Miguel Zvezda-Herrera

Basic Info:

Player: Akumeoy / Communism

Demeanor: Finicky, restless, lax.

Nature: Passive-aggressive, precise, risk-taking.

Description: 5'6", curly black hair, dark-skinned. Horn-rimmed glasses, athletic. Dresses unremarkably, though with a slight predilection for sweater vests. 16 years old.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Culinary arts: 3 (Brains)1
  • Occult lore: 3 (Brains)2
  • Athletics: 4 (Agility)
  • Reflexes: 2 (Agility)

Supernatural Abilities:

Miguel is shadowed by three entities, or brothers: the Eldest, the Middle, and the Youngest. Miguel can call upon their powers in minor ways on his own, but to fully access their abilities, he must summon them. They appear as humanoid figures made of thick black smoke when summoned.

Youngest Brother: 2. Calling upon the Youngest Brother allows Miguel to manipulate small items at a distance. No more than a pound, no accelerating to dangerous velocities, no manipulation that he couldn't do with his hand. When summoned, the Youngest Brother can remove the velocity restriction and allow for direct teleportation of objects.

Middle Brother: 3. Calling upon the Middle Brother lets Miguel influence the operation of electrical devices, changing power flow to the whole or to specific parts. Summoning the middle brother allows Miguel to draw electricity into/out of multiple devices and conducting materials at once.

Eldest Brother: 4. Miguel can call upon the Eldest Brother to read the emotional states of others, including animals. When summoned, the Eldest Brother allows for the reading of surface thoughts (in the form of words, or descriptions of images).


Minds of their own: Severe weakness. Each of the brothers has an agenda; they will occasionally act on their own volition, especially when summoned (though they may summon themselves):

  • The Gambler: The Youngest Brother will sometimes use his abilities to create a certain level of chaos or disorder around Miguel.
  • The Tax Man: The Middle Brother will conspire to keep Miguel from amassing too much wealth, in the form of cash, items, favors owed, etc.
  • The Usurer: The Eldest Brother will place Miguel in situations where he owes something to someone else, typically by selectively editing the information he feeds Miguel or masquerading as Miguel's own intuition.

Moreover, the three brothers will sometimes appear and disappear without any input from Miguel, and might try to 'talk' to him at inconvenient times.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Glasses, glasses polishing rag thing

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Computer (modern, but a bit buggy)
  • Clothes (unremarkable)
  • Schoolwork (usually completed)
  • Miscellaneous souvenirs of places across the world.
  • Some cookbooks.
  • Soccer gear.

Personal History:

A child was left at a Swiss orphanage at the age of four months by a haggard-looking woman, whose only directive to the attendant nurse was to give the child an exorcism. No such exorcism occurred, and after the three brothers began to show up around the orphanage of their own accord, he got taken away to a GWU-operated orphanage for anomalous children. Not too long thereafter, a young couple (both anomalous humans registered with the GWU [One a powerful star-cult mage, the other an undead]) came by, looking to adopt; ultimately, they chose this one and named him Miguel.

Being very busy by virtue of their professions, the couple usually left Miguel in the care of one of a series of child care providers (who had to be paid extra for both unusual services and secrecy, of course). Given the father's ability to teleport himself and others pretty much at will, much of Miguel's time with his parents was spent in any number of locations across the planet, save for those in the mountains, which were not visited (this, incidentally, substantially limited their ability to travel within their own country of residence). They would occasionally visit other anomalous people living here and there — generally friends of Miguel's parents, but sometimes other figures whose relevance was not made clear to Miguel. Miguel learned a fair amount of things people who aren't behind the veil would know.

It was established early on that the three brothers were intelligent and could understand others; it was communicated in a roundabout manner (Miguel interpreting strange images and impressions granted to him) that the three brothers all knew of some sort of prophecy regarding Miguel in which they had a stake, though all three had different interpretations and stakes in it. They remained around to supervise and influence Miguel in the ways that they could, to make their own interpretation come to be. Miguel's parents struck a deal with the brothers: they would not manifest visibly in public or when friends were over, and would gain several useful supernatural abilities to boot; in return, Miguel would be allowed to live at home with his adopted parents, instead of some boarding school somewhere — an important part of all understandings of the prophecy. This was at age eight.

As Miguel grew up, he became particularly interested in soccer football, joining his school's team and performing well. Tending to be somewhat dissatisfied with the cooking of his parents and caretakers due to the semi-frequent ventures to taste dishes across the globe, he learned to replicate a number of them, becoming a competent cook in his own right. Between these activites and traveling, along with schoolwork, he did not develop a particularly strong social network.

At age sixteen, apparently, it became unnecessary for Miguel to live at home, because the brothers began to show up in public. After it became clear that they were no longer interested in maintaining that relationship, it was agreed that Miguel would be sent to Sunnybrook; they did, however, allow Miguel to retain his special powers, on the grounds that they were important somehow.


Miguel is fluent in English, German, and Italian, and knows bits and clips from a large number of other languages.

XP: 0

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