Maximilian Pratt

Basic Info:

Player: UltimixRed

Demeanor: Max is a guy of substance. Subtlety is something for nerds and not this guy. He's got no sense of indoor voice, and he's one to jump into anything and anyone with enthusiasm regardless of things such as danger, cost, and chance of instant death.

Nature: Max isn't as dumb as he looks, he just happens to go through life as if the light is always green. He acts before he thinks, and sometimes this recklessness will get the better of him and cause him to monumentally screw something up.

Description: Max is a lanky 16 year old, though well built if you took off his shirt. He constantly wears jeans and graphic tees, sometimes a black hoodie if it's cold out, cold being below freezing. He will also wear a variety of hats such as a red trilby or an orange baseball cap. He usually wears fingerless leather gloves, and a big ass sword strapped to his back. His skin is pale and eyes a strange orange color, though they might just be special contacts. He typically moves by flash stepping everywhere.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 8/8

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 1


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Sick Ninja Fighting skillz - (4) Brawn (Due to Max's training, they are well versed in fighting with swords and throwing weapons. )
  • Endurance - (3) Brawn (Briefly what it covers (optional))
  • Thievery - (3) Agility
  • Perception - (4) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Ninjitsu - 4 - Max's innate speed and skill supernaturally enhanced via rigorous ninja arts. Of course the actual art of ninjitsu is meant for stealth maneuvers, but Max has sacrificed that portion for sheer speed. Replaces reflexes and acrobatics. This power is responsible so if they are shut down somehow, he loses his Reflex and Acrobatics replacement as well.
Special maneuvers
Flash Step: Max can move a short distance faster than the blink of an eye, however it's an active ability. He can't move to anyplace that's outside the reach of his normal
Wallrunning: Max can run up walls through virtue of sheer speed.
Iajutsu: A slash so precise it can do things such as cut the design of a shirt without harming the wearer, or make vegetable and fruit sculptures in less than a second. Doesn't work on hard or very elastic materials. Mainly cloth and fruit, human flesh doesn't get affected by it.
Speed clone: Moving fast enough that the after image becomes slightly tangible if only for a brief moment.

Ki Manipulation - 3 - A mix of training and innate talent, Max can manipulate his own chi, or life energy to perform various superhuman feats. Being based off his own life, the healthier he is, the stronger it gets. at 100% HP, it passively gains a +1, though below 50% and he gets a -1 penalty.
Breath Control: Ultimately ki comes from the breath, giving a resistance to death by oxygen deprivation. +1/3 rating.
Ki Blast: Using Ki to fire bursts of pure kinetic force either in the shape of a hadouken or a huge beam. Can spend a turn charging it up (Taking damage cancels it) for +2 to the attack, has to be done the turn after charging.
Enhanced Physique: Can increase either Brawn or Agility by 1/4th roll for 2 turns.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

  • Worst Ninja Ever (Mild) Autofails any stealth check due to a mix of bad luck and lack of skill. (Doesn't take bonus to make up for Ninjutsu's strength)
  • Psionic Weakpoint (Mild) receives a -1 penalty at defending against psionic powers, magic doesn't affect him any differently. (Doesn't take bonus due to Ninjutsu's strength)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A variety of throwing knives, shurikens, and….plastic pinwheels?
  • Cherry bombs
  • A Nodachi given by the ones who trained him. Very large and impractical
  • Triangular sunglasses for the right occasion
  • chocolate syrup
  • Tylenol
  • Candy

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Untouched ancient texts
  • Punching bag
  • Poster of AC/DC. He doesn't actually listen to it, he likes the design
  • Record table, never got around to actually learning how to use it.

Personal History:

Max was SUPPOSED to be trained from birth to be the ultimate assassination weapon….however plans for that went down the tube rather quickly. in the mystical land of Washington state, exists a remote training ground for aspiring shinobi, although touted as ancient tradition, only 1 or 2 people had the potential to pass the course, until recently due to the spike in anomalous availability.

Max was scouted due to his natural talent at it (Or rather his innate anomalous power) and with the dubious approval of his parents, was sent to train in the Washington branch hidden ninja training ground. He excelled in many respects with the exception of stealth making it sort of pointless considering that's supposed to be a shinobi's bread and butter. The teachers decided that it was best to just pretend he was doing well and so instead of giving him a real weapon upon completing the training like the other students, they handed him a nodachi, a decorative weapon.

Max is well aware of the implications of their 'gift' but he decided to take it in stride. Of course bringing it to regular school was less taking it in stride and running full speed into a moving train. Then using his ninja skills to show off just brings about attention from the GWU.


Max has never watched anime, nor is even aware of it.

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