Lucius Tanner

Basic Info:

Player: NewArchitect

Demeanor: Selfish, aloof, uncaring, sarcastic, and no-nonesense

Nature: Depressed. Sarcastic and foolish, and self-deprecating in a light-hearted fashion.

Standing 6 feet and 3 inches tall, Lucius is tall for his age, likely a result of a lot of time spent indoors under artificial light during his prime growing years. Or maybe just genetics and good eating. Lucius is finished growing though, and he knows it. He can tell because it has been over 4 months since he has grown at all. He's got dark brown hair shaved to the scalp on one side, and left to hang long and styled on the other side.He has a gaunt and sharp face marked and scarred with acne that had only recently become less than clinically severe. He has a few piercings, one in his nose, and two in his lips. The one in his nose is a steel ring, and he has a black stud and a red-gold ring in his lower lip on opposite sides. He has a very thin almost famished physique, one lacking almost any fat, although whether due to starvation, metabolism or diet and exercise it is hard to say, and while there is lean muscle visible it isn't exceptionally developed. He is mostly hairless except for his hair. His fashion style before coming to SunnyBrook was mostly slim fitting pants and graphic tees of various bands, but since coming here, it has changed and developed a little bit to mostly just be slightly darker shades of whatever was seasonally popular, although the tight pants stuck around, and the occasional graphic-tee pops up on a lazy day.


HP: 6
Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Martial Arts: 2
Research: 3
Computers: 2
Perception: 3
Reflexes: 3
Sneak: 2

Supernatural Abilities:

Precognition(4): Lucius is able to see events before they actually occur. This ability isn't really well within his own personal control, and it can be unpredictable at the best of times, showing him events in absolute clarity and allowing him to know exactly how everything within a given hour or two will interact and exactly what will happen. Other times he can get a hazy image with nothing but distorted sounds and be even more confused by the occurrence of events than the average person, thanks to his attempts to interpret the vague stimuli. More often than not though, Lucius simply knows what is going to happen a few minutes before it actually does, and can capitalize on that knowledge. Most of the time this knowledge is imparted to him in debilitating flash-forwards, where he sees himself standing in the scene and witnesses events through his normal senses, and is able to interact with events to a very minor degree to understand what some of his actions might do. While he is experiencing one of these flash-forwards, Lucius is almost entirely unaware of the present, and all but the most intense of stimuli goes completely ignored. You could chop off a hand and it might not bother him until he came back to his full senses.

Temporal Disassociation (3): Lucius can temporarily disconnect himself partially from the current steam of time, slowing everything around him down while seemingly speeding himself up. This ability places great strain on his mind and body, and can only be maintained for a short time, but during that time Lucius is capable of moving at super-human speeds and reacting nearly instantly to things.


Lucius frequently suffers what appear to be debilitating seizures, often two or three times a day, which incapacitate him entirely for the duration. These seizures are actually a facet of his power, him seeing the future, but that makes them no less troublesome.

- Severe


3 leather journals.
3 fountain pens
Laptop computer
Old-ratty backpack
Nice Watch
Ipod & Over-Ear Headphones.

Leather Messenger bag
An above average amount of clothing & 3 pairs of shoes.
Books. Lots of Books.
Toiletries (Cologne, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Shaving Gear, Styling Product etc.)

Personal History:

Lucius was born in Montreal Canada in 2003 on January 3rd. His father was a Sheet Metal worker, and his mother worked for the government as a 911 dispatcher. His father moved to Montreal to be with his mother after worked forced her to move back to her home province. He initially lived in Ontario. His early years were mostly uneventful, him attending school there for the first 10 years of his life in generally boring existence. He played in the school band, initially starting out on the tenor saxophone and then upgrading to the baritone. His parents kept him enrolled in Martial Arts during that time, and he fervently devoted himself to the hobby, finding it to be an extremely satisfying use of his time, since he was actually skilled at it. It was at around this age that the seizures began. They were mild at first, small stutters in his speech, or a halting step while he looked at something that wasn't there, but eventually they got worse and worse until some days he couldn't even get out of bed because he was locked in rigged paralysis for so long his muscles cramped up completely when he finally came to. The doctors said it appeared to be due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain occurring for unexplained reasons. The only treatment they could offer was painkillers and advice. They suggested that maybe the parents should consider looking in to an animal for Lucius, one that was able to sense seizures coming. More uneventful and dreadful existence followed as his parents ignored the advice of the doctor to get a dog for Lucius, one that might be able to predict the seizures, and their medical insurance ran out, stopping the supply of medication that had helped him function at least partially. After that, Lucius became deeply depressed, not eating, refusing to get out of bed or go to school, and dropping out of Taekwondo and his band. He fell in to a nearly suicidal depression for about 3 weeks, between July 5th 2016 and July 27th 2016. The day of his mothers death. He saw it coming. In fact, he was so sure of it he was screaming it at his parents, demanding they listen, and do something about it. His mother had a gallstone in her liver that was causing an enzymatic reaction that was eventually fatal for her. Neither his mother nor father listened. He turned to hardcore drugs after after her death, as a way to cope with the pain, and dropped out of school entirely. After a failed suicide attempt his father sent him away to rehab, but again, Lucius was inconsolable, telling his father he would never see or speak to him again if that happened. He was sent to live with distant relatives on a farm in Pennsylvania while he attended rehab sessions and therapy. It was during this time that the most premonitions happened. The most seizures. At first people just assumed it was withdrawl, but the frequency of events made them reconsider, and when Lucius began screaming about horrible things that would later appear in the papers, days later, or have casual conversations with himself and another person who wasn't there about dinner in 3 days, and then later actually HAVE dinner with that person, people became away. At age 15, the government looked in to him, and began the process of screening him secretly for any powers or abilities beyond the mortal-ken. They came for him a few weeks before his birthday, and Lucius managed to avoid being taken by them for 3 whole weeks before they caught him in the midst of a seizure. Now he is at SunnyBrook school for the extraordinary.


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