Basic Info:

Player: Naz

**Name: Yuri Belikov [Shade]

Demeanor: Yuri displays the normal behavior of most people his age, sometimes brash and reckless for somebody his age. But not outwardly unfriendly toward others. However he is normally quiet in most social settings, he prefers to sit back and quietly watch unless otherwise engaged by other's. He however does seem quite vain/self conscious about his personal appearance. It can be noted that when he nears a mirror or other reflective surface he has an uncheckable impulse to check himself for one reason or another.

True Nature: Deep down Yuri is a manipulative individual. He takes joy in most people's misery and discomfort and takes even more pleasure pitting people against one another when it serves his purposes, whatever they may be at that moment\. He can be quite charming when he wishes to be but normally it is a well crafted veneer for something else. But there are some rules he is unwilling to break, his word. If he gives it he means it, one of the reasons he rarely gives it to anybody if he can avoid it.

Description: Some might call Yuri a "pretty boy" from his fair features and complexion, not that they wouldn't be wrong about that description. Just from a simple glance at the guy, one could tell, this guy spent too much time in the mirror in the mornings. His mid length brown hair was always parted to the side, with a pair of dark gray eyes offering an coy inquisitive glances to the outside world. His tall lanky figure stood at almost six feet, his physique more of that of a swimmer in appearance. During the daytime he wears of a pair of neon blue wire frame sunglasses with side shields to keep out the sunlight.


HP: 7 (+1 Brawn)

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


(Wilderness Skills) 3 [Agi] Yuri had been raised a good portion of his life living out of a
tent or camper. Hunting/fishing and other various skill sets his father and clan taught him to survive when/if needed.

(Hand to Hand/Grappling/Knife Fighting) 4 [Brawn] Bring the youngest of six bothers Yuri had to learn quick how to take a beating, give one and avoid one if possible. Traditionally within the clan, sadly, disputes often ended in fisticuffs or worse a drawn blade. Most of the time it stopped when first blood was drawn but sometimes it wasn't.

(Photographic Memory) 4 [Brain] Yuri quite enjoys to read book on various topics. He was self taught as a younger child with nothing more then stolen books from the local library at whichever town his family was currently traveling through at the time.

(Lockpicking/Pickpocket) 4 [Agi] Has decent knowledge of tumblers, both pin and dial designs. Learned quite a number of "lift" techniques.

Supernatural Abilities:

Shadow Bending/Control/Manipulation: ( 3 points )

-Umbrakinetic Travel: Yuri is able to travel short distances between shadows provided they are big enough for his body to fit through. Taking somebody with him into the shadows is very dangerous. Body contact must be kept at all times otherwise the poor soul would be torn apart and pieces of them would be found everywhere afterward.

-Umbrakinetic Sense: When sitting still and concentrating Yuri can sometimes pick up movement and vibrations from nearby standing/created shadows.

-Umbrakinetic Constructs: Yuri has been slowly learning how to create things using shadows for his personal use but the more complex the construct the quicker he loses control and tires.

Wraith Transformation: ( 4 points )

Yuri is able to transform himself into a humanoid shadow like construct. While in this form, Yuri is essentially a ghost/shade. If Yuri doesn't concentrate most physical objects float right through him and its impossible for him to influence the real world about him. But his form still has substance that is tangible to the outside world. If one were to move their hand through him when transformed there would be the sensation of pressure against the skin before slipping between one's fingers. Any object on his person transfers with him into his form but he is unable to access or use it until he changes back. While in the form it is possible to be hurt or damaged if in an offensive posture and "phased" into the world. If the damage is extensive enough/or shock, he can be "unphased" back into his human form if he loses his concentration.


Bright Lights/sunlight (Major): Due to the nature of his power's, Yuri doesn't quite like the
lighter side of the world. Bright flashlights (Of a high quality or luminus), strobe lights,
spotlights etc. cause his powers to weaken or completely dissolve/unable to control his
shadows. In his human form, even in the natural sunlight, causes major issues from time to time when he's stressed/tired or when attempting to use his powers.

Faraday Cage: During his "stay" with the security apparatus of The Global Watch Unit, it's
personnel discovered that certain electromagnetic waves disrupted his ability to phase in and out of the shadows to escape their custody.

Electronics: Unless shielded properly when shifted into Wraith form, most devices short out or become defective in some way. It depends on the complex nature of the device and if it was shut off before becoming part of the ethereal plane and back again.

Fatigue: Using his shadow powers tires Yuri quite quickly making him quite hesitant to over extend himself. It also requires a large amount of food and calorie intake in order to restore him.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Wallet
  • Cell phone (Nokia 3310)
  • A sliver locket
  • Beat up mp3 player w/earbuds
  • Used zippo lighter
  • Smokes
  • Sunglasses w/case
  • Switchblade comb

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Netbook
  • Clothes/Shoes
  • Books
  • Violin
  • Tailor's tools

Personal History:

Yuri was born in July of 2001 to Ruska Roma family in the back of an RV somewhere in the back swamps of Florida. Dropped into the middle of six older brothers and one sister and a ton of relatives who were more then happy to help raise him. His family moved around alot picking up work as day labors but mostly working the country fair and carnival circuit all across the country. Unlike their name suggests, his parents were honest hard working folk who only wanted something better for their children. Times were sometimes hard but they made the best of it. That was however until Yuri's tenth birthday when his powers manifested and he scared the hell out of his family. They treated him differently after that, their bond growing ever strained as the years went on until at the age of his fourteenth he simply vanished from sight.

The years passed as he moved on his own from city to city doing what he needed to survive and running with some unsavory crowds picking up some bad habit. He quietly used his powers to get what he needed until by a bad run of luck caught the attention of the higher mystical authorities of the G.W.U. They were able to track his movements until they made it possible to capture him during a botched B&E at jewelry store. After a brief detainment, the higher powers decided to transfer Yuri to SunnyBrook in an attempt at rehabilitation and so they could keep an eye on him.

Miscellaneous:Any other information you think would be interesting.

-Big fan of gourmet coffee, can be bribed with it sometimes.
-Plays the violin
-Growing up his mother and sister made most of the clothes they all wore or altered pieces found at the local goodwill or thrift shop. Being the youngest of the family he was prone to spending alot of time mending torn clothes before he discovered he had a decent understanding.

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