Samantha Roskowick

Basic Info:

Player: SirGoldFish

Demeanor: Pragmatic, blunt, Willful, and somewhat boyish.

Nature: Paranoid, vulgar, and easily enraged.

Description: Sam appear to be about a 15 year old girl with an extremely pale complexion, never wearing make, she has pale green eyes. She stands tall and strong, about 182 CM tall, and, while not buff, Sam is a very physical individual, packing hours on end in the gym, and it shows in her physique. She has short blond pixie cut hair. The most alarming feature on Sam are her stitches, teeth and nails. Sam's body is covered in stitches that hold her together, in a similar vain to Frankenstein, they are mostly on joints and connecting points. The stitch around her facial area are few but distinct. One stitch around her neck keeps her head connected to her body, another is around the circumference of her forehead (Almost always hidden from view by her hair) She has one stitch that gives her a glagsow smile made of stitches which frame her mouth. Her teeth are sharp along with her nails, which aids her carnivore diet. She can usually be found wearing some form of jeans, and a hoodie, but also wears other clothes such as leather jackets, etc. When outside, she almost always wears a scarf around her face to cover up her mouth. She has a raspy but still clearly feminine voice.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

Melee combat 6 (Brawn)
Reflexes 5 (Agility)
Biology 3 (Brains)
Endurance 2 (Brawn)
Perception 2 (Brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

Stitches: 4 Sammy is able to remove various body parts and control them outside of her as they continue to send sensory information to her brain. Not only this, but she is also able to incorporate other organic components into her body bringing the body parts back to life for a limited time. They will fall off after degrading. Knowing every seam of her body also gives her the ability to heal herself by stitching herself up.

Living Weapon: 4 At a very young age, "The Good Doctor" decided to modify Samantha for combat by adding structures in her brain and additional organs within her body. Many of these structures and currently inactive as Sam discovers

  • Fury - Sam gives off a neurotoxin that targets the Amygdala. This forces all enemies who fail an opposed brains roll within a reasonable vicinity of Sam to attack her there next turn, instead of doing anything else.
  • Combat Trance - Sam's mind goes into a state where it begins to asses every possible move for combat, and she attempts to take it. Adds +2 to attack rolls for Roll-1 turns. While combat Trance is active she gets -1 to defense rolls.
  • Defensive stance - Sometimes the best offense is the best defense. Adds +2 to defense rolls for roll-1 turns. Cancels Combat trance if activated while this is active. While active she has -1 to attack rolls.
  • Adrenal booster - Similar to Fury, Samantha releases a neuruotoxin from her body that seaps into the skin. But this time into her allies. It stimulates the production of adrenaline in the brain Adds +1 to combat rolls to at least three allies in her vacinity for (roll-2 turns)

Rebel without a pulse 4 Because of Sammy's half dead biology, poisons and toxins work on her to a lesser degree, she is slow to fatigue, She is able to hold her breath for longer periods of time, she is numb to pain, she can easily play dead, She gains bonuses against mental manipulation due to the odd way her brain and nervous works, She also lacks a heartbeat but still has a 'life force' so drain attacks still work on her, her zombie like appearance can often be an aid into inducing fear, She has a heightened sense of smell, her body is highly adept at dealing with various types of environments.

Odin’s Meyjer 3

Samantha has been chosen and passed the trials to become one of the warriors of the sky. To fly over the battlefields of Midgard and guide those who might need it in battle. Either to victory, or to Valhalla. This entails many parts that work in conjunction as part of her duties. She may never forgo these duties or pay heavy penalties to the All Father.

To the Sky…

Samantha, upon calling for her sword, will gain a pair of wings that shimmer greatly like the northern lights. These wings give her the gift of flight, and make quite a show. She may go up to a hundred feet above the ground, and has good control over her movement although her speed is only moderate. Depending on the battlefield she flies over, their style will change to reflect it. For example, over a gunfight they might form into guns and bullets, over a sword fight they will look like a series of swords.

…With Valhallan Steel…

By name, Samantha may call her sword to her side at any time she is able to speak and is connected to her source of power. Black Wolf is a strong sword that only she can wield and acts much the same as her wings. Depending on the battlefield, it will change looks. Always it is strong and sharp, the forges make sure of that. When using the sword she gains a plus one against combatants and strikes them, incorporeal, invisible, or any modifier it will land. And it does absolutely no harm to non-combatants.

…I Guide Them

As part of her duties, she must judge the wounded and the dying of a battle when she crosses them. Either giving them aid to heal them so they may fight again, or deciding to damn them or take them to valhalla. This is something she must do, and if she fails to do it then she will face penalties against her powers and will not be able to call her sword or wings for the remainder of sunlight, or moonlight depending on the time of day.


"Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so tortured?!"
While not hideous, anyone looking upon up close Sammy up close will notice that there is something odd about her due to her frankenstein esque stitches and her rather sharp teeth. Occasionally appendages and other bits of flesh will come off of Sammy and fall on the floor. She requires 5000 calories of meat a day When her nutritional requirements are not met her skin becomes greener, her sharp teeth will become more pronounced and jagged, and her rather sharp nails become claws in this state she will do *anything* to acquire flesh, no matter the cost. Any and all form of non-scientific anomalous healing deal damage to her instead of healing her. (Severe)

Yggdrasilc (Mild)

If Samantha is ever cut off from the World Tree by any means, then she will not be able to call on her powers as a Valkyrie and becomes weak and ill, losing a point of strength for every hour she is without it until collapse, she may rest to recover.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Needle and thread
  • Various knives made for cutting up people.
  • Occasionally a full leg of chicken or a cut of steak.
  • Lighter
  • At least one set of omni-eyes.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Punching bag
  • Paintings, some of which are partially scorched.
  • Toy fire truck

Personal History:

There once lived a man named Dr. Roskowick who lived up high on a mountain. He was a very lonely man ever since his wife died of a degenerative disease which melted her face off that not even he could cure. He made flesh creatures both from organs he grew in his backyard and one's that people left in the graveyard unused. These creatures would entertain and assure the Dr, but he wanted something else. something more something he could look at and leave the world. He wanted a daughter. So, he set off to do just that. He cultured his own flesh, and the flesh of his own long dead wife, he studied and manipulated brain scan of both himself and his wife that he kept around, and he went off to work in his workshop. Most if not all men who would attempt this feat would most surely fail, but not Roskowick, for he was something more than a mere man, there was something special about him, some say he was blessed by Caduceus others say he was a time traveler, but alas these facts do not matter for now we get to the heroine. Samantha. Roskowick treated Samantha as his own daughter for over 12 years giving her love kindness and even playmates! But then, bad people came. Bad people who wanted the doctor dead. They killed many of his amazing creations! He was desperate and to his wits end. He grabbed Samantha who was playing with her favourite toy before the doctor brought her into the workshop and began the operation and turned her into his body guard. Sammy had to hurt and kill the many people who wanted the doctor dead. Most would regret these actions and feel sad, stop or just run, but the good Doctor was smart enough to remove those capabilities from Samantha. When it seemed the bad people were gone and would stop trying to attack the doctor. He gave back Samantha her feelings and will. The Doctor was prepared to wipe tears from Sam's face, but none came out. Instead there was only anger, frustration, and disgust. Days later the mansion burned down. All that was left of the Doctor's work was Samantha and a few abominations. The GWU intervened and collected what was left.


Sammy is unaware that healing would burn her
The Doctor's body was never recovered.
October 2nd

Sam's curiosities

Omni-eyes: Pale pink iridescent eyeballs with three black lines as pupils. When used, the eyes allow Sam to see colors /way/ beyond that of normal humans. In layman's terms. She can see any color possible that could ever exist. The eyeballs can filter through what they need, but this is somewhat difficult. Use of the eyeballs will cause Sam a headache, abuse may even lead to temporary psyche damage. The eyeballs are capable of seeing, but are not limited to: X-rays (Along with other types of radiation), infrared (Allowing her to see heat.), ultraviolet (Allowing her to see things that would show up under black light), certain electronic signals such as short-wave radio signals. Possible uses for the eyes would be: Allowing her to see certain see things that are supernaturally hidden, allowing her to read invisible ink, allowing her to see ghosts, allowing her to find invisible objects.


Aksel: A Good kid. He plays it cool and has an overall chill attitude that I like. He wants to learn to fight, think I'll take him under my wing, teach him the ropes.

Claire: A little lost girl. We're friends, that's for certain. She is so sweet yet people are so cruel to her for her unwilling ignorance due to her past. She was a slave once, just like me. But I adapted well and she did not. I must help and protect her so she can be happy.

Airi: She is cute and just lovely. She accepts me for who I am and despite her childish nature, I really really do care for her. I wanna go on more dates with her or to just spend more time with her. She's also not bad at kissing.

Elizabeth: I thought I could at least tolerate her presence at first, we threw some insults, and sparred, but I had a respect for her. And then she basically fucking spewed out pure evil from her mouth, talking about people like they were rabid dogs. I am not her friend and I will do my best to ignore her.

Katlyn: She… she cheated on me and loves another more than me. I still care for her as a friend, but I start to feel sick around her

Malissa: She is a bitch, she shows off to other and she almost sexually assaulted someone. A crazy who is clearly unaware of others. I will drop this cocksucker if I need to without hesitation.

Maya She is practical in a fight, I'll give her that. She is merciless but weak. I honestly have no idea how I lost our first two fights, but I did. She certainly was not that terrible, personality wise. Friendship could be in our future.

Max: I talked him out of suicide. I don't regret it, not one bit, but he is a creep, a weirdo and I honestly hope he seeks help so he wont be so fucking icky.

Nadia: I don't even, like, what the fuck. She is so weird. She threatened to rip someone's arm off, but like, she does not even seem to know what fucking life is. I just, like, wanna her to go away when she is around. A likely threat(?)

Wendy: My Saintly Confider. I can always go to this girl if I need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to. There was something wrong last we met but she did not want to talk about it. I wish she would so I can help.


Modded Out +1 Stitches: +1
Melee combat +2
Brawn + 1
Artifact creation, substitute for health upgrade.
Tier one
Reflexes +2

Important Personal Logs

Sam Beats The living Shit Out Of Liz (Power tutor tier 1. Patches!)

Sam stops Phony from killing himself

+1 Training XP 8/3/2015 Sam Vs Aksel

Power tutor tier 2. Rebel without a pulse. (Sam meeting Sariel.)

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