Nik Truestone

Nik Truestone

Basic Info:

Player: Kadmus

Demeanor: Quiet and reserved, or intensely passionate, depending on the subject

Nature: Constantly studying the world around him, Nik is a quiet and somehow… disjointed young man.

Description: Nik is a short, too-thin young man. He's 17 years old, and usually dresses in a rumpled white dress shirt over a white sleeveless t-shirt, the dress shirt often buttoned incorrectly and not tucked into the old, worn chinos he also wears. He wears a pair of extremely well-cared for black boots, which are designed to hide the extra inches they add to his height. He usually wears – or at the very least carries – a heavy brown jacket, full of pockets overflowing with things. All sorts of things.

He has thick auburn hair hacked off at the back of his neck, obviously done with a none-too-sharp knife, and penetrating ice-blue eyes.

He always has his assistance dog, a black and white springer spaniel called Frippery, or Frip for short, by his side, or in his lap.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Science 4 (Brains): Nik is obsessively focused on all forms of knowledge, particularly science. (Academics)
Analysis 4 (Brains): Nik has a keen eye for detail, and spends hours looking at some of the most seemingly inane things.
Medicine 4 (Brains): A fascination with science has lead Nik to explore what makes people tick. It doesn't help him understand why they act the way they do, though.

Supernatural Abilities:

That's Not Science! 4

Nik can make things work… wrongly around him. He's fully aware that the items he makes shouldn't work – that little sphere in a steel cage shouldn't still be spinning after two years. He's often compelled to create little things that make no sense, even to him, until he encounters a situation that suddenly makes it click.

Can be rolled as a skill with Brains for Create Magical Item. Can be rolled as a power (DC 2) to pull a small, one use useful item out of his pockets, allowing him to grant someone else a +2 bonus on their next non-combat roll if they use that item.

The Spark Of Life 3

Strange fluids injected into dead veins. Arcing electricity coursing through a strapped-down corpse. Life and death is not a binary.

Can be rolled as a power to bring back someone dead for no more than (Power Rating) hours, so long as Nik has them in a lab where he can synthesize the right chemicals and provide a big enough electrical shock.


Talk to him and find out.


On person:
Magnifying Glass

In room:
Filled Notebooks
Science Textbooks

Personal History:

Nikola Truestone is the only daughter of an English diplomat and his Swiss wife, born in Lausanne hospital. It was always obvious that there was something off about Nik, and as she grew older it became more and more pronounced. She never looked her parents in the eyes, or looked for too long. By the time she was eighteen months old, she could speak full, articulate sentences, but rarely chose to. By the time she was four, she'd been tentatively diagnosed as sitting somewhere on the autistic spectrum – the most precise anyone has ever wanted to diagnose, given how intelligent Nik is and how far off that throws all tests.

Nevertheless, Nik definitely sits on the spectrum, and Nik's parents decided that an assistance dog would be necessary – especially as he kept forgetting to do things things like eating and drinking as he got so absorbed in reading or studying something new. Nik and the dog, who he promptly declared 'Frippery', quickly became inseparable.

Frip helped – a lot. With him around, he grew more accustomed to physical contact, and more confident in talking to people with his steadfast companion by her side. As he grew older, Nik quickly realised he was doing things with his experiments that shouldn't happen. Little things at first, but it got more and more obvious with time.

He finally broke through fully when Frip was hit by a car. He rushed his dying best friend back to his makeshift lab, and began a desperate attempt to save Frip. Nik still doesn't know when Frip died, just that he was in a furious, disjointed haze of creation and innovation, formulating dozens of exotic serums out of whatever was to hand, and then wiring his best friend into the mains electricity to give the concoctions the jump they needed to work.

Nik finally stopped after hours, as Frip sat up on the table and began to lick his face in worry, brought back from what seemed like the end. Ever since, Nik has been keeping Frip in good health with continual doses of new formulas. For a dog that's 15 years old, Frip doesn't seem a day over 3, still as happy, healthy and bouncy as he's ever been.

Unusually for Sunnybrook, Nik volunteered to attend the second a GWU agent showed up.


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