Malissa Maguire

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: Flirty, giggly, and always causing trouble or having fun with people to stave off boredom.

Nature: Malissa just can't help herself to prank sometimes. It's the mischievous and carefree nature of the pixie. But she's probably a better demonstration of their outgoing nature; she's always with someone it seems. She'd gladly discuss your problems, and she's always trying to be nice; even if she does prank you the next day.

Besides that, she's got an entrancing quality. When you listen to that voice and look into those beautiful golden eyes, it can be hard to find faults.

Description: Rose red hair that hangs shoulder-length and gold eyes are certainly the most immediately grasping physical features of her human body. The next thing would likely be just how beautiful she is. Her face dances the line between cute and attractive, her expression easily able to flip it in either direction. Her body is very slender and sleek in form, not too far off from a supermodel. Her movements are graceful and eye-catching. But the piece de resistancè are her wings. These wings give the impression of a butterfly. They are transparent, catching the light like soap, and flowing along her wings is a blue liquid flowing through invisible veins, glowing faintly. It's not uncommon for people to go speechless the first time they see them. And tying all these together is her entrancing aura, making people see an extra something in her looks

Oh, she's also 5'11" and weighs an unexpectedly high 120lbs, since Pixies are denser in biology.


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 1

Agility: 6

Brains: 6


Athletics 4: I might not look like it, but I do a lot of exercise. Especially free running. (agility- acrobatic challenges and running)

Reflexes 6: I'm quick to react. after all, when you're flying, you don't have a lot of time to think. (agility- initiative and agility defense)

Perception 6: Sometimes, it's the little touches that matter most. (Brains- sensory checks/ noticing oddities)

Mental Defense 2: I may not have the best self-control, but that doesn't mean others should control me! (brains- mental defense)

Artifact Creation 5: Akemi taught me how to put spells into paper. My knowledge can only grow from there (Brains- …take a guess)

Supernatural Abilities:

Pixie biology (3):

As a pixie, Malissa has a few biological differences from normal humans. The first is her wings, which allow quite a precise range of flight, and can disappear/reappear at will. She is also naturally 6" tall, although it takes almost no effort to keep herself at average human height, even persisting in her sleep. She also needs moderately less food (one less meal a day), water (about 1/4 less per day) and sleep (about 1/3 less than normal). Her body is especially resistant to changing shape, and various parts of her aging stops when she hits her prime, while she seemingly ages from 16 to 40 and back over 100 year cycles. She's virtually immune to any non-anomalous sickness, unable to even carry it on her body, and she's resistant to poisons and drugs not specifically designed for anomalies similar to her (say, 40% effectiveness).

Flight can be used for ranged dodge, and shrinking gives +2 to dodging and stealth, at the cost of all the obvious drawbacks of being that tiny (EG, can't effectively use many items, cannot effectively attack anyone).
Due to her flight experience, Malissa is used to having to breath through winds, and never really suffers much from that. She also gains +1 to anything where she has to use aerodynamics to her advantage

Pixie magic (7):

Malissa has access to the a pool of pixie spells. In order to choose a spell, she must first change her eye color to represent the type of spell (a side effect of this is that she can't cast spells from the golden pool), then do some sort of physical gesture to indicate the specific spell, otherwise nothing will happen. Unless otherwise stated, a defending target rolls mental defence
  • Break: Melissa cracks her neck or knuckles, her eyes turning black. target object will stop functioning for X rounds/minutes. The object must be of at least moderate mechanical/electrical complexity. (EG a calculator) Objects too complex may fix themselves faster. (EG a robot)
  • Disable: Malissa has practiced hybridizing spells. A hybrid of Slippery and Disorient, Malissa's eyes will flash orange as she rubs her arm. The target will find that they will feel dizzy, probably losing most of their ability to balance. As well, they will have trouble moving correctly, as though their body were foreign to them. Malissa can choose whether the target takes a penalty to physical defense or physical attacks. As well, she may choose whether they take -2 for X rounds or -X for 2 rounds (X being the difference of rolls)
  • Emotional reveal: Malissa clicks her tongue, and her eyes flash purple. The target suddenly finds it hard to conceal their emotions. They will find themselves expressing them however they see as natural. This can be useful for learning about a person, but it might also lead to scorn, or even violence. The person is still capable of lying about their emotions, but they will just quit altering their behavior from how they would naturally respond to the emotions.
  • False Sensation: Malissa scratches her neck, and her eyes flash hazel. The target will then have some sort of simple single-sense hallucination, from being extremely itchy to hearing a repetitive buzz to seeing whatever their vision is focused on as on fire
  • Ghost light: Malissa flicks her thumb like a lighter, and her eyes go a white still discernable from the actual whites of her eyes. Then a ball of light will appear and follow her around for about roll*40 seconds. It can also go into objects, making them glow.
  • Giggle fit: Malissa covers a giggle, and her eyes flash green. Suddenly, the subject will find themselves in an uncontrollable laughter. They can still act and talk through it if they fight hard enough, (-1 to actions for X rounds, does not stack with her other spells), but they won't stop laughing no matter what.
  • Pain: Malissa clenches her fist tightly, and her eyes flash black. Her target will be much more sensitive to pain than usual. In combat, for duration equal to X+1, any damage the target takes will also give a debuff equal to said damage for their next non-defensive action.
  • Talkative: Malissa yawns (usually up-playing it with a noise and stretch), and her eyes flash green. The target will then find themselves spouting things they don't want the people around them to hear, Whether it be revealing secrets or saying something stupid that makes them look like something they don't want to look like. Malissa can decide whether what they say is to be held to/away from the truth. (Examples at the bottom of the page)
  • Tongue Tied: Malissa puts her tongue between her lips, and her eyes flash a dark green. The target will be unable to string more than a couple syllables together before their words fumble into incoherence as both their mouth and their brains fail to know how to pronounce anything. They will also find their writing is too messy to read and their typing is illegibly misspelled
Pixie dust (7):

Malissa can create pixie dust from her body. Either her wings, which will lose the liquids, or her eyes, which will lose their color. The dust seems to go where she wants rather than comply to physics when she does decide to knock it off herself. Every time she uses this power, she gets X doses (X=roll-2, +2 on a critical success). Each does of dust, when sprinkled on a person, can provide a little bit of luck and invigoration, in the form of boosts to subsequent rolls (details below). She can only manage to produce the dust every (8-power level, currently 1) hours.
If a target takes too much a boost at once (number of multipliers = 1 1/2 their highest defence), they'll suffer a severe reaction, and instead of gaining the boost, they instead become incapacitated for 2 rounds.

The pixie dust can also do various enchantments if the correct dosage is used:

10 doses: The target object will be granted a beauty, like Malissa's aura, but likely more subtle. (This can cover up to 15 feet of surface area.)

25 doses: Makes target outfit 'pixie friendly', allowing it to shrink with her and letting her wings pass through it

100 doses: The target will have temporary flight (~5m). The target will pretty much be able to will themselves to maneuver about. (still uses agility, though…)

Entrancing Aura (7):

At her base level, Malissa just seems more attractive and nice to be around. It's hard for others to dislike her, and they will find themselves naturally agreeing and considering her opinions more than they normally would. More time spent in her presence lets this effect build little by little, and others might find themselves staring at her and nodding along after enough time if she brings her aura up partly. She can use this to easily talk her way out of a situation without it even being noticeable as anything other than a natural gift for speech. (Persuasion replacement)

When amplified, Malissa becomes nearly impossible to ignore, the sight of her can mesmerize within seconds, and her voice can drown out thoughts and make those she focuses on want to do as she says. If she beats mental defense with this power, she can choose to have the target start falling under her spell, taking a penalty to resist Persuasion attempts she uses on them equal to the roll difference, and a penalty to mental defense against this power equal to half that amount. The effects are cumulative with continued use. Alternatively, she can make them want to just stare, taking a penalty equal to 1/2 power rating to all non-defensive actions for one round, and half of the above penalties. Finally, she can plant suggestions with her influence if the penalty is enough to bring the target's mental defense bonus to 0, or the persuasion modifier is greater than their current psyche. If both are the case, she has them enthralled, free to be manipulated as she pleases, with her influence and suggestions having potentially long-lasting effects.

Note that even if they endlessly succeed in resisting, if someone were to continuously stare at Malissa with her aura in 'full power' mode and let themselves listen to her words, it would eventually wear them down no matter their willpower, perhaps at 1 point of Persuasion resist penalty every few minutes until they started failing.

While at full power, instead of focusing on one target, Malissa can let her aura entrap several. She only gets -1 for each additional target (up to her tier) instead of -2 for use of her aura in 'amplified' mode. As well, she has the option of targeting everyone in range, excluding select people she's aware of if she wishes, at no penalty to give them -1 to all non-defensive actions as she distracts them.

Finally, Malissa can push a very strong burst of her aura, focused on someone, but can't maintain it more than a few seconds - just long enough to plant a single strong suggestion that the target will act on if they fail their mental defense roll.

Akemi's Bond (0): Malissa has been bonded to Akemi, a piece of the Kitsune's soul now a permanent part of her. This allows the two to read eachother's emotions, as well as to mentally communicate and know eachother's location. As well, it allows the recipient of the bond to channel Akemi's power through them twice per day (refreshing at dawn). In this way they can project her allure for up to an hour, get +3 to persuade checks against a single target for up to a minute (or for a single check if particularly difficult request), or mildly influence another's emotions (or get +1 to a mental or emotional influence or suggestion power).

These effects work at any range, even able to cross dimensional boundaries.


No matter how hard she tries, Malissa just can't keep mischief off her agenda. When an opportunity strikes, her conviction to changing just completely goes out the window as a mischievous smile creeps onto her face… As a pixie, she literally does not have as much self-control as most people. She takes -3 on defense of effects described as urges or compulsions (keep in mind that this doesn't cover mind alteration on its own) [severe]


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A necklace containing a small, drained crystal from her home, and about 2 karats of gems. The wearer's magic-based powers cannot be suppressed (artifact)
  • A bag for holding pixie dust (contains 6 doses)
  • A faux leather satchel that will shrink all objects within as it shrinks (artifact)
  • a small jewelry box meant for pixie dust (contains 120 doses)
  • A White Lily Boutonniere from the school store (artifact)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook.

  • A mirror setup designed to allow sight at every angle
  • Several outfits of various skimpiness, enchanted to work with her size changing
  • A picture of the farmer and his wife
  • A larger crystal from her home, which glows when in contact with the supernatural and changes color based on the type
  • A set of 1Litre jars to hold pixie dust (contains 9140 doses)
  • A spider bot

Personal History:

Malissa had a pretty simple life: she grew up in a pixie hideaway, and left at the mature age of 3 to wander the Irish countryside and take people's reactions to the troubles she caused. One day, she found her favorite victim: An old farmer who was convinced her works were fate. She made his property her home, and his misery her entertainment. However, one day she pushed him too far, and gave him a fatal heart attack. She was forced quite harshly to realize the consequences of her actions, having somebody she perceived as really close suddenly gone. And it broke her for a good month as she just moped around his property. Then, something on his little conspiracy show he watched changed everything. She learned about the GWU. So she set out into town to try and get the attention of this organization. And she decided to do it the only way she could: Mischief. However, it's much subdued from her previous levels. Of course, she's explained to the officials they'll have her complete cooperation.


17 years old
birthday is estimated May 13th
Tier: 5 XP: 1
Money: 1304.35$
scene guide

+1 to Pixie Dust, +1 to Pixie Magic
+1 to Agility
+2 to Mental Defense
+2 to health
+1 to Pixie Magic [power training]

[Tier Split]

+1 to Entrancing Aura, +1 to Pixie Dust
+1 to Entrancing Aura [power training]
+1 to Brains
+1 to Artifact Creation [skill training]
+1 to Artifact Creation and Acrobatics
+2 to HP (Feb 14, 2016)

[Tier Split]

+1 to pixie biology, +1 to entrancing aura
+1 to agility (April 10, 2016)
+2 to reflexes (May 5, 2016)
+2 to psyche (June 4, 2016)
+1 to pixie magic (July 25, 2016) [Power Tutor]

[Tier Split]

+1 to Entrancing Aura, +1 to Pixie Dust
+1 to brains (June 23rd, 2016)
+1 to Entrancing Aura (July 26th, 2016) [Power Tutor]
+2 to perception (July 31, 2016)
+2 Psyche (August 14th, 2016)

[Tier Split]
+1 to entrancing Aura (August 24th, 2016) [Power Tutor]
+1 to Entrancing Aura, +1 to pixie dust (August 29, 2016)
+1 to brains (September 18th, 2016)
+2 to artifact creation (October 16, 2016)
+2 to Psyche (October 21, 2016)

[Tier Split]

Magic Necklace (Oct 28, 2016)

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