Maya Kingritch
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Player: UltimxRed

Demeanor: Maya is kind of a rude bitch, not very likable and always butting her head in places where it doesn't belong. She is also very arrogant presuming herself to be the best, to the extent that she challenges anyone who questions otherwise. A huge bitch.

Nature: Maya is quite a determined individual, she once spent 2 weeks on a single technique just to one-up a friend of hers, though she played it off as effortless, having people pity her for her diligence is her worst nightmare. She knows when things really get down to it, she's rather bland and weak, though she refuses to let her meager existence stop her.

Description: Maya is a very petite 15 year old standing at about 5'4 feet tall. She has long brown hair which she keeps in a pony tail for convenience. She likes very flashy outfits, and has full on pirate garb which she occasionally dons, however for the most part she keeps on a ruffled beige skirt and jacket. "If you can't look cute when kicking ass what's the point?"


HP: 6/7

Psyche: 6/8

Brawn: 3

Agility: 5

Brains: 1


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Weapon Usage 4: Agility, Does not include fire arms.
  • Marksmanship 2: Agility, Good for ranged weaponry with gunlike designs
  • Reflexes 3: Agility, dodge and Initiative
  • Willpower 3: Brains Mental defense, overcoming mental blocks and pain
  • Endurance 3: Raw physical stamina, great for physical defense and things like long distance running. Anything that requires stressful activities for long periods of time.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Queen of Blades (3+1): Maya can manifest her will into the form of any conceivable weapon. The weapons are mundane in nature and she can only create weapons she has seen before (However research and pictures/models are viable as substitutes but requires more effort on her part) Her preferred weapon is the cutlass and broadsword, though lances and spears are fine if it can get the job done. The weapon she creates are somewhat flawed however in that they can't take much punishment, whatever she rolls is the durability of the weapon which decreases by 1 every time she attacks with it including if she fails melee blocks. Maya can also make multiple weapons as part of a single action, however she must split the durability between them, and a weapon cannot be created with less than 1 durability.
  • Soul Enchanting (5+1): Maya can put her love and soul into a weapon to imbue it with special properties, which can be stacked for up to 2 enchantments per weapon, however they all disappear when the weapon breaks. Each separate enchantment takes up a turn. During active combat, enchantments are also more prone to draining faster as it's stressful on Maya, so while out of combat effects can last minutes, in combat it can be reduced to mere seconds (Turns)
  • True Weapon (2+1): Maya and weapons have a close knit relationship, she enchants them and that makes them happy. Now it's their turn to give favor as they possess her body to achieve superhuman feats. This power only works when Maya is wielding a weapon. This power typically works in tandem with her normal skills rather than being done on their own.


  • Maya is a huge unlikable bitch (Not a real weakness but hey gotta get that out there)


  • Eyepatch with skull and crossbones on it.
  • Digital watch
  • Pack of cinnamon gum
  • Pocket Notebook (It's completely blank)
  • Stim pack
  • Broad sword Godslayer : 1
  • 4 doses of pixie dust
  • Parrying knife from Sam
  • Beretta 92FS with Laser sight with 3 mags 15 bullets in each. 2 spare bullets
  • A broadsword that yells telepathic insults with a scottish accent. She's named it Gladis. It reaches into their mind for the best insults.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Reference book on weapons (Kept locked away)
  • Notes on how to improve her weapons (Hidden under her bed)
  • Laptop
  • Pieces of scrap metal for experimentation
  • "Composition of Metals 101" She got it on sale
  • A composition notebook on the names for her weapons, things like Destroyer and BloodThirster
  • Backbite the gem rifle. Loyal Weapon Best Friend 9 (in the basement)
  • Mossberg 590 shotgun with pistol grip and laser sight
  • 24 Shotgun shells
  • An interactive anomalous porno about a girl and various monsters/monster girls.

Personal History:

Maya has always loved the idea of being a pirate, they're so cool! They're just really confident and take what they want despite what anyone says, something she could admire. She was very forceful about this and convinced her dad to let her use a sword, their family couldn't afford to let her take formal lessons, so her mother and her went to the library to research the proper techniques and made their own equipment at home. That was when Maya first discovered her power to create weapons, which she absolutely adored. Whenever her weapon would break she made it a little grave in the yard, though she keeps it hidden away from her friends.
Maya was a lot less amicable when it came to outside her family, since she was always eager to cement herself as top dog despite knowing full well she doesn't have what it takes for such a title. She would bully other kids in preschool and stole their juice boxes. Middle school was even worse since she got it into herself that her superiority wasn't just a delusion but fact and as such harassed younger kids and outcasts. Eventually however her mother called her out on her asshole tendencies along with her losing friends at a rapid pace when high school came around lead her to rethink her approach on life.
Maya was found by the GWU when at a renaissance festival, she had beat up one of the knights after they mocked her for being a little girl when she tried having a conversation with him about the advantages of broad swords over spears. She proceeded to smash all of his equipment with the aid of enchanted weapons, she may had realized that she couldn't be such an alpha bitch all the time but there are lines you do not cross. Now at this school for the supernatural, she wonders what it takes to be the king around here. Probably something she lacks.


If she had fought the knight fair and square with regular weapons, there is no doubt that she would have lost and she is well aware of that fact.
Maya is eager to get into a good college but she is not proud of her good grades as it does not befit the pirate image she wants.
Maya's middle name is Angelou.
Maya created a chant to better focus on Perfect Sync, though she finds it stupid, it at least calms her down as a placebo.
" I am the hilt of my blade, My bones are steel, and the weapon my hand.
My blood of bullets and eyes of spears. My existence has no purpose, unknown to peace, and unknown to war. This weapon I hold, and my body are one in the same.
We are the True Weapon."
Long term: Conquer Sunnybrook
Short term:
Recruit at least 10 Armada members
Retrieve Backbite
Create the ultimate weapon
Backbite Research Roll total: 12

XP and Upgrades

Money: $81
Toughen up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM
(not counted for T1)

Duelist Record

This is a notebook about the times Maya has bested people in 1 on 1 combat. In the form of a journal she keeps hidden, she got a new one when she came to Sunnybrook

Armada Members

Maya Kingritch Pirate Queen
Wendy Strauss First Mate
Jace Rose Head Tactician

Armada Treasury

Money: $1240
Artifacts: Bottle o phantom
5-hour gender change potions


Gambler's Tempo- A red glove that has small needles drawing on Maya's blood. It is empowered by her hot bloodedness and when she gets it boiling that's when it starts to truly take effect. With three consecutive successful hits Maya is either pumped via the glove or reinvigorated resulting in +2 Bonus Damage or +1 HP on the 3rd hit. This tempo is kept as long as she succeeds in hits (and is not herself hit *on trial basis of not losing on hit). Even matches make her lose the tempo. The glove works by using Maya as a conduit to enchant held weapons, affecting ones not held in the gloved hand.

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