Lilith Al'Khoury

Player: FullMetalBitch


Demeanor: This demure young girl has a reserved and childish quality to her presence, the teddy bear she always seems to have plays to these notes.

Nature: Despite her cordial and curt responses, Lily doesn't like people. She'd rather spend her time locked up in her dorm room playing with her toys and assorted dolls.

Description: Standing a little over five feet tall, Lily is a lithe sixteen year old girl. Her olive complexion and pert features, from being born and raised in Jordan, are soft and warm. As she's grown she has developed into a lovely young woman, her mother sees a lot of herself in Lily's features. She has deep green eyes and thick brown hair that frames her face.

Most days she dresses reserved, pieces taken from her old academy uniforms from back home. A dark sweater over a light colored button down blouse, usually black and white respectively. Black pleated skirt that ends mid thigh atop white tight covered legs with some sensible flats. She always wears a plain colored hijab over her hair, but reminiscent of western culture influences, it's casual and loose.

She is almost never without her favorite stuffed animal, a brown teddy bear she refers to as Andrea. It's seen better days and it's button eyes have changed colors over the years. Stitching is all over in places where tears have occurred, and stains have been washed out many times.

HP: 6

Psyche: 6 (+2)

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4 (+1)

Brains: 3

Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do
  • Gymnastics (4) Agility
  • Sneak (4) Agility
  • Theft (4) Agility

String Theory
Lilith has an innate ability to interact with the incorporeal forces that hold the world. Glancing into an incorporeal spiritual realm parallel to reality, she can see the strings that hold everything together. With a thought she can reach out and touch them, cut them, move them, and can effect them to her will.

  • Marionette - Lily using her psychic powers to control stuffed animals and other toys through their strings and use them for her purposes (3)(+1)
  • Pulling Strings - Touching at the incorporeal strings that guide the physical world, Lily can manipulate things forcefully through her thoughts (4)(+1)(+1)
  • Threads - By focusing herself with a small prayer and a deep breath, she becomes more in tune with the strings around her and becomes more skilled using them. She adds plus three to her ability rolls for as many turns as determined by the roll result (2)(+1)
The side effect of your powers, not necessary.
  • Lily's fragile mental state makes her more susceptible to coercion, stress and anguish is easily caused by attacks on her emotionally or physically. She forfeits mental defense rolls automatically.
List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.
  • Andrea, her Teddy Bear
  • Backpack, containing:
    • School supplies
    • First Aid Kit
    • Stuffed Bunny
    • Stuffed Panda
    • Wallet

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Plethora of stuffed animals, dolls, and toys
  • Trunk containing things from home
  • Small plug-in kettle for tea
  • Assorted story books and novels
  • Glock 27 with eight rounds
Born to her two parents, Arman and Clara Al'Khoury, in Amman Jordan on June 24th, 2002. Her parents were both government employees working for the Health Department. In the era of terror that came after the attacks on New York, Jordan would always be a beacon of strength in the middle east. Lilith was a normal child who was sent to a girl's academy by her parents, and spent most of her day there or under the supervision of her nanny.

There were hints at what was to come, of course. When she was young the blocks she played with sometimes moved on their own. Her parents could swear the stuffed animals were grabbing their tea cups at her insistence. Her mother would get a headache when she told her daughter she could not have a toy. For Lily this was natural and it manifested itself slowly.

It was in the winter of 2015 when it became undeniable. During a ski trip with her parents, she had acted like any teenage girl and gotten onto a different chair on the ski lift than her parents. When the bolts gave way and the chair plummeted towards the group, it almost seemed to slow to a stop before it impacted. It was unnatural, Lily was screaming, the other two skiers in the chair didn't know what had stopped the crash. Her parents knew, they had slowly pieced it together over the years.

They talked with their daughter about it, they tried to nurture it and to hide it. Even in a progressive state like Jordan they didn't trust the system with their daughter's unique abilities. It's hard to keep these things hidden of course, people listen and teenage girls aren't the best at keeping secrets well hidden. When they were approached by the G.W.U. about their daughter, her mother wept openly. Her father was more amiable and practical, and was just happy they would still have her in their lives. Lily was sent abroad, to visit a school that would help her. Of course, she still has tea parties with her stuffed animals, they're very nice guests.

Lily enjoys spicy food and practices Islam.

Dear Diary

-Habib alby, I have never met someone so kind. It is everyday that I am reminded of her tender heart and careful touch. She is like the stars which guided the tribes, always a sparkle of light in the darkness to keep me true. If there were one thing to keep me here and stop my wandering mind it would be her.

-I have been thinking of her more. Finding myself waiting for her to get off work and catch her on the way home. I think it will do me good to have her here, more often, once her cafe opens. At least then I will not bring her to my room only to have her go to sleep almost instantly. She is wearing the cat ears, I really like that.

I am lost in her eyes more often than I care to admit even to you diary. There is a fire in her that warms me even on my coldest days. She is strong, and I lament that I lean on her to hold me up when I am falling. Yet there is not a day she would not stand next to me and face it. She is the only one I feel I can share my curse with. Oh her smiles, they are enough to make butterflies in me.

It is taught that Allah gives us people in our lives to challenge us. Since I have met this girl I have cared for her as we are taught to care for the sick. There is a tension
between us, both looking for the best in each other. I can only pray that there will come a time when we will not sow hatred between each other. I fear that it may only get worse.

-There is something in her eyes that I find myself trying to catch. I am glad Wendy is in her hands when I am not around, but I find myself wondering what they spend their time doing all the time. I can only account for the moments I have spent with her, in the morning prayer and beyond. They are transcendent experiences. (I had to look that word up!)

There is not a way for me to say it kindly, for this girl is a sheltered western child. She whines and acts like a spoiled child when things do not go her way. She will
challenge me on everything and force me to sit her down and explain the world. If I were not taught to forgive, I would shun her. Somehow I think she might actually care, and this bothers me more than her nagging.

Doctor Page,
He is my mentor, I come to him with my worries and confide in him. He is a smart man, though not always as kind as my Imam. I am lucky to have a professor who knows so much and can give me such guiding words. Although I find his class to be one of my most difficult I enjoy trying my hardest for him.

Misses Leurgans,
She is so colorful! Whenever I ask for her help she is so quick to aide me and give me encouragement. I find myself coming to her more and more for help. I have not taken an art class since the academy and think she may inspire me to try again. There is a part of me that feels she cares for peace as much as I do.

Mister Bryce,
There is a odd air about this man. While he is in charge of this prison, there is something that makes him different from the military men back in Jordan. I would not go so far as to say he feels for our plight, but he cares for us like we were children he never had. It is odd, to feel safe around a warrior, but I do.

Misses Inaba,
What a creep! She always seems to show up when I am most vulnerable and tries to take advantage of me. Then when I do not submit to her and let her have her way with me she beats me. She speaks such kind words but acts like an abuser! I still want to spend time with her, and I do not know why!

If I ever need to have my toys fixed, she seems like the perfect canidate. I have not seen her much but she is another kind heart.

I only wish I had a chance to see her again. There is a positive change I can make in this girl, maybe someday I will teach her makeup!

Can this girl be stopped? I am still surprised by her everytime I see her!

I hold his teachings close to my heart. “…obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.”

just shut, please just stop talking. i know you can hear this, just stop. i dont want you to hurt andrea. ill do whatever you want if you will just (in large print)SHUT UP(/)


Season 1 - Threads


"Love is not easy," Lilith says as she watches the creature. "It is painful, it hurts, it is hard. Love is fickle and it is quick and you can not hope to hold onto it without damaging yourself. It is a childish game that we play, a challenge we give ourselves because we want to believe that somewhere. Somewhere there is happiness. That if we keep trying, keep hurting ourselves, facing these demons. There is a chance we can truly feel happy." She glances back up to look at Wendy, "I do not think we can."

4 on Anomalous Generation - Spirit Bat
4 on Power Boost
4 on Clear Mind
4 on Moving to Perfection
4 on Power Boost

Team Captain: Lilith Al'Khoury
Number 22: Wendy

3XP 650$ 147$

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