Nathaniel Pierce

Nathaniel Pierce

Basic Info:


“What better in life, than to stalk your prey, waiting for the moment where you can taste their hot blood on your tongue? Or so I am told. Would you like to help me find out?”

Player: Kadmus

Demeanor: In situations with new people, he's forward and aggressive, always trying to assert dominance over the situation – first socially, then physically if needed. Stands too close, and deliberately makes others as uncomfortable as he can when he first meets them. In situations where he knows and trusts the people involved, he comes across as lazy and bored until it's time for him to kill something or eat.

Nature: Nate has to be the boss in any situation he's put into – unless someone can display physical superiority over him. If you're friends with him – or subordinate to him – he'll protect you with his life, and be open and friendly. If you're his enemy, he'll fight you until one of you has to leave or dies. If he beats you, he'll assume you'll back down and accept his superiority. If you beat him, he'll do the same. If he beats you, and you turn around and attack him when his back is turned? He'll kill you or die trying. He's patient, too – you may never realise you've slighted him until he ambushes you in an abandoned corridor.

In situations where people he considers subordinates are involved, he lets them take the lead and will only step in if he thinks they're doing something wrong – what use are your pack, after all, if they cannot do things for you? The lion doesn't hunt for himself. He has a pride to do that for him.

Description: Nate is a tall young man, standing just over 6 feet tall, about 16 years of age, and built like an athlete, with long arms and legs, all whipcord muscle. He has a sharp-featured but handsome face, calm grey eyes, and a relaxed smile. His hair is dark and impeccably cut and styled.

He typically wears a pair of expensive dark jeans with sturdy black boots, and a wine-red, tight-fitting buttoned shirt with the cuffs turned over to reveal the loud, multicoloured Day of the Dead skull pattern on the inside, open at the neck revealing his necklace – an ancient flint arrowhead suspended between the horns of a silver crescent moon on a leather thong.

For casual wear, he keeps to the absolute minimum – a pair of dark camouflage cargo shorts, his necklace, and, if it's really cold, a blood-red sleeveless t-shirt. He also lets his animal side show through, because it's more comfortable that way. He'll usually have golden eyes, over-large, sharp teeth, and short, thick claws on his fingers and toes, but he switches it up from time to time.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Lion's Presence 3 (Brains): Nate can be enchanting or terrifying, depending on how you act towards him. There's something about how comfortable he is in his skin that draws attention, and if he turns his fury to you he can leave you shaking.(Intimidate, Persuade)
Fox's Cunning 3 (Brains): Nate's spiritual infusion has left him with the instincts and skills of any number of the most dangerous predators that have ever existed. He can find prey in the most extreme environments, and is peerless in the wilderness. (Tracking, Wilderness Survival)
Tiger's Fury 3 (Agility): The tiger is the deadliest predator to face in combat, and nate does his best to emulate it. (Melee Combat)
Cat's Grace 3 (Agility): To move unseen, and to pass through obstacles unimpeded, is the essence of the ambush predator. (Stealth, Acrobatics)
Owl's Wisdom 3 (Brains): When you can see magic, and have spent so much time around it in the research lab, you learn quite a lot about it. (Magical Item Creation, Knowledge (Anomalies, Magic and Magical Items))

Supernatural Abilities:

Bestial Senses 3

The eyes of an eagle, the nose of a wolf, the ears of a fox – Nate's senses extend beyond the human. As they are granted by a patchwork Frankenstein's Monster of spirits, they extend beyond the physical as well. He can detect magic, and see across the veil between the spirit realm and the real.

Detects magic, spiritual presences, and things beyond the typical range of human senses. Is also used for Perception checks.

Spirit-Kissed Body 3

Nate's flesh isn't quite real any more, infused as it is with the spirits of apex predators. Attacks against him sometimes pass through him without effect, or slide across his skin without harm. He can shift himself more fully into the realm of spirits with an effort of will, allowing him to avoid the eyes of most. Conversely, weapons designed specifically to hurt spirits are more effective against him at all times.

Allows Nate to roll Toughness against all attacks – including ranged - to resist damage. He can roll this power to grant himself invisibility for Roll rounds. While invisible, he has minimal ability to effect the physical world – on the level of a soft breath – but is partially intangible. He takes Power/2 less damage from anything that is not specifically designed to harm spirits. He cannot pass through anything physical, but magical barriers against non-spirits will no longer impede him. He can take small amounts of food from one realm to the other.

Manifest Predator 2

Nate can channel parts of the predator spirits he's infused with to cause minor changes to his physiology to make him a more effective predator. Minor changes take little effort – sprouting short claws, sharp teeth, or eagle eyes is easy. With an effort of will he can push these changes further. His hands can grow longer, sharper talons, his teeth can thicken to shear through bones, his muscles can grow to the power of a bear's. No protections may stand between a predator and his prey, not even the veil between worlds, and the half-real nature of the enhanced body parts allow Nate to rend magic and spirits alike.

Grants Nate +1 damage to attack rolls, lasting for Roll rounds. While under the effects of this power, Nate's attacks can harm incorporeal things and damage magic.

King of the Jungle 1

Nate has a natural command over all animals, be they large or small, but predatory animals in particular love him and bow before his presence. He can talk to all animals, and he can order animals to obey simple commands, or channel the raw essence of his infused spirits to make nearby animals flee in terror.

Allows Nate to communicate with animals – though they aren't clever enough to give him much useful information – and to roll this power to give them simple commands or to force them to flee. He can also instill primal terror in humans.


Severe: Part Spirit – Nate takes double damage from weapons designed to hurt anomalies.


On person:
Expensive smartphone
Hunter's Necklace
Survival knife
Fire striker kit

In room:
Small wood axe

Personal History:


The youngest son of an incredibly wealthy family, Nate was packed off to boarding school at a young age and denied the affections of his parents. He discovered his affinity for sports at the school, something which distinguished him from the rest of his family. When he was 14, his father was given an offer from Project Eternity, which he is a backer of. In exchange for a test subject related to him, the Project could grant him immortality.

His father jumped at the chance and gave them Nate. They attempted a ritual they didn't really understand – one botched together from dozens of mistranslated fragments. Instead of making Nate immortal, as they hoped, it infused him with the essence of myriad fragments of predator spirits.

He was then 'recruited' – against his will – by the Project as a test subject. After they realised what his powers could do, they used him to help them hunt down and retrieve artifacts and anomalies, as he can sense the 'other', and can rip through magic.

He managed to escape his confinement on one of the retrieval trips, and was acquired by the GWU after he committed a string of petty crimes using his powers.


Born the youngest son of August Pierce Jr, a wealthy investor, and his third wife, Nathaniel was given precisely the wrong things from birth. Namely, whatever he wanted, except for his parents' attention.

His father divorced his mother before Nate turned five, 'swapping her for a younger model' as he later remarked. This had little impact on Nate's life – he'd hardly seen either of his parents before that point, being raised by a succession of nannies and tutors.

When he was old enough to start school, he was packed off to a prestigious New England boarding school, where he was to be educated until he graduated and proceeded to the same university his father and grandfather before him had attended. His life had been planned out for him before he'd even been born – as the fourth son, he was never going to inherit much. He was going to be a board member and advisor for his oldest brother, August Pierce the Third.

At school, he soon discovered that his situation was far from unusual – nearly every other boy there had the same story, or one so similar that any differences only highlighted the matches. He sought to distinguish himself somehow, hoping that his father would pay attention to him if he could do something his brothers and sister couldn't.

He was the only member of the family who was particularly athletic, he discovered, and soon dedicated far more of his time to sports than to studying. He quickly became a valued member of half of the school's sports teams, and wanted by the other half.

Life continued like this for Nate until he was 14, when his father received an offer from one of his less-than-legal investments. In exchange for a test subject, they could grant him immortality. The only caveat was that the test subject had to be related to him, so they could try out the process before they used it on the old man.

Of course, Nate's father agreed in a heartbeat. His three eldest sons were needed to run things for him, and his daughter was far too valuable as a bargaining chip with other wealthy families, so the choice was obvious.

Nate was to be the test subject.

When he returned home for summer, he was greeted by his father for the first time in his life. The man was cheerful and affectionate, placing his arm around Nate's shoulder and ruffling his hair. Later, Nate would know he should have realised something was wrong at that moment, but he was so happy that his father was paying him any attention that he ignored any misgivings he may have had.

He even ate dinner with his father that night, sharing a meal with the man he looked up to more than anyone else in the world. He didn't realise the food was drugged, even when he passed out at the table.

He woke up in the labs of Project Eternity, strapped, bound and gagged, to a table in the middle of a sterile white room, the walls, floor and ceiling painted with arcane symbols and circles, strange items around him, over him, and on him. The only sign that he wasn't alone was the window to his right, lab-coated figures clustered around it, watching excitedly.

“Project ENKIDU, test subject is prepared and conscious.” A voice rang through the room.

“Ritual beginning in three. Two. One.”

And then the chanting began – in synthesised voices, in languages he'd never even heard of before. Minutes turned to hours as the chanting continued, and Nate's belief that he'd been kidnapped by some crazy cult just solidified in this time.

All of a sudden, that changed. He could see ghostly fragments appearing in the room, bits and pieces of animals, translucent and floating towards him. As the first touched him, he experienced pain like he'd never imagined, his skin writhing and changing. Then another, and another, until hundreds, thousands, of spectral remnants, new and old, had crammed themselves into his body, and all he could think of was


and just on the other side of that window there was


it was so close, if he could just reach it.

He knew his bonds could no longer hold him. His teeth tore his gag to shreds, his talons ripped the bed to flinders, and suddenly he was free.

And glass cannot hold the predator.

He came to his senses hours later, hunched over the half-eaten corpse of one of the lab-coated men, covered in blood but no longer hungry. The corridor he was in – just outside the ritual room - was sealed, heavy bulkheads closing off either end, and he could tell there were cameras watching him. He could taste the electricity powering them.

“It's good to see you're aware again, Master Pierce. Please nod if you understand me.”

He nodded.

“Good. Now, you'll be glad to know that's the only person you killed. After he was down, you ignored the others as they fled in favour of feeding.” A dry chuckle. “Fascinating. Well, the process obviously needs refinement before we try again. I think those idiots managed to mistranslate the spirits summoned.”

“We'll want to study you, of course. And we can pay well – there are plenty of men like your father, after all.” The voice paused, and there was a faint murmur. “Ah, yes, your father. He's the one who gave you to us. Traded you for the chance to be immortal. Looks like he'll have to wait a little longer, but we do keep our end of deals. Sleep well, Master Pierce. Welcome to Project Eternity.”

Hissing from the vents. A sniff confirms, knockout gas. Tastes bitter. Takes longer than expected to knock him out, but it works eventually, and he wakes up in a cell.

The next few moths are spent in intensive testing of his new abilities – the first of those is spent teaching him how to be a person again. Having myriad predator instincts rammed into your skull makes it hard to be human. He resists their efforts until they bring in a grizzled old soldier who beats him into the ground, over and over until he gets the idea. He's not the biggest dog around here.

From then, he's perfectly happy to play along with their tests, so long as the old man tells him to. He doesn't reveal the full extent of his new-found powers – he's not an idiot – but he's quickly realised as an asset. The Project is always in search of more test subjects, more anomalies to study, rare artefacts and ancient tomes.

These are all things Nate can sense, if he's close enough. And he's great for bypassing the mystical defences many objects of power are protected by. So for a year and a half, he's the Project's bloodhound and magical safe cracker. The wild dog kept on a barbed-wire leash held by the veteran soldier.

Of course, even veteran soldiers can make mistakes. And the mistake you never want to make in front of a predator is to look weak.

On the last mission they were sent on, the soldier was weak. It was only the two of them and a handful of researchers, investigating an ancient Native American burial mound that had been buried under centuries of sedimentation.

The soldier caught a cold.

Nate caught the soldier.

And then he caught the research team.

Native American burial mounds are, astonishingly, great for hiding bodies. After a snack, he took the soldier's silver moon necklace and an arrowhead from the mound, and left to find the nearest city.

It didn't take long for him to draw the attention of the GWU. He wasn't exactly subtle about his powers, and went on a spree of petty crimes through small towns, taking whatever he wanted. If they didn't want him to do it, they should have tried harder to stop him, after all. It's not a crime if the victims don't count as people.

The team dispatched by the GWU managed to bring him in with little trouble. After all, a whole school full of people like him? There'd either be prey or pack there, hopefully both.


Prefers meat, raw if possible, but is perfectly capable of eating normal human food, except for chocolate, to which he is allergic.

Birthday: 26th July


August Pierce Junior (63) (Father)
Miranda Jacobsen-Pierce (36) (Mother)
August Pierce the Third (30) (First Half-Brother)
Julius Pierce (26) (Second Half-Brother)
Theodore Pierce (21) (Third Half-Brother)
Eleanor Pierce (17) (Sister)


Sam: The boss.

Little Poisonous One: Teaching him how to be a hunter. He needs practice.

Shark: Fellow predator. Likes hunting with me.


4XP Spent
Power Boost (+1 to Bestial Senses, +1 to Spirit-Kissed Body)

5XP Total
1 from Sunday 04/10/15
1 from Sunday 11/10/15
1 from Sunday 18/10/15
1 from Sunday 25/10/15
1 from Sunday 1/11/15

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