Lyon Schäfer

Lyon Schäfer

Demeanor: Lyon shines a relaxing and comforting aura. His elegant, yet young, appearance can give someone the impression that he’s well mannered yet naive.

Nature: Upstanding, thoughtful and courageous, Lyon gives off the most important qualities of a leader. Despite his family’s uptight and snobby attitude, he seems to be a bit more laidback, although one can assume the former due to his way of speaking.
Lyon is actually quite charming, and might prove to others that he can be quite reliable and trustworthy. This trusting nature can be interpreted as naiveness as well, and when in bad situation or stressed out, can completely feel frustrated.
Lyon doesn’t easily back down from challenges either, having a strong resolve, even if a task seems impossible.
Overall, Lyon is courageous and idealistic
Lyon would actually have quite the charming appearance for a lad his age. Angular features and some dark blond tufty hair. It would give a very noble, and elegant vibe.
He’s 5’9 of height, with lean, fit build.. He was certainly active for most of his life what with sword practice, running from dangerous creatures and exploring the world.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 2


Swordplay Funplay: Brawn (3) Lyon has trained most of his life in learning the art of the blade! Mainly because of his naturally created one.. Applies to Attack skill rolls
Careful and Cunning: Brains (3) A fondness to puzzles, studies and problem solving during his life as a monster hunter, He’s quite perceptive and intuitive. Applies to Perception rolls
Soothing Charm: Brains (3) A lifetime of ethics and models taught to him, he’s quite the gentleman applies to Social rolls
Absolute Resilence: Agility (3) Along with the years of combat training. He’s very attentive during fights and has learned to always be on his toes. Applies to Reflex rolls


Soul Connection (3): This power has two parts:
>A Third Limb: Lyon’s courageous, passionate and willful soul has manifested into a weapon! A magical /silver/ soul sword engulfed in a powerful flame ignited by his fiery soul.
It leaves a trail of Soul fire in it’s wake, inflicting a burn on the target, the sharp burn can indeed incapacitate someone and even cut strong alloys clean!
Effective against supernatural enemies such as Lycans, Demons and the like.
This sword scales with Lyon’s development and points in it
>A Sixth Sense: Lyon can read into the hearts and minds of many, revealing their true intentions, emotions and even very vague insight into their powers. Aggressiveness towards Lyon allows him to temporarily reduce the inclination to attack Lyon or his allies for about a minute (Scales with development)

Pyre Spin (2): Lyon summons a twister made of an undying flame! Targets caught in the middle will suffer from the extreme heat, and the possibility of catching of fire and taking severe damage. Passing through the twister will make the target take damage and be marked by it.
Lyon can detect marked targets, and attacking a marked target with his Soul Connection’s sword ignites them.

Aetherial Roots (2):
Lyon has some sort of connection to magic!:

>Shine together!: Lyon commands his sword to send out a surge of holy light! Revealing dark areas and blinding enemies for a short duration.

>Beauty in the flames: Lyon can create a flaming, ethereal set of armor that protects him for a while.


Lyon appears to have no true weaknesses

-Suffers from Herpetophobia.. That’s a fear of reptiles!
-Surprisingly has junk food.. He keeps a secret though.
-Has a love for theatrics and movies.. His favorite one is Gone with the Wind.
-He’s had some experience with video games.. Most of his time was taken up by studying and fight practice.
- Prone to biting his nails under stress.
-Carries around a massive book, mostly filled with empty pages, but he loves to record other people’s powers and add a description to it.. Perhaps even his experience with them.
-Amazing at drawing sketches.. Ask him for your portrait to be drawn.
-He’d can be a tiny bit cold towards Beast-like characters.. But that’s just him being cautious.
-He’d have a bitter distrust towards people with more darker types of magic or origins

Various science books, most notably one on Cryptology
Laptop.. Mostly for classes and research.
A giant, thick book that he carries around.. Mostly empty pages, but he slowly fills them up as he learns of other student’s powers. Descriptions, Sketches and even -threat levels-.
Leather messenger bag


The emergence of supernatural powers and beings was certainly a shocking surprise for almost the entirety of the world. While vastly outnumbered by the billions of people on Earth, many legends and stories do have darker origins.. It’s no wonder that the masses would fear such dangerous entities. The G.W.U has managed to control and contain these beings, effectively rendering the Schäfer family’s secret services obsolete.
The Schäfers are a family of Cryptologists and hunters, having knowledge of the presence of “Supers” for many generations. Travelling most of the world taming mostly more Beast-like creatures.. Yet recording any other unique power and researching on such a thing.
While they transitioned more into a more “Monster hunting” type of service, they have been ordered to cease and desist any sort of investigation on “Supers” by the G.W.U.

However, This did not hinder young Lyon’s love for studying the supernatural.. Lyon was a young boy whom would study and research day and night on these sort of things.. Even joining his other family members on missions and all that. Being the only child, his parents dedicated a lot of time into his academic life and combat training.. They were definitely a strict bunch, but loving nonetheless. Lyon grew to be a kind and passionate young man. His enthusiasm in studies of the supernatural and exploring the world really helped in his upbringing.

Lyon would one day unconver an old bookcase near the very end of his family's personal library, and in it, he'd uncover an empty book with a few written pages.. He quickly became interested and investigated it.. Apparently, it was an old book that was being worked on by one of the earliest figures in the family's line, Unfortunately, his life was cut short at the hands of a mighty beast.. The book had an interesting effect as he reached the final page, causing Lyon to suffer from an intense fever and effectively falling ill…
Strangely enough, one night he would stand up from his bed in critical conditions. A spire of red and purple lights started emerging from his body as a flaming blade manifested onto his hand..
Lyon’s family were amazed by the fact that the youngest son would inherit such powers.. According to one of their encyclopedias (Written by the first generation of Schäfers).. The head of the first Schäfers had a very similar power to Lyon’s! Fascinating.. Why, even his own grandfather went as far as to say that he could be a reincarnation of said Schäfer.. But it was mostly a joke. Lyon would be enrolled quite easily into Fifth Sanctum, given that his powers started emerging and he has yet to fully unlock his power’s true potential

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