Moby White

Basic Info:

Player: Crayola/Monty

Demeanor: Gruff, Cold, Unfriendly, Hostile, Deadly.

Nature: Gentle, Violent for a good cause, loyal to a fault.

Description: White used to wear a black trench coat, black pants, black vest, black tie, white shirt , black belt, black fedora/cowboy-esque hat (monster hunting hat). After someone told him that it was creepy and not cool, White changed clothes. White now wears blue jeans, black boots, and a white t-shirt with a red sleeves. White in wolf form is solid black fur, with eyes that will shift from blue to yellow with a hint of red. White has black hair, and blue eyes, and Caucasian skin tone. White is 17 years old currently.

Status: Unknown- Last known sighting was leaving Sanctum grounds. Left a note behind stating he was heading home.



* Total XP: 40
* Max:Max-22
Tier: 2


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

Human Form:
HP:11 (upgrade 3)

Psyche: 8 (upgrade 4)

Brawn: 6 (upgrade 7, upgrade 10)

Agility: 2 (upgrade 1)

Brains: 3

WereWolf Form:
HP: 11 (upgrade 3)

Psyche: 8 (upgrade 4)

Brawn: 6 (upgrade 7, upgrade 10)

Agility: 3

Brains: 2 (upgrade 1)

Wolf Form:
HP:10 (upgrade 3)

Psyche: 8 (upgrade 4)

Brawn: 6 (upgrade 1. upgrade 7, upgrade 10)

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do.
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Tracing-(4) (2+upgrade 6)Agility (Parkour)
  • Stealth-(2) Agility (Stealthy stealth stealth stuff.)
  • Fortitude-(2) Brawn (Endurance&Recovery&Stamina)
  • Willpower-(2) Brains (Mental Prowess)
  • Reflexes-(3) Agility (combat/ranged reflexes)
  • Martial Prowess-(6)(4+upgrade 8)Brawn (melee combat)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually. (+2 power points from weaknesses.)

"Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" (7) (upgrade 2, 5, 9) - In times of aggression and need, White may shift between his three forms: Human, Werewolf, Wolf. While White is in these forms he can embrace the Spirit to aid him in combat.

  • "Fury of the Big Bad Wolf" - Moby unleashes his fury while in Were form, temporarily granting himself +2 to Brawn for one round, while deducting -2 from Brains for two rounds. Partial success grants half the point value. During this round Moby is considered enraged, his mind cannot be affected by mental abilities that would cause him Psyche damage (or attack him mentally/or cause him to lose control over himself. E.g. Fear or sleep because you cant be scared when angry or lulled to sleep.). "We tried to calm him down with a lullaby…he just got even angrier…"
  • "Cunning of the Big Bad Wolf" - Moby is granted additional intelligence while in Human form. Grants Moby +2 to Brains for one round, and deducts -2 from Brawns for two rounds. Partial success grants half the point value.
  • "Versatility of the Wolf." - Moby while in wolf form is granted a temporary buff to his next roll. For two rounds Moby is granted +1 to his next roll. He then must sacrifice 1 point from a stat, this deduction lasts for three rounds.
  • "Huff n' Puff" - White is capable of holding his breath for a really long time, and if it so happens you live in a house made of straw or wood Moby can blow it down. He is also capable of eating a lot of food.

"The better to sense you with, my dear." (7) (upgrade 2, 5, 9) - Due to being partially a wolf, White's olfactory senses are more keen than the average human. White rolls a perception check for each using his ability score as the modifier instead. (4d3-8+power)

  • -"Better to hear you with, my dear!" - White can hear things from extremely far away, his ears can distinguish voices and can pick up on changes in voice (fluctuations). i.e. he can tell if people lie to him. in some instances he can pick up heart beats.
  • -"Better to smell you with, my dear!" - He can smell and discern scents, utilizing this White can track anyone without question (roll perception check to succeed), as well as discern the difference between smells, including even the smell of fear.
  • -"Better to see you with, my dear!" - He has excellent vision including adept night vision. This also allows White to easily find things, i.e. replacing his perception skill roll and his hunting/tracking skill roll.

"Lycanthropic Healing" (2) - White's Lycanthropic healing allows for wounds to heal at a faster than normal, at a level on part with Deadpool (This does not include losing his head permanently, but if the head was reattached it would heal.) Due to this regenerative trait White also has a longer life-span than most, it is entirely possible he could live for multiple centuries or forever. White can adapt to pain and become used to it, eventually becoming completely tolerant of the pain. (He is immune to diseases).


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Lunacy- Severe: Is unable to fight off turning during certain phases of moon cycle. With therapy and alcohol it has been easier to fight off though
  • Poison in the Veins-Severe: Allergic to Silver, Silver inflicted wounds do not heal unless cut out before scarring, additionally, they cause him tremendous pain and can cause him to enter into a fever. He wears a Silver Cross to reduce the pain however.
  • Chivalry by any means. Despite his demeanor, White is actually very chivalrous and abides by those codes. This also means White will not attack a woman unless provoked by them, or if they agree to spar (usually with pads).
  • Bitches make me nervous White gets nervous talking to girls, and so he pushes them away because he is afraid of hurting them. He also cannot lie to them, and must also complete any task given by any girl he likes.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Leather Bound Black Book. Trench coat.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Various Weapons: Knives, Crossbow, more knives, rope…

Personal History:

Birthed by a White she-wolf who had mated to the Spirit of the Northern Winds somewhere in Germany. His litter included 6 other brothers. All of his siblings chased after the Northern Wind for abandoning his Mother, most of them never returned. After his brothers chase after his father, he is left in the wild to guard his dying mother as but only a pup. When his mother passed he wandered the woods in search of food, he was captured by a hunter in a trap, upon realizing that the wolf could talk and was intelligent he took the wolf home to his village. He took the wolf to the local Doctor who immediately began to run tests upon him. during one of these tests the Doctor's daughter Allison injected him with lycanthropy so that he could escape the continued torture. He was now a wolf who was able to take human form thanks to her. She took him to her Aunt and Uncle who had no kids of their own and begged them to take him in. They did

Moby White they had named him.

One of Moby's brother returned home to find that his mother had died and Moby was nowhere around. he sought to find Moby and kill him for not protecting mom. White's brothers attacked their town searching for Moby in a violent rage. White attacked his brother, but he was not strong enough to stop his older sibling, and so he was easily cast aside. He was forced to watch as his brother killed nearly the entire town, finishing with his guardians and the girl that saved him. The only survivors: White and a little girl- the sister of his Allison -she would get away, escaping from the bloodshed to call for help from the authorities, of course several hours later, he and his brother were captured by the GWU when they stepped in to handle the situation- due to their public display of supernatural abilities. His brother was taken to the mammoth island, whereas White was taken to the Norway school, until after being there for some time he finally was brought to Sunnybrook because he felt they could handle him better. The transfer due to some irreconsilable arguement between he and another student.


  • Sunnybrook Saga:
  • Introduction: "They call me Ishmael…"

It was dark and raining the night Moby had arrived on campus of Sunnybrook. The chains and cage that bound him during the journey were finally released. It was on this his first night that he had met the daughter of Frankenstein's monster essentially- she introduced him to the campus of Sunnybrook and showed him to his room in San Francisco Hall. He was quick to realize making friends would be difficult.

  • Chapter 1: A wolf and love.

Moby had found himself in a relationship of sorts. He didn't understand it, how could anyone like a monster? And yet here was this undying girl. He ended this relationship out of fear of hurting her, and also ruined their friendship. Since then Moby has not seen or heard from her.

  • Chapter 2: The Wolf and family

Moby met Elspeth and was adopted by her as a sibling since he had no family and no one left. He promised to protect her no matter what.

  • Chapter 3: The wolf and the moon.

A lunar influx caused Moby to lose control over his powers. During this outburst he did superficial damage to the Gazebo leaving behind scars in the wood themselves.
During containment, Moby found himself in contact with the daughter of the moon. She used her energy to aid him, trying to help him control his anger during massive gains of lunar energy. She left him with a leash like scar, and even more anger than when he came in. He eventually worked out his issues with lunar energy and has since managed to control his shifting coincidentally thanks to her help.

  • Chapter 4: The wolf and his scars.

The treatment he underwent in containment wasn't enough, Moby spent several months going to treatment and dealing with his issues while staying away from a majority of his friends and other students. He eventually met someone in the forest where he had been staying to get away from everyone. They had discussed their mental and physical scars and eventually became friends.

  • Chapter 5: The wolf and his cage-lockdown

A general lockdown was placed into effect during this time, Moby was forced to return to Sunnybrook by the arrival of walls and humans wanting to know what was behind them. He found himself trapped within the campus unable to escape it's dire need of drama. He sunk into a depression, his mind unable to determine the best course of action.

  • Chapter 6: The Werewolf and the Vampire-probably better than Twilight.

In his despair, Moby sought to delve deep into the pits of desperation and dysfunction. When a young vampire girl offered to spend time with him and socialize in the bedroom in various ways…Moby couldn't resist. Several weeks of subjecting himself to this eventually led to the revelation of his past. Immediately after…this relationship came to a close.

  • Chapter 7: Things they don't teach you.

In an attempt to catch up on his classes and change his behavior, Moby began to take tutoring sessions. Sadly his tutor was far too cute, and Moby was unable to concentrate. He eventually asked her out on a date, the date went terribly and she left practically before it even started.

  • Chapter 8: A wolf in chains

The GWU called Moby in to discuss a proposal. They offered him a way to get rid of his Lycanthropy, and a collar to control his anger. He attempted to uncover more information, but eventually found himself unable to deal with a member of the staff present. When she instigated with remarks he replied in kind. It escalated to the point that Moby wound up shot and detained by the guardstate present.

  • Chapter 9: A wolf unleashed.

Haven. A word of safety and a place that implies such. Whoever is in charge has found it in their generosity to release Moby into their campus.

  • Haven Saga
  • Chapter 1: The wolf and auras and amnesia

Moby encountered his friend in the woods again, through time he became to know her and would eventually come to like her. But knowing he could never be with her chose to be her friend instead. He informed her of his Amnesia and that he didn't remember any of Sunnybrook. They are now currently roommates, and she helps him with his amnesia. She even bought him a recorder.

  • Chapter 2: The wolf and the catgirl

Moby had began dating one catgirl briefly. She had cried out and he came running to protect her from a man stating nasty things. He chased after the student and warned him to be careful, that saying such things could get him in trouble around here. The boy seemed to take it as a threat and not a warning. Mony returned to the catgirl and was introduced to her friends. After she called him her boyfriend he quickly ended their relationship.

  • Chapter 3: The wolf and his sister

Moby's sister Elspeth decided to introduce him to her to her boyfriend. He was informed that they had a conversation the previous day, Moby informed them he had amnesia and couldn't recall any of that let alone any of Sunnybrook. It is ironic however that his sister's boyfriend happens to be the one he confronted over the first catgirl.

  • Chapter 4: The wolf and the hyena

Moby met another shifter who happens to walk around without clothing, as per it was her mating season they agreed to be mates for the time being with the stipulation that they were not life mates. During this time Moby almost had another episode of changing again. Due to the assistance of his roommate Moby was able to get through this lunar event without completely changing.

  • Chapter 5: The wolf and the other catgirl

Moby met yet another catgirl and began dating her. But this was not before he scared her at the holiday party and again when he confronted his sister's boyfriend over the previous catgirl's issue. He went to apologize to her, he eventually confessed that he liked her and wanted to go on a date with her. She agreed. However dating her has been proving awkward as of late with her running from him on several occasions. Their first date ended with her staying overnight so that he wouldn't forget her-when he told her this she hugged him. It succeeded. Then the next day he found her at a bush and began talking to her. He kissed her for theit forst time that day and she fainted. Upon waking she left his room and he didn't see her for a few days.

  • Chapter 6: The wolf asleep:

Moby was encountered in his room by his roommate seemingly upset. During their conversation Moby got a bloody nose and then suddenly collapsed. He informed his roommate that he was dying. She immediately took him to the infirmary. Upon realizing his situation was an emergency they sent him to the hospital. There Doctor's began to evaluate Moby, and they would discover that due to a severe amount of silver in his bloodstream and in contact with his body that he underwent a toxic poisoning. This poisoning caused Moby to have a severe reaction and caused a clot in his brain. His arteries weakened and eventually he had an aneurysm. The clot had been causing his amnesia since it was located in the portion of the brain that stored those memories.

  • Chapter 7: The wolf's goodbye.

Moby underwent surgery for his aneurysm, but the doctor's doscovered it healed it self. They removed trace evidence of silver from his wounds and his scars eventually healed. He then rode off into to the sunset leaving the Sanctum for good all the while contemplating if he was like Shane from the movie Shane. He considered for a moment whether that meant he was alive or dead.


*Allison Gray X Moby White:


The reason why White has recently been transferred from the school in Norway remains unclear however. Various rumors exist of why White was transferred, some of which include: White killing and eating an old woman and her Granddaughter, getiing into a fight with a vampire on three seperate occasions, destroying three dorm rooms of three very messy students, and beating up a little boy for making up stories about him. White is brought to Sunnybrook School as his last opportunity for schooling.

White's speed in were and wolf form are as quick as an actual wolf, achieving speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. His strength is currently unknown, it is however estimated that Moby can lift/move over one thousand pounds, and while fully enraged his strength is unmatched compared to a normal human.

Also known as the "Big Bad Wolf"

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