Ravi Kashivat

Ravi Kashivat, Threshold Knight

Basic Info:

Player: Kadmus

Demeanor: Friendly, energetic, boisterous, explorative.

Nature: Loyal to his friends, but a little distant in general. He prefers the company of silent empty buildings to people, but exploring with people is his favourite thing.

Description: Ravi is of average height – standing around 5'10” - and slim. He's 16 years old. He's usually dressed in a pair of navy sweatpants, a white t-shirt, and either a zip-up faded reddish-brown hoodie, or a horizontally-striped white and black, deep-v neck sweater. He's often carrying a solid olive canvas backpack, a little worn at the corners.

He has dark skin, light hazel eyes, and short, curly black hair. He rarely looks people in the face, preferring to study the roofs and walls, always plotting a climbing route. He's blandly ignorable, in terms of looks.

He speaks with a strong London accent, and likes to throw in slang from all across the UK to confuse the predominantly American crowd at school. Often, he'll just make stuff up.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


Urban Explorer 4 (Agility): Ravi's burning hobby is exploring the abandoned and lost places in cities. London was great for this, and he spent most of his time climbing and squeezing through tiny gaps. (Acrobatics)
Breaking and Entering 4 (Agility): Sometimes, the abandoned places have locked doors. And sometimes you need a little bit of extra cash, and that guy in the suit has a pretty fat looking wallet. (Larceny)
Fine, I'll do my homework 4 (Brains): Parents are evil, cruel and terrible things. Especially when they make you finish your schoolwork. (Academics)

Supernatural Abilities:

Sword Of The Day 3

Ravi can manifest a weapon of blazing, bright sunfire, which can smash through defences and explode into a blast of blinding light.

Can roll as a skill to attack in melee. Can roll as a power to blind enemies, inflicting a -2 penalty to their next (Roll Difference/2) actions if successful, minimum 1 round. Can roll as a power to break through/destroy things which a sword cannot usually cut.

Armour Of Light And Shadows 3

Ravi can manifest a swirling vortex of shadows and dappled sunlight around him, shielding him from attacks. He can also wrap himself in the shadows to fade from view. Supernatural creatures are highlighted in his vision by the powers he's imbued with.

Can roll as a skill to defend against Health damage. Can roll as a power to turn invisible. Lets Ravi detect any supernatural creatures nearby, but not what kind of supernatural creature they are.

Steed Of The Night 3

Ravi can call up a creature of shadows and darkness to carry him from place to place. It can take many forms – from a horse to a person to a giant manta ray. Over short distances, it can teleport him, but over longer distances they have to physically cross the space. When it is physically carrying him, it can also support additional passengers.

His favourite form for it is a giant dog, which he's affectionately nicknamed 'Baskerville'.

Can roll as a power to instantly move anywhere in his line of sight, ignoring obstacles. Can carry Power extra (3) people over long distances at a speed comparable to a car.


Code of Honour (Severe): Ravi's powers are granted by an Amulet of Twilight, which restricts his actions in exchange for granting him the ability to protect humanity from the monsters that dwell in the night.
- Cannot harm a human unless they are threatening another human. Supernaturally enhanced humans – including Ravi himself – do not count as human.
- Must defend humans from supernatural entities which attack them.
- Must attempt to destroy any supernatural entity he sees killing a human. He can only stop if the attempt will kill him (He is reduced to 2 Health or less).

If Ravi breaks any of these rules, he loses all powers and everything he tries to do is at a -2. He only regains his powers and removes the penalty once he achieves a task assigned by the GM.


On person:
Mini Crow Bar
Duct Tape
Canteen of water
Chalk dust
Climbing gloves

In room:
More climbing gear – ropes etc.

Personal History:

Ravi had a very normal childhood. He grew up in a big family, with three brothers and a sister, and went to school, managed average grades and worked hard at it. He grew up in West London, and most of his childhood was spent running about outside in the street with his friends, making up stories about how that abandoned building had monsters in, or this old steel mill was haunted. Typical kid stuff, basically.

However, as he grew up, he never forgot the mystery and excitement those old buildings, and started exploring them on his own. Breaking into them, sneaking around, and just seeing things that no-one else has seen in months, years, even centuries. There's a whole world hidden away behind dusty concrete and broken glass, and Ravi is determined to see it all.

Of course, it couldn't last. About three months before he was discovered, Ravi stumbled across an old necklace lying in one of the buildings he was exploring. It was odd, the layer of dust on it thinner than that on all the other things in the building, so he picked it up.

This was a mistake – it immediately sank into his skin and flooded him with power. And the tiniest bit of knowledge – enough that he knew he was the lucky winner of the arduous selection process! He had defeated all the trials, and his reward was that he was now the Threshold Knight, the man empowered to stand in the doorway at night and protect humans from monsters.

This was, of course, total bullshit. He never passed any trials, and he certainly didn't want to be some knight. The amulet didn't give him a choice, however – if he tried to go against the rules that were built into it, he suffered crippling pain until he managed to perform some arcane task it asked of him. He couldn't tussle playfully with his brothers or friends any more, or he'd get brutal headaches.

And the fights he was forced into, when he saw things happen he never wanted to have to see? He came home battered and bloody and bruised on more than one occasion. He was discovered when he was filmed using his Sword of Day to incinerate a new vampire, and the GWU quickly tracked him down. Free private education and training? He jumped on the offer. Plus, America has so many old places that he hasn't explored.


The Amulet of Twilight is fused to Ravi, broken into its pure essence and spread throughout his entire body. When he dies, it will do what all Amulets of Twilight do – reform and teleport to a random location, awaiting the next sucker lucky person to find it.

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