Piper 'Pippa' Frost

Basic Info:

Player: KadeLeMuse

Demeanor: Outgoing, casual, straightforward, cheeky. A bit of a memer.

Nature: A lot like her demeanor with added persistence, a slight lack of empathy, and a bit of a darker side.

Description: Piper has narrow green eyes and frizzy, dark brown hair. At fifteen, she's on the short side with a somewhat pear-shaped form, and a fair amount of scars on all over her deep olive skin. Her clothes generally consist of overly large t-shirts with inane sayings on the front, knee-length shorts, and flip-flops.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


(+3 from severe weakness)

  • Anatomy and Physiology- (4) Brains Piper finds that knowing how the average human body works helps with both healing and knowing what it's okay to cut when she's removing excess limbs or other things from herself.
  • Dip, Dive, and Dodge- (3) Reflexes (Agility) & Agility Like it or not, this cancerous healer knows that quickly getting into and out of range for her cellular powers is important.
  • Going Along with Gore- (3) Willpower (Brains) As someone who has long since seen the biological terrors and wonders of the human body and beyond, things like body horror, viscera and corpses tend not to bother her too much.
  • Something's Off- (3) Perception (Brains) Noticing abnormalities is of big importance both in healing and in general if she want to stay on top of her game!
  • Social Butterfly- (2) Persuasion (Brains) Being on fairly good terms with most people means a little sway in a lot of places.

Supernatural Abilities:

Mitosis Grows on You - 4 - Piper is able to sense the biology of humans (or those similar enough biologically to humans) within a distance of around 15 meters, and manipulate the speed of their cell growth within 5 meters. She uses this in three different ways:

  • Bio Spying- Finding out where people are and figuring out what, if anything, makes them different from an average human being on a cellular and physiological level. The closer she is, the more she can 'see'.
  • Reinstating Homeostasis- Or in plain English, healing someone by bringing them back to what is normal for them. Much easier for her to do with bruising and physical wounds than toxins and poisons, but dealing with the latter is still possible when given enough time.
  • Carcinogenesis- Stimulating rapid, unhealthy cell growth within an area to create painful or debilitating tumors. This sounds lame, but only until you watch her make someone suffocate due to a blockage in their trachea, blind a person due to unexpected growths in their eye sockets, etc.

Her Own Helping Hand - 3 - This control of cell growth can go to an even more intricate level of detail in herself, to the point where it's possible for her to grow extra limbs or body parts on herself, if it works correctly (which it doesn't always, so sometimes she just ends up with useless lumps). Either way, due to her abilities only being able to control what does/doesn't grow and not including the ability to ungrow something, anything extra that she wants to get rid of later has to physically be removed/broken away/cut off and the area rehealed. In order to deal with this, she leaves her sensory nerves at a bare minimum so damage and discomfort are tolerable.


No Pain, No Gain (Severe) - The feeling of pervasive numbness that comes with stunted sensory nerves combined with the fact that she can't sense her own biology the way she can others leaves Piper at the disadvantage of not being able to tell when she's hurt or sick unless it's immediately visually obvious or she intentionally caused it. This means damage can occur even outside of battle and Piper won't know to heal it, or could even make it worse. However, once she's aware of it, she can heal it up like most wounds or sicknesses.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • iPod
  • Wallet (debit card, Picture of her family, laminated picture of Deez Nuts)
  • Cell Phone (Has a sticker of Pepe the Frog dressed up as Jesus on it and her default ringtone is Sad Violin on air horns)
  • Glasses (for reading, tucked into a glasses case in her pocket usually)
  • Headphones

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Books
  • CD collection
  • Laptop
  • Scalpels and other basic surgery tools she keeps sterilized and ready for use, along with a portable kit they can fit into for on-the-go use
  • Clothes (obviously)
  • Poster of shibe in pixelated sunglasses with the caption 'DEAL WITH IT', all of this in soft pastel colors

Personal History:

(TW: brief mention of self mutilation)
Even before she knew about her ability, Piper was fascinated with biology, though it probably helped that both of her parents were doctors and fostered her interest in it. Her favorite activities were participating in various group sports, hanging out with friends, and learning more about the human body.

(Her parents would sometimes bring her with them on hospital shifts, where she would explore but not get into /too/ much mischief. If this town had a higher cancer rate than most places, no one thought it could be due to a little girl accidentally using powers she wasn't even aware of.)

Eventually, she decided to take matters onto herself to get a first hand look at what the human body was like. Welcome in the hospital or not, Piper was still essentially a kid, and having kids in surgery room or other areas while operations were taking place was just too big a risk. So, she took a knife and cut herself just enough to bleed.

(She found that she liked it. But that's not our story.)

She continued this practice off and on, just enough to get a small collection of scars. One day after she'd done it, through thought alone, the cut healed by itself. From then on, she started to figure out her abilities and did a fairly good job hiding it. But most secrets come to light eventually. And now, she's at Sunnybrook.


  • She has way too many nicknames: Pipes, Pippi, Pip, Pips, Pippa, Swagmaster, etc.
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