Mary MacLeigh

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFettuccine


Classification: AH2-MM42-Siberia

Demeanor: Rambunctious, happy go lucky, outgoing, very friendly, and sometimes a little clueless. She always greets a new face with a friendly smile, a laugh, and an offer of a handshake. She'll interrupt almost anything she's doing to have a conversation, especially if it's with someone she finds interesting.

Nature: She cares, for almost everyone she meets, and helping people is something that never fails to make her happy. She really truly doesn't understand how anyone can fail to see the value inherent in all people. Music is her true joy. She is never happier than with a guitar in her hands, singing a favorite song.

Description: Mary stands at about 5 foot even, though when she's floating her eye level ends up around the 6 foot mark. She has a very thin almost boyish frame, only weighing in at 100 pounds. Her deep auburn hair is extremely curly and about 6 inches long, it seems to perfectly accentuate her bright, almost sparkling green eyes. She usually dresses in sleeveless band T-shirts, (Running the gamut of bands from punk, to folk, to metal, etc…) faded, torn jeans (either black or blue), and black combat boots. Almost always seen with her messenger bag, covered with band buttons of all kinds, ranging from EDM bands all the way to classic metal. She has 4 piercings on her left ear and 3 on her right, usually filled with small silver studs. A large blue tattoo of a sparrow covers the left side of her back and a red bear covers the right usually just peeking through on either shoulder. She speaks with a heavy Irish accent, her voice is low pitched and rather husky. There always seems to be a laugh just ready to spring into being on her lips. When she is happy, her joy is almost infectious.


HP: 9/9

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 6


  • Artistic - (6+1 with Mary's Guitar) Brains From music, to paints, to pencils, Mary is skilled in the arts.
  • High Society - (2) Brains Her parents insisted that she learn the etiquette of wealthy functions and how to socialize
  • Track - (2) Agility Running, hurdles, shot put, even javelin. Mary had a fully equipped track to keep her in shape. Throwing, Athletics
  • Flying - (6+1 for defense from reinforced jacket) Agility Years of spending the majority of her life in the air have given her pretty good reflexes.
  • Research - (2) Brains If Mary wanted to learn anything her parents didn't approve of (which was a lot) then she had to do the digging herself.

Skill Replacements

  • Mental Defense - (6) Brains
  • Perception - (6) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Emotional Manifestation: Positive - 6+2 - When Mary starts feeling positive emotions (Happiness, love, infatuation, contentedness, satisfaction, pride, etc…) she starts to fly. Even if she doesn't want to, she at the very least starts to float about a foot off the ground. She glows blue, glowing brighter the more intense the emotion.

  • After accidental training with Akemi, Mary has realized the nature of her powers, granting her the ability to use Emotional Manifestation: Negative, at the same time as this power.
  • After Saving her life from a remnant Mary gained a deeper connection with the spirit, Joy. This allows Joy to aid her when looking for danger like that in the future. Perception skill replacement

Emotional Manifestation: Negative - 6+2 - When Mary starts feeling Negative emotions (Anger, Jealousy, fear, disgust, embarrassment, etc…) her arms and hair start to catch fire, this fire doesn't burn her, and it cannot be put out, but it does burn anything that she touches. She has the ability to throw handfuls of this fire. She also becomes invulnerable to most physical and heat based damage. She can withstand physical force up to the impact of small arms fire and temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. She glows red, glowing brighter the more intense the emotion.

  • After gaining a much closer connection to the spirit, Joy, Mary can now activate Emotional Manifestation: Positive at the same time as this power.
  • After a moment of extreme rage when attacked by a siren, Mary gained a deeper connection to the spirit, Anger. This allows anger to assist her in blocking out mental influences. Adds skill replacement, Mental Defense

Healing Song - 2+2 - Mary has grown in her time at Sanctum, in many ways. Her connection to the spirit of Joy has grown, and resonated with her deep seated love of music to give her songs healing capacity. Mary can heal any injury, mental or physical, and she can cure any poison or sickness as long as she's making music of some kind. The music can be anything from clapping to a beat, to playing a guitar or singing. May be used to heal HP or Psyche. May be used to cure diseases and poisons.


  • Mild - Cannot control when her powers manifest. When she feels the emotions, the powers show up, thus she will always catch fire when she feels strong negative emotion (which can be pretty troublesome depending on the situation)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Old 100GB Ipod
  • Fireproof messenger bag with various band buttons
  • Journal
  • pens
  • wallet with ID
  • Sketchbook
  • pencils, both graphite and colored
  • 4 doses of pixie dust
  • Networkless smartphone from RA/Hall Monitor job
  • AR glasses from from RA/Hall Monitor job
  • 2 Adrenaline patches (+1 Agility/2 rolls)
  • White Lily Boutonniere (Stops a deathblow -2 to rolls for the rest of scene)
  • Reinforced, sleeveless leather jacket (+1 to physical defense rolls)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Standard sized fire extinguisher
  • High end electric guitar, with a Dropkick Murphys decal on it.
  • High end, black, acoustic guitar Artifact
  • Fancy Amp for the electric guitar
  • Posters for Halestorm, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Fall Out Boy, Nightwish, Twenty One Pilots, Disturbed, Alt-J, Cage the Elephant, Five Finger Death Punch, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cranberries, Nirvana, and The Pretty Reckless, among others.
  • Sheet music, lots of sheet music.
  • Mini fridge with some sodas in it (mostly coke, some orange soda)
  • Art supplies, charcoal, oil pastels, various pencils, different sizes of paper, a few old sketchbooks.
  • CD player
  • Shelf full of various albums
  • Doll of herself from Eponnie
  • A very fancy dress and various accessories from Cin
  • A gold wire Celtic knot made by Andrey
  • A magic 8-ball from Theo ;-;

Personal History:

Mary was born on May 10th, 2004, to a very rich couple in the Irish countryside. Their names were Eamon and Brendalynn MacLeigh. She was raised mostly by a nanny named Joselynn. At the age of 6, she got out of the house without being noticed by her nanny and started wandering around the countryside near her house, not long later she was lost. Scared and not knowing where to go she picked a direction and started walking.

About an hour later she tripped and fell rolling down a hill that she could have sworn wasn't there before. Rolling to a stop at the bottom, she saw a mist shrouded forest that definitely shouldn't have been there. From the top of the mysteriously appearing hill this had looked like nothing but rolling green plains. She tried to walk back up the hill and found that no matter how long she walked she got no closer to the top. Looking both left and right she saw that the edge of the forest stretched for as far as she could see in either direction. Left with no choice she walked into the woods.

Then she woke up in front of the gate to her estate, naked and with the tattoos of a red bear and a blue sparrow on her back. Her parents were standing over her looking both angry and concerned. Apparently she had been missing for eight days. There had been a huge manhunt of the surrounding area and the incident had been in the news. Her parents were very distressed about Mary not remembering anything about the past 8 days. They grounded her for a full month because of it. Mary, not understanding why she was in trouble ended up getting extremely upset and at this point, everything in her life changed. In the middle of her six year old tantrum, her arms and hair caught fire and began to glow a bright red. Everyone present froze. Staring at the flaming six year old girl. Then chaos broke out.

It took about an hour for Mary to calm down and even then she was still pretty confused, the calmer she got the lower the flames grew and the less intensely she glowed. When she was finally no longer scared, her parents sat down to decide what to do next. They told Mary that she was going to go to the hospital and the doctor would try to figure out how and why she could catch fire without being harmed.

After extensive tests, a few singed hands, and many hours the doctors were still absolutely baffled. The MacLeighs decided to take Mary home. They hired a tutor to homeschool Mary and she was no longer to be allowed off of the estate grounds.

Over the years in isolation, Mary felt an inexplicable bond to, and urge to create, music and learned how to play the guitar. Anything she wanted, her parents got for her, they just never allowed her off of the estate. She took guitar lessons from the best teacher her parents could find. She learned how to draw from an expensive art tutor, flown in from france, she wanted a vocal coach and she got one. She was often bored and her only friends were a few children of the servants. One day, a few days after the incident with the fire, she was playing with her friends when suddenly she was floating three feet off the ground and a blue glow surrounded her body. The other two children laughed and clapped, exclaiming about how awesome it was and calling Mary a superhero. When Mary's parents found out, they grew even more concerned, but didn't know what to do except keep her confined to the estate.

And so Mary's life went. She spent about two-thirds of her time either floating or on fire, and red and blue glows became extremely familiar to her. The few friends she had in the children of the servants were eventually forbidden from being around Mary for fear of them saying something to someone while they attended school. Music and art dominated her life, she was most happy when she was either drawing or singing with a guitar in her hands. She collected band merchandise and just about wallpapered her room with posters. She dreamed of going to a real concert one day, but no matter how much she begged her parents never let her.

One day, when she was fourteen Mary found out that Halestorm (her favorite band) was having a concert the next town over from where she lived. She knew that she would never have another chance to see them, so she sneaked off of the estate. She managed to keep from getting too anxious and so kept herself from catching fire while she climbed over the walls and stole through the night to the concert venue, Things were going alright. She'd made it to the amphitheater and was sitting and waiting, then, the concert started. She lost herself in the music. It was the happiest moment of her life and she didn't even notice when she started to glow a bright blue and rose ten feet into the air. People started to shout and point, Mary didn't know what was going on until the band stopped playing, that was when she realized what was happening. Horrified, the blue glow quickly turned red and she caught fire, dropping into the middle of the crowd.

People screamed and ran, the chairs caught fire and the entire venue started to burn. Crying, terrified, and confused, Mary ran back towards her house. Flaming and glowing the whole way. Only a couple hours after she got home GMU agents helicoptered in and told her and her parents that she needed to come with them. Terrified, Mary continued to burn and asked if she could say goodbye and if she could take some of her things with her. The agents gave her a few hours to say goodbye and gather some stuff. Then she was taken to SunnyBrook.


Mary's Guitar: A plain, glossy black acoustic guitar. It gives off an unmistakeable air of joy and happiness when heard that clears the mind and uplifts the spirit.
guitar is indestructible by almost any means possible and gives +1 mental defense when played to all allies that can hear it being played.

When Mary is playing her guitar she can direct and shape her flames at will using her artistic skill.

Adds +1 to Artistic skill

Acquired phone numbers:

  • <3 Athene <3
  • Zita
  • Andrey (seems to be erased and rewritten)
  • Cindaria
  • Akemi
  • Bob
  • Katlyn (This number and name has an angry face next to it)
  • Leah
  • Austin
  • Eponnie
  • Merlin
  • Cory
  • Ellie
  • Davis
  • Madeline
  • Theodore
  • Celeste

Entries in the people watching journal:

Athene: Snake lady, I don't know what I was expecting from this place, but this is definitely not it. I'm glad I met her though. She was really nice and she calmed me down after I got over the whole half snake thing.
I went on a mission with her… It was pretty terrible, but she kept me from totally freaking out, and she found me afterwards and helped me calm down a bit. She's a good friend, I'm glad to know her.
Athene is seriously the actual best. She dropped everything to help me. Definitely my best friend.
She loved the song! <3 Not a monster.
<3 <3 <3 <3

I should have known. I'm sorry, I should never have thought I was good enough for you. I wish that I hadn't reacted so badly when you told me.

I'm sorry.

Zita: She's goddamn adorable! Holy hell. She can fly too, which is kinda cool. I really want to draw her again. She's a great subject.
We hung out in the music room for awhile. Zita's really fun to be around,she's always so happy.
I wish I know what I could do to help her.

Andrey: This guy is really cool. He likes music just as much as I do, and he's in a band! I hope we play some more sometime… I really want to see him again.
Andrey is 100% amazing. I called him after I set my bed on fire and he came over and was really good at calming me down. Then he let me sleep on his floor because my bed was ruined. Best thing is, he can hug me, even if I'm on fire.
He's someone I can just… Be… Around, I wish I could help with what's bothering him though.
I've been doing some research. I might have an idea, I need to talk to him about it.
He might be an actual god or at least an aspect of one.
I made him promise to stop bottling everything up inside like he's been doing. Hopefully that helps him to be as happy on the inside as he tries to look on the outside.

He helped me and because of it I burned myself. Maybe that's what I deserved, the way I reacted probably made Athene feel horrible. I guess I'm good at at that.

Cindaria: She seems nice, apparently she was in a lab her whole life before coming here, I feel kinda bad for her. I wonder why she's in that wheelchair.
She's making me a dress!
I made her a painting for Christmas and she loved it!

Elissia: She was really nice, when I got embarrassed she was great at helping me calm down. I hope we get to hang out sometime.
I went on a mission with her, she seemed to really want to help people.

Lisa: She's intimidating, went on a mission with her and she seemed really confident and sure of herself. Also I think she tore a hole in reality, that was damn scary.
She played at the party with me. That was really nice of her.
We hung out today and I taught her a few things about playing the guitar! She's a lot nicer than I thought she was at first.
I hope she makes Athene happy.

Akemi: She was super nice, she gave me an absolutely fantastic idea, and told me that I might be able to make my guitars fireproof! She offered to try to teach me later, I think I'll take her up on that.

She helped when I needed it today. Almost as great as Athene. Also… Really, really pretty.
She helped me find out more about my powers!

Bob: He seems like a really nice guy, I kinda feel bad for leaving him there so suddenly… He just mentioned London… I can't deal with that right now.
Went to his room today to apologize, we hung out for a bit. This guy is such a sweetheart.

Kat: She's pretty awesome. She offered me a gig at a charity concert that the school's holding. She's super fun to talk to. She's gonna teach me how to dance!
She gave me a lesson on how to dance today and I took her for a short flight, then we sat in a tree for awhile… I really like her, but I don't know in what way. She's really fascinating, Athene said she was sick in the head, maybe I can help her?

Why am I so confused by her? Why is she so nice? God I wish I could hate her.

Jinx BITCH: And I was having such a nice day too.

Ellie: She helped Athene and Akemi calm me down after Jinx. She seems really nice.
She sucks at Smash Bros :P
She is super nice and can read minds and makes awesome hot chocolate.

Wilhelm: He seems pretty nice, he's got cool wings too.

Leah: She's really cool, she's got neat spirit powers and does art and stuff.
I'm gonna teach her how to play the guitar and we're gonna get high with Ellie.
She's doing the album art for my band! She's the best cook ever and I like hanging out with her and Ellie!

Eponnie: She's interesting. Apparently Zita's dating her. She made me a really neat doll!

Austin: He's really funny. And he's DMing a game of D&D, that's gonna be super fun!

Veron: A real live elf! How cool is that? He says he's not a knight, but I don't believe him. I mean, he talks about honor and uses a sword and says words like, 'maiden' and 'fair lady'.

Merlin: A wizard! He seems really nice and friendly. Apparently he can enchant things, I wonder what all he can enchant them with.

Casta: She's part robot, and she builds her own body parts! That's pretty cool. Although she seems a little… Odd.

Cory: She was super fun and nice. She seems to really like music and she invited me to play at her party! It should be super fun.
We're going to throw a party at the new school!

Malissa: She's a pixie! Which are apparently different from fairies.

Davis: He's really nice. It seems like he's had a hard life. I am gonna show him so much music!

Annora: She's a bird girl, she seems so scared and untrusting of the world around her, I think that's kind of sad. I wish I could help her find her family. Hopefully she can trust me someday.

Madeline: She's super cool, she seems kinda shy, but she sings really well, we did a song together and then she gave me her number!

Jon: He seems like a pretty good guy. We only talked for a couple minutes, but it's obvious how much he loves Cin.

Cat: She seems alright. She can see Joy and Anger, which is totally awesome. I just wish her name didn't remind me of someone else…

Credo: He's a lightning bird! I flew around with him and we had a good time. He's pretty fun.

Milli: She seems… Odd. Even for SunnyBrook Sanctum. But she's nice and I drew her a picture! I gave her my number so we could hang out sometime.

Momo: Everything about her is adorable! She's a tiny cat girl. I played her some music and we talked a bit.
She's a good friend and she always tries to be happy. I just wish she'd remember not to lick me.

Nora: She's pretty great! We hung out in the common room and talked about a bunch of stuff. I drew her and then we went out into the snow and I played some guitar.
Nerd night was fun! We watched Star Wars and I accidentally set Nora on fire…
She's… I don't know what I feel about her, if I want her to be my best friend or… more. But I do know that she's there for me during this horrible time in my life and she's wonderful and I really need to stop setting her on fire.

Theo: Why? Why did that have to happen? He was my rock. He was always there for me. We were going to make music together… Now he's gone… Why?


  • Mary is extremely ticklish

XP and Money and junk like that:

Current: 2
Total: 51

Tier 0:
+2 from run: Status Nova
+19 weekly
-4 Anomalous Generation
-4 Power Boost
+1 Development Scene: Heartbreak
+1 Haunting event
-4 learning new tricks
-4 Moving to Perfection
+2 Run: Siren
-4 Clear Mind

Tier 1:
+5 weekly
-4 Anomalous Generation
-4 Power Boost
-4 Learning New Tricks
+8 Run: The Sun Sets Over the Sea
-4 Moving to Perfection
-4 Toughen Up

Tier 2:
+5 weekly
-4 Power Boost
+2 Theo's Funeral event
-4 Moving To Perfection
+3 Run: They're Tearing Down Rand Serling's Bar
-4 Anomalous Generation: Mary's Guitar

+400 from Run: Status Nova
+200 from the move to the new school
-400 new dorm costs
-100 for Cin making a Dress
+49x26 from RA/Hall Monitor job
-50 Leah's band art work
+125 Run: Siren
-180 for 2 Adrenaline patches
-350 for White Lily Boutonniere
-200 paying Skix
+1000 Run: The Sun Sets Over the Sea
-1200 Reinforced jacket
+200 Theo's Funeral event

XP Expenditures

Tier 0
  • Power Tutor Tier 0: Emotional Manifestation: Positive +1
  • Anomalous Generation: Mary's Guitar
  • Power Boost: +1 Positive, +1 Negative
  • Learning new tricks: +2 Artistic
  • Moving to Perfection: Brains
  • Clear Mind +2 Psyche
Tier 1
  • Anomalous Generation: Mary's Guitar
  • Learning new tricks: +2 Flying
  • Power Boost: +1 Positive, +1 Negative
  • Moving to Perfection: Brains
  • Toughen Up: +2HP
Tier 2
  • Power Boost: +2, Healing song
  • Moving to Perfection: Brains
  • Anomalous Generatiion: Mary's Guitar
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