IT ++++ Basic Info: xp: 1
Player: Itchy

Demeanor: Brusque. Awkward. Wary of strangers.

Nature: Light Hearted, though lacking some social know-hows.

Description: Looks more mature than he is. Dark brown fuzzy hair, almost the colour of coal. Short-Medium layered length touching eyebrows, swept slightly to the right, Long sideburns. Visible facial and neck hair. Slight underbite. Muscular, but not in a lanky, attractive kind of way. In a brawny, steroids kind of way. About average height, 5' 9". Wears rather modestly, prefers durable, outdoorsy clothing but dislikes the colour green.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 7

Agility: 1

Brains: 4


  • Sense Motive: (4) Brains
  • Mechanics: (2) Brains
  • Survival: (3) Brawn
  • Self Control: (2) Brawn/Brains
  • Cuisine: (1) Brains - does not mean eating Brains!

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Herculean - Strength. The ability to lift heavy things, jump and generally go against gravity. Right now Rowen is able to bend metal bars with ease, punch holes through concrete and with alot of effort, lift small vehicles. This is part and par of his physiology and he has unscrupulously made use of his regenerative capabilities to bolster his strength.

additional +1 to Brawn per level passively

  • Mutation - In the G.W.U's books, Rowen is considered a shapeshifter - even though he rarely identifies himself as one. In their clinical trials when he first achieved a permanent human shape - They found that by injecting him with a dose of stimulant, his body forcibly mutates back into his monstrous form. Something musty, savage, large, hairy, with teeth and fur and fangs. It was considered a useful quality to them, despite his loud protests. His body readily heals wounds and his metabolism greatly accelerates through the process, granting him quick reflexes (the stimulants help) and larger limbs.

Though at the expense of higher thought, opposable thumbs …and ..well….

Increases healing rate and +1 Speed per level when morphed. (active) Reduces time taken to change completely by 1 minute per level (from 7 minutes).

Herculean: 4
Mutation: 3


  • Traumatized - Rowen freaks out when he sees surgical equipment.
  • Hot Blooded - His morphology is poorly suited for higher than normal temperatures.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Supplements and sedatives, pills
  • Touch-screen PAD
  • Electronic keycard
  • Stimulant, ampule (missions only)

And everything that he keeps in his dorm at SunnyBrook.

  • Extra clothes
  • Blood-Test Kit
  • Stimulants, ampules
  • Sedatives, Hand Tranquilizer
  • Tattered Diary

Personal History:

They cut his body open and changed his insides,
took more things than they put back in.
He could move naught but only his eyes,
Having a mouth but yet not scream.

It was all he knew for two years, being stuck inside a glass bioreactor. Until the G.W.U raided the laboratory and in the crossfire, demolished the entire place. Their experiments. The half functional abominations they created. Him included. Or perhaps that was their intention in the first place, no one else would know? Right?

Then a passing moments of peace came to him while he watched the explosion that tore through the entire cliffside, sending the facility along the container that held him, tumbling off into the jagged ocean below. yet… he strangely was grateful to them …and though he knew they would not hear it, he let go of the breath that he had stored for so long, bubbling to the surface of the caustic liquid was a barely audible.,


-But he survived the fall.-

They found him months later when residents started reporting incidences with 'werewolf' sightings, rehabilitated him more out of scientific curiosity than compassion. Taught him how to look human. Act human. Let him choose his name. Something other than Cryptoid-007. Rowen, yes. That was now his name. He chose it because he liked how it sounded. It sounded civilized yet sturdy. Something he wanted to be.

It was needed to sign up for school. But he could not remember who he was before.


His official age is 19.
Shelf Life of 2 - 3 years.


  • Akemi: Still a nice person, though I think she's angry at me for talking to Twelve - no idea why. She's pretty weird, wanted to show me a ghost of all things. Good friends with everyone. Except me, I guess. Oh and fonyx.
  • Fonyx: One of the first people I met. Secretive about his abilities like it's a terrible secret. Unecessarily stand offish. But I guess, an okay guy. Has a bone to pick with Akemi.
  • Twelve: Previously Ghost girl. Found out she had been in some experiments, same like me. It made her Immortal, I think. Very close to the other girls, they probably see her as their child. Didn't get to talk to her much.
  • Wendy: Previously friend of Ghost girl. Very protective/worried of Twelve, but everyone seems to know each other here so it's not suprising. Good friends with Akemi.
  • Julian: Vegas freaking Magician! Pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Did not talk much. Watches some weird programme with people in telephone booths.

Note to self: Girls here are very tightly knit, don't really want others to talk to them when amongst themselves. Hard to even speak to them. Haven't met a friendly or chill dude yet, all kind of the same stand offish so far.

Socializing is too hard. Giving up.

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