Nate Nicholson

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFettuccine

Demeanor: He's friendly, calm, and eager to please. Always there with an encouraging (or terrifying if you judge on appearances) smile or a friendly bit of talk.

Nature: Nate has been through some pretty bad stuff and he's come out the other side with a positive attitude intact. Despite what he's been through he still thinks that people on the whole are inherently good and wants to bring good into the world as best he can.

Description: Nate is seven (eight if you count his horns) feet and eight inches tall, extremely muscular and red. Like, firetruck red. His skin is almost stony in it's texture and he has sharp, serrated teeth. His eyes are yellow with the flat, horizontal pupils of a goat, he has foot long horns sprouting from his skull. His legs are goatlike, with dark red fur and hooves and if you saw a pitchfork in his clawed hands it would fit the image. In short, he looks like the stereotypical depiction of Satan. This freaks a lot of people out. Oh, he also wears glasses that look ridiculously tiny on him. As far as clothes go, he usually just wears a black hoody and blue jeans, all of his clothes are obviously homemade.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 5+1

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


  • Medicine - (2) Brains Medical type stuff.
  • Horrific - (2) Brawn Due to his appearance, Nate is really good at intimidating people.
  • Wrestling - (5) Brawn Due to his massive muscles, Nate's pretty fearsome in close combat.
  • Toughness - (5) Brawn Nate is big and tough.
  • Crafting - (1) Brains Do you have any idea how hard it is to find clothes made to fit someone as big as Nate? He makes all his own.

Supernatural Abilities:

Mutation, Really Tough - 4 - Nate's mutations make him look extremely demonic, but they also make him really tough, at 7 and a half feet tall and with thick, almost stony skin that can occasionally turn aside bullets and the like he can take some punishment. Any time damage greater than one point is dealt to Nate, it is reduced by one point. His musculature is also reactive and depending on how he tenses it, he can block out a further amount of damage. He may choose to reduce damage equal to 1/4th of his roll (rounding up) at the cost of -2 to all actions in the next round of combat. Makes all toughness rolls count as supernatural where it would benefit him.

Mutation, Really Strong - 4 - His impressive size and musculature aren't just for show, they also make him super buff. This power gives Nate +1 Brawn. It also allows him to perform massive feats of strength at risk of harming himself. He may add half of this power rating (rounded down) to all strength based tests for the next three rounds, after that he may not use this power for another 4 rounds or suffer an amount of HP damage equal to the bonus gained. Damage taken due to this power may not be reduced in any way.

Mutation, Wound Transference - 3 - Probably his strangest mutation, Nate may transfer the wounds of another to himself in an odd kind of healing, he must be touching his target with both hands and take an action to activate this power, upon activation he rolls this power, damage taken by his target up to the roll of the power is transferred to Nate, this power can put Nate down to 0HP. He may also transfer wounds from himself to others in the same way. Damage taken by Nate due to this power may not be reduced in any way.


Severe - Nate hates the cold, like a lot. At any temperature freezing or below, he starts to get sluggish and weak. First he loses all muscle control, Then, he starts having seizures. More than an hour in conditions like that will kill him. All damage dealt while in, or using extreme cold is doubled.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Water bottle
  • Wallet with a picture of his family
  • Pocket Bible

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A portable sewing machine
  • four homemade hoodies, five pairs of jeans, and 6 button up shirts. Since he can't get a t-shirt on because of his horns.
  • A simple wooden cross hung on the wall
  • An old, beat up desktop computer with a slightly cracked monitor.

Personal History:

Nate Nicholson was born to George and Wanda Nicholson, and from the moment they laid eyes on him, they knew that he was… Different. But no matter, Even if their newest baby was bright red they were going to give him the best life they possibly could. So they went home. The Nicholson's live about an hour drive from the nearest town, if it could be called a town. It's name was literally Podunk, Georgia and it had a Main Street, with three cross streets and that's about it. If you blinked you'd miss the whole place.

Obviously, being bright red and all, Nate got picked on a lot, but his parents always helped comfort him afterwards and they always taught him to turn the other cheek, kindness will get you farther than anger son, just like Jesus says, turn the other cheek. And that's just what Nate did, he knew that the other kids were all nice inside, even if they were mean outside. They probably just didn't have an awesome dad like him.

Sometimes they'd hit him, but it didn't really hurt. He acted like it did though, just to be nice to them and make them think that they were doing a good job. Things started getting a bit rougher when the horns grew out though, around age 6 little black nubs started growing out of his forehead, only getting bigger as time passed, at the same time, his legs started to get hairy. Like, really hairy. Almost like fur. At these obvious signs that he was different in more than just a skin condition, the teasing slowly died down to fear, whispers, covert glances and a general rush to stay at least 10 feet away from him at all times took place. Even among the adults of the town. "Gotta be a demon child" They'd say, "Spawn of Satan" "Somebody aught to do something" "Ain't right" They thought he didn't hear, but he did and he took solace in prayer and 'bible time'.

Every night with his Parents, Nate sat down and they talked about Jesus, and the Bible. Every night they prayed together before they tucked him in. By about the time he was 14 he had grown bigger than any 14 year old had a right to be at 7'6" and he had full blown horns and goat legs. This upset people, but the breaking point was two years and three inches later when he noticed a girl that he had a crush on at school about to step on a rattlesnake. He quickly ran over and lifted her just in time, pulling her out of the way of the snakes bite.

She, predictably screamed and ran yelling about how the monster had tried to eat her. This caused the towns people to go out in a frenzied lynch mob to the Nicholson house that night Nate's dad met them on the front porch with a friendly wave as Nate watched from his bedroom window. He asked them what this was all about and was met with angry demands to "Bring that demon out to be hanged" Georges response was a calm. "Ain't no demons here. I got a sixteen year old boy, a thirty-something year old wife, and a mob of folk who're mighty angry at an innocent boy who never harmed a fly."

A man stepped forward from the group with a grim expression. "George, you don't move, we'll move ya." Nate's dad considers that for a moment before he nods. "I reckon that's true Harry. Still ain't lettin' you in my home." No later had he said these words than someone saw Nate in the window, they shouted in fear which spooked another man with a gun, they pulled the trigger on accident and Nate witnessed his dad's chest mashed into a pulp from a shotgun. He screamed and ran outside crying, and picked up his dad's wounded body as the crowd stood, stunned at what had just happened. They hadn't meant to kill a person here, just a demon. Nate cried and rocked with his dad's body in his hands when he started to feel a pain in his chest, a horrible pain and then he was bleeding, dark red blood that smelled like Sulfur, and his dad was totally fine, like the shotgun wound had never been there in the first place. Nate falls over to his side, gasping for breath struggling to live through the new gun wound in his chest.

George Nicholson stands and realizes what has just happened, he looks into the crowd, furious and afraid for his son, and finds who he's looking for. "John, you're a doctor!" He shouts, "Do some doctoring! You just saw this boy perform a miracle, if you keep telling me he's a demon I will come down there and beat you to death myself. Save! My! Son!" After a moments hesitation John jumps forward and does as he's told as everyone gathered there slowly leaves, humbled and shamed. It's difficult, but John manages to save Nate's life and gets him set on the Nicholson's couch resting. A week later, Nate is still recovering when the Nicholson's get a knock on the door, it was an agent from 5S who'd heard about the events of a week before and come to invite him to a more tolerant place. Everyone agreed that it might be for the best, and a month later after Nate had mostly recovered he got on the train to his new life at Fifth Sanctum.


Any other information you think would be interesting.



Current: 0
Total: 12

Tier 0
+12 Weekly
-4 Learning New Tricks
-4 Moving To Perfection

$$$: 200

+200 from moving in


Tier 0:
+1 to Wrestling, Skill tutor: Workout Time
Learning New Tricks: +1 Toughness, +1 Wrestling
Moving to Perfection: Brawn
Power Boost: +1 Really tough, +1 Really strong

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