Quintin Harp

Basic Info:
Translated Chinese name: Kūn tíng shùqín
Player: Zike

Demeanor: He has a very intimidating posture but don't let that get to you, he's just big, tall, and awkward. He's easy to jump to conclusions and will most likely take your compliments as teasing or bullying. He's pretty calm and collected most of the time.

Nature: Quintin is somewhat quiet with a problem of being too closed up, he never lets anyone get to really know him. He mainly just likes to train his body and mind so that he'll be ready for anything that comes at him! He's also bit awkward at time's and he's not very good at holding a conversation for more than a few sentences before beginning to not know what to say. But he'll eventually learn to warm up to certain people and be able to hold a conversation for a few more sentences. Once you get to know him he's just a big'ol softy at heart.

Description: He's about 6'4 and wears a thin white hoodie that has a cherry blossom tree design on it, different colored sport shorts, and grey Nike running shoes. He has short silver hair, no color in his eyes so he looks like a zombie, very pale skin, he has a very slim and muscular build which makes about 180 pounds. Also he wears 150 pounds worth of body weights everyday! He only takes them off to shower and sleep.

HP: 7 (1/2 brawn)

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Zhòngliàng jí táiquándào (Heavy Weight Kickboxing) 4 (brawn)
From his grandfather to his father and now to him, His legs are his most deadliest weapons. Since his powers granted him a nearly indestructible body, he's focused entirely on increasing his strength and sharpening his skills as a Martial artist.
(Rolls Melee combat)
Shǎnguāng xīnlíng (Flash mind) 4 (agility)
Quintin's body is as sharp as ever. He heightened all of his senses for his Instant-transmission ability; so that his body could react fast enough in any situation and move at a moments notice all on its own.
(Rolls Agility defense)
Chénmò shì guānjiàn (Silence is key) 4 (agility)
He is extremely silent with his body. when he runs or jumps he doesn't make a sound. while sneaking; he has to concentrate so that he's sure not to make a sound, since he's carrying around an extra 150 pounds he needs to be extremely careful with how he moves.
(Rolls Stealth)
Kòuchú (Deduction) 2 (brains)
Quintin is able to tell if you are lying or have done something wrong recently just by staring into their eyes for a few moments. It has a chance of rolling Persuasion if its a positive or intimidation is its negative.
(Rolls Persuasion/Intimidation)
Supernatural Abilities:

Jíshí chuánshū (Instant Transmission) 4
Quintin is able to instantly teleport anywhere within 100 yards radius. He is also able to teleport through anything with a reflective surface. The catch is he has to see where he's going, so he cant teleport behind anything. Radius of teleportation can be increased by experience. If he becomes blind, he'll have to say goodbye to the power since if he tried to teleport he wouldn't know where he would be going so he'd just be randomly teleporting.

Shén pífū (God skin) 3
Quintin's grandfather and father both had powers as well as quintin does. His grandfather was able to break iron and anything weaker, his father was able to break steel and anything weaker, and quintin is able to break titanium or anything weaker! Its not super strength…its super skin. His skin is impenetrable by titanium or anything weaker. He's able to break titanium from immense self strength! And because titanium can

Bèi zǔzhòu de shēntǐ (Cursed body) (mild)
Quintin's descendant skin is an extraordinary power, with one major downfall that he has to deal with forever. His skin is impenetrable from anything made out of titanium or weaker, so that means he cant have surgery done onto him with normal tools. Once something fatal happens inside his body that is required for open body surgery…he's as good as dead.

-thin silver bracelets on his wrist's

-arm, leg, and chest body weights

-iPhone 6s+

Possessions in Dorm

-Crate that's filled with books and scrolls; he keeps it under his bed

-Large military bag filled with body weights; also under his bed

-Picture of his mother with incense in front of it

-Picture of his father and grandfather

-Clothes in his closet, with his sport's shorts and shoes.

-Dell laptop
Personal History:
Quintin's mother was a kind and loving person who enjoyed everything in life. She was giving birth to a baby boy when suddenly things took a turn for the worse. Quintin was born but…she passed away soon after.Quintin lived out his life in the mountains of Guangxi china where his family has lived for centuries. When Quintin turned seven years old he first started to learn kickboxing with his grandfather and father, they both were extremely good at martial arts; so he decided to take on the family tradition. It was natural in the family to have supernatural powers, but for every male descendant they received a unique power passed down through generation's, "Shén pífū" (God' skin). Four years later when he got older he started intense martial arts training with his family and his new developed ability, during training he developed another ability which was a major surprise to his family. they've had very few descendants that had two powers at once, it was an extraordinary advancement. Seven years had passed since then and quintin had matured his special abilities over that time greatly, and he also got recruited to 'SunnyBrook School For The Extraordinary" where his father and grandfather told him to live out his life the way that he wished to decide. Quintin accepted their request and went to the school in America.

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