Nadia Madison

Basic Info:

Player: SavanahHolland

Demeanor: Sweet, someone you could probably assume would bake cookies for strangers just to be cordial.

Nature: Overly and painfully positive, but oddly there is a incredibly bitter and disturbing part of her that you just can't put your hand on, it might be how she looks, perhaps her actions, but most likely you'll notice, it's the way she phrases her words.

Description: Nadia is sixteen seventeen years old, standing mostly tall. She has straight, light brown hair that goes past her shoulders, a white headband on her head holding back some of her hair. She has hazel eyes, more of a light brown color with the smallest green tint, though most of the time she keeps her eyes closed pleasantly, as if she were constantly smiling, which she is. You really wouldn't think much about her eyes almost always being closed, and if you do notice it, you really start to wonder how she even sees. Nadia's voice has a slight Canadian accent, her voice is a little deeper, stronger, but is usually considered pleasant and fits her well.

She has a light tan skin tone, which pairs along well with her hair and eye color. She is somewhat chubby, certainly not skinny, but some would call 'fluffy' and obviously her chest follows in that sense. Both wrists around the vein area are scarred and horribly bruised, appearing to be from excessive needle usage, for some reason she has not healed it herself leaving it to heal naturally, even if scars could still be seen. Nadia often wears clothing that you would assume a schoolgirl would wear, but it can really just be considered easy and pretty in her mind, as she has never been to a school with school uniforms. She wears a white dress shirt underneath a grayish beige sweater, with a red tie tucked in under the sweater. She also wears a simple short brown skirt, occasionally wearing panty hose as well, though when she does it's not very noticeable with her skin tone, wearing average dark brown shoes to complete the look.

Though, one of the most noticeable things about Nadia, is a pair of angel wings on her back, large and covered in pure white feathers, when retracted to her back, you can still see them but less obvious, almost folded to her back side. But when she lets them stretch out, they appear to actually be quite large, much larger than her own body, and actually looking like they could work if the right wing wasn't damaged beyond repair. The right wing itself is still visible, however there are massive chunks of it missing, looking horribly frail and deformed. Pictured, though without wings, Idea of what her wings look like and size.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 5


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

Perception: (4) Brains
Medicine: (3) Brains
Sneak: (3) Agility
Reflexes: (4) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power

Rise Angelum Meum - 4 - Nadia can call upon her, what she calls to be her 'inner soul' which she would tell you is where her power comes from. Using this power her right wing, which is damaged will give the illusion of being repaired with a brilliant, or even holy white light. A pure white halo is traced above her head but not quite made out, perhaps blurry. During this state she must open her eyes, which would not show her hazel eyes, but instead white light will pour out of them. She uses this state she calls upon, she can travel to the darkest parts of a human, or anomalies mind and memories, which she see's as the 'inner soul' and attack to show them horrifying and grotesquely distorted imagery from their past memories, perhaps evoking flashbacks and mental breakdowns, which will cause psyche damage. This is usually temporary, and can last from four hours to three days. People known for weak minds or mixing reality with illusions would usually think this memory that was distorting now is the memory. A memory of a simple stroll in the park with beloved family members could easily he twisted into one filled with gore and your most vile fears, and you could possibly believe that's what happened. Luckily for the poor souls that deserve this power called upon them, she can also offer salvation, she can use her power to temporarily make them forget a memory that is filled with pain or sadness, or with her power, that they remember as being painful, saddening or more often, horrifying.

Lacrimis fit de Sancto - 5 - Much like her other angelic power, she can call upon her 'inner soul' to channel healing. Her eyes need to stay closed, if opened it would instead channel Rise Angelum Meum which would do much more harm to someone she is trying to heal. Pure white tears will stream down her closed eyes, though this does not mean she is in any form of sadness or pain, which could lead to misunderstandings. However, unlike her other power, instead of her right wing giving the illusion of repair, her left wing gives the illusion of being tattered and torn much like her other with a ominous gray light. She can move her hand across a physical wound, though in more of a hovering motion, she does not need to make contact with them. Mental healing is a little different, and for her can seem much harder to do. She would wipe some white tears off with the palm of her hand, and then move to gingerly let it trickle on a person's forehead from her hand. Though the tears move like water, they don't feel that way, instead more of a ray of sunshine landing on you. Once doing this she can channel her healing, the tears acting as something to connect her and the person's minds. Once there she can easily find the mentally broken part of them and try to mend it, usually by intertwining pleasant memories into a mental wound, which could heal it.

In ignota - 2 - A power she has yet to uncover, though a part of her is constantly preparing for her to unleash it. A destiny she was meant to fulfill, yet has been forgotten, a gift and mercy that she does know she is capable of.

  • Nadia doesn't see with her eyes, though she can, as they offer her more sight, which is why she would open them while doing perception rolls. She does not know how exactly she sees without her eyes being open, and she can never close the unseen second pairs. She has to see everything, always.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

Quod daemones non sunt mea, every single memory that Nadia has distorted in the past and future, is stored in her mind with vivid detail. Every grotesque face of someone else's loved one is kept fresh in her mind. Constantly nagging at her, she always has to keep a sharp mental state so she doesn't constantly break down in fear and horror. Though sometimes, these twisted flashbacks that do not belong to her, meld with reality, her vision becoming similar to how she distorts memories, which could cause her to lash out like a wounded animal to people that she cares about, though to her, they could be covered in gore and smell like rotting flesh, this mental state usually lasts for thirty minutes to three hours before starting to fade. Severe


  • Brown canvas backpack
  • Brown Satchel bag
  • What looks like a large travel backpack, hollowed and used to hide wings when going out
  • A small circular and clear container filled with holy water with a silver top, looks like a key chain to her backpack
  • A small locked box, the lock gold, and the actual box made of wood
  • Handheld first aid kit (Roll of bandages, cotton swabs, a tiny bottle of medicinal alcohol)
  • Small handheld Bible
  • Old brown leather notebook

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Small wooden cross to be hung somewhere on the wall in her bedroom
  • Toiletries (Lavender shampoo, Honey conditioner, Honey soap, towels, etc.)
  • School issued supplies (Pens, pencils, paper, etc.)
  • Multiple pairs of the same outfit, each tailored for wings, three white headbands
  • White laced and green skirted dress with brown belt

Personal History:

Nadia was originally born somewhere in Manitoba, Canada to a average, yet poor family. Finding themselves having to scrap by each day, her mother and father each working two full time jobs, leaving Nadia to take care of her younger brother and baby sister from a young age. She had a mediocre life, it wasn't one in the lap of luxury and she was even able to go to a normal school once her mother was able to start taking care of her siblings after being laid off on her second job. She was a straight A student, marking high in all tests, she was considered extremely smart, and had the will to make her parents proud. When Nadia was fourteen years old her family had to bundle in the car together, planning to have a pleasant trip out on the town, her father having received a significant raise from his job, the whole family in celebration. Her father was planning to treat them all for a nice meal and just walk around to see everything, make memories all of them would never forget. They had made a turn at a intersection, and from the side came another driver, the driver looked to have no control of their own car, speeding to the side of her families car. For the briefest moment, she felt like she could see out of her younger brother's eyes, the smell of copper faded with the scarlet that painted the wreckage, the right side of the car completely destroyed, killing her father and younger brother, and doing extreme damage to Nadia herself. She could remember those few flashes of what she saw through her bother's eyes, blood filling her own mouth, her eyes closing. Expecting them to stay that way forever.

Nadia, after what the nurses and doctors would say was two weeks from the accident, started seeing without her eyes. Everything was blurry, red vein like images clouding it at first, but after some months past, she could see everything, she could hear everything. She just couldn't move, or scream for help. The images of her brothers grotesque and crumpled body constantly fresh in her mind. A few months after she had turned fifteen, she woke up, at least that's what the many nurses and doctors had said, though she would always tell them she was never asleep, they would just laugh. They talked about rehabilitation though she never noticed, their voices every day seeming more distorted, until she just couldn't understand what they were saying, her own mother and sister looked and sounded like demons. She had to leave, she had to run.

When it seemed like the best time, most of the nurses and doctors having gone home, aside for the few working the night shift, she ripped off the heart monitor, everything that was stuck to her body ripped out. She bolted through the door, running down the hallway, she couldn't walk before this, that enough was a miracle. The nurse that was set in the hallway filing reports of patients in desk, saw the girl start running, the woman throwing off her high heels and chasing her. Nadia stopped at the stairwell, the walls splattered with blood only she could see, maggots seemed to be oozing out of every crack in the stone. She couldn't react in time, the woman bumping into Nadia harshly, sending the poor girl spiraling down the stairs like a rag doll. Bones broken, head injuries. Her body had finally it the bottom of the stairs, twisted and contorted in revolting ways. She was quickly brought to surgery, one of the surgeon having had to stay around for the night to finish paperwork. After hours of mending, and what the surgeon could only describe as help from god, she was stabilized and on the road for recovery. Her remaining family members rushing over as soon as they could to stay by her side, though maybe it was lucky that they didn't get there. Right after the doctor that had saved her with the help of a team of nurses, they slumped to the wall, some of them even wishing they could fall asleep from working the night shift and having to work longer to save Nadia from becoming crippled for life. She opened her eyes, white tears streaming down her face, everyone in the room describing it as a angelic sight. Some even claiming they saw her have wings made of light, though perhaps that was just rumors, after all.

Nadia, after what had happened suffered severe memory loss, nothing from before she remembered. It seemed like she had become a different human being, she constantly recited to the random nurses how she can into the world. How god created her to save all of them, but she was sent away too early. None of the staff believed her, they saw it as perhaps the rambles of a mad child. That she was a archangel fallen from heaven before. She didn't know what before meant, she didn't remember her family or life before this other than a image of a dying child. Her own eyes stopped seeing the world in such horror despite the flashes of memory that never seemed to stick, but the horrified visions always came back in bursts, the nurses having to strap her down to keep from clawing at her own throat. From the memory loss, came some ease to her personality, most of the time, when she wasn't seeing a distorted reality. She was incredibly kind to everyone, with one of the most positive personalities you could ever remember. Though as months passed by, most of the staff left due to the minimum wage dropping, and with that the hospital getting desperate, soon backround checks on staff seemed uncommon. During that, Nadia had been pinned with a new night nurse. For once, Nadia wasn't as kind to someone, though she kept her airy and sweet personality, this new woman's presence only added the smallest bitter tones. Nadia started feeling incredible back pains, not sure why and no one seemed to understand, and just assumed it was perhaps mental.

One night, the night nurse had come, the one she felt unease around, she saw her come, though her body was fast asleep. She could do nothing, and as a knife was raised, that was not the same woman, it just had a grotesque resemblance. Nadia felt it hit her, the pain washing over her paired with a loud scream, her eyes opened, glowing with pure white light, she dug through the beasts mind, showing her flashing of ever kind memory she ever knew, shattered beyond repair with their faces in gore. The woman removed the knife from Nadia, blood pouring out of a wound. The nurse then slitting her own throat. Nadia stood up from the bed, her eyes still pure white, blood poured from her gut. Then, the back pains came back, it almost made her body cripple. Two pure white wings sprouted from back instantly, tearing tissue and muscle, blood dripping from the wings. A different Nurse came in, she looked so horrible, just like the last one. Nadia destroyed her mind, and with it, every single living being's mind in the hospital with it. Everyone that had even survived didn't ever want to, the images being seen one time, broken their minds. The sirens of police officers arrived. Nadia made her way to the roof, her eyes closed and with it white tears falling. She healed her own wounds as if instinct. Then, spreading her wings like she had always knew how. The sun coming out in the sky, having brought dawn. She flew, her arm reached out to touch the sun, her new light, her new escape from the images. A piercing sound rang through her ears. A gun shot straight through her right wing, falling from the sky and her reaching hand to the sun like a story she once knew. She flew too close to the sun.

Nadia somehow survived the incident, all of the people in the hospital that day later committed suicide or committed themselves to a asylum. The G.W.U came to pick Nadia up a day later, letting her recover, then sending her off to her new hell.


  • Nadia was born on June 22, 2002
  • She smells like Honey and Lavender
  • Her favorite fruits are figs
  • Her favorite color is yellow, she loves yellow daises

Money - $1,500.00

XP - 1

Tier - 1

Upgrades -

Toughen up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM

Important Logs:

Training -
Nadia, FonyX, and Val +1 monthly XP -> June
Nadia and FonyX +1 monthly XP -> July

Tutoring -

Just Because <3 -
Nadia and FonyX Yellow Daisies
Nadia and FonyX Desperate Lover
Claire, Nadia and FonyX The Bound, the Angel, and the Abuser
Nadia, Jackie and FonyX Anything you wish
Kelly Pasket, Olivia, Nadia, Val and FonyX Becoming the Bound, the Angel and the Abused

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