifting competitions any time soon. Scruffy smedium-length brown hair with matching eyes gives the notion that he looks like the typical 'generic anime boy-next-door protagonist', a branding he personally is fond of.


HP: 6 how physically healthy you are

Psyche: 6 how mentally healthy you are

Brawn: 1 Your physical capabilities

Agility: 3 Your speed and dexterity

Brains: 4 How smart you are and how well you think


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Music Theory «1»
  • Memorizing «3»
  • Medicine «2»
  • Reflex «4»
  • Perceiving «4»

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Literally Shining Light/Lightbending- «3» Capable of providing luminescence from hands in varying degrees of concentration and wavelength as well as manipulating the light around him
  • Healing Touch- «3» Capable of healing wounds via VAGUE LIGHT MAGIC enveloping the target spot with light. Modifiers (to the GM and player's discretion) involve severity of the wound and strength-of-emotion/passion (Lazily healing a paper cut from reading a book compared to mending the broken leg of a close friend after running and hiding from a homicidal monster for example).
  • LIGHT LASER- «1» Capable of shooting out beams of light concentrated from the pointer finger (Starts out as the tiniest shock, able to fry a fly but nothing more). Gives varying degrees of intensely concentrated light, can be used in tandem with Shining Light for bonus.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.
*Mild Sensitivity to extremely bright and loud surroundings


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Nothing unique, he likes to travel… Light

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Impromptu ghetto-fabulous first aid kit

Personal History:

Andrew was raised in a modest house, a single child to a single parent. Born premature and sickly, the doctors deemed it a miracle he survived, and grew up to be a (somewhat) normal boy… Albeit a peculiar one at times. Shining never was the strongest in his class, nor was he the fastest. Yet he rose to prominence by thinking quick on his feet- an almost photographic memory mixed with creative critical thinking and adept application of knowledge lead to very good grades- and perhaps some hare-brained ideas. A lighthearted demeanor made his life easy at school; making friends easily by lifting up their spirits without bragging about himself. However, due to this mentality many underestimated him, thinking he's little more than the funny lithe guy. An odd 'medical condition' he's had since birth heightened his inner senses, a blessing and a curse that ultimately makes him an unintentional comic-relief character and a target for pranks (Because while having a frayed nervous system cause 'spider senses' may be beneficial in times of trouble, most often they result in him FREAKING out when a bee whizzes by his face, or jump a mile when a friend spooks him).

Academics may be important to him, but Andrew seems like much too serious and stuffy a name for him, so he prefers to go by Drew- a name that's seemingly more free and warm.

Thanks to his mother being a nurse, Andrew has always had a fascination for the medical field; his passion to make others better both physically and emotionally combined to give him the ultimate drive to become a doctor- and a jovial one at that.

Andrew loves to play music, mostly on his violin though he has fair knowledge of many instruments. Having played in symphonies and chamber orchestras alike he would downplay his abilities though- while he wasn't anything near a prodigy, his talent was fair though it was his inner ear that made him appreciate and understand music in a way he couldn't explain properly.

He never had the opportunity to meet his father, though he found it hard to hold a grudge thanks to the fact that his mother held that mysterious figure in a good light. From the vague things his mom told him, he figured his dad somehow died. He dropped the issue though, seeing as how it seemed to upset her.

Overall, a clash between calm and anxiousness, joy and fear, shyness and bravery all clash within Andrew Light. We'll see which sides win for what!


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