Kira Robinson

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFettuccine

Demeanor: Fast, she's always moving some part of her body, tapping a finger, tapping her foot, bouncing her leg. She is always on. She's also generally polite, if not necessarily friendly.

Nature: She sees everything at all times and has a very hard time filtering any of it. She genuinely likes people but seems to find it difficult to understand them really.

Description: About 5'4" weighs nothing because she is a hard light construct though she looks like she should weigh about 130lb. Her hair is shoulder length, always messy, and electric blue, as are her eyes, the whites are tinged very faintly blue as well. She usually wears a white button down shirt unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath it and a pair of black slacks with dress shoes. She has a habit of running a hand through her hair when she's distracted. Which is a lot.


HP: -

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 5


  • Aimbot - (3) - Brains Ranged Weaponry (excluding thrown)
  • Analysis - (3) - Brains
  • Academics - (3) - Brains
  • Mental Defense (3) - Brains
  • Perception - (3) - Brains
  • Robots! - (2) - Brains Kira has a working technical knowledge of how to build and maintain machines and technology

  • Computer Stuff (Data Form) - (4) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Deus Ex Machina - 5 - Kira may control or inhabit any sufficiently complicated machine or piece of technology (Something with moving parts, a revolver is about as simple as she can get with this power anything with any kind of data storage is also subject to this power). While using this power on anything that is able to store data, she immediately gains access to said data. (for encrypted systems/firewalls she will have to make a computers check) If the machine has any moving parts she has complete control over them. If it has a camera/microphone/speaker, she can see, hear, and speak out of them respectively. If it has a screen she can use it to display whatever she likes. If machine is sentient it gets a mental defense roll. She may control a number of machines at one time equal to power+tier. This power has a range of (20 feetXpower level)+20ftXeach level before it. 20ft at level 1, 60 at 2, 120 at 3 etc… Each tier adds a flat 20 feet.

Data Form - 4: Kira has no physical form. She is made purely of data hardened enough to interact with the world around her. This offers a few advantages, one of which being she has no real weight, she doesn't need to eat or breathe. (Though she does have to sleep by inhabiting a turned off computer for at least 3 hours a night) She is entirely made of computer code. Obviously it makes her good with computers of all kinds computer skill replacement which counts as supernatural where it will benefit her. It also makes her able to transport herself between any two electronic objects with screens, whether they are powered on or not. This power has a range of (100 milesXpowerlevel)+100 milesXeach level before it. 100 miles at level 1, 300 at 2, 600 at 3, etc… Each tier adds a flat 100 miles. Allows her to use ranged attacks with brains instead of Agility. Allows her to add half of Brains to psyche at creation just like normal people add half of Brawn to HP.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

  • Severe - Kira has no physical form, thus she /is/ her mind, which consists of computer code. She has no HP pool, only a psyche, physical damage is inflicted on that, she can also not be healed by any regular means, through any healing powers or anything like that. The only way she can be healed is if someone with a total bonus to their computer roll of 6+ spends an hour per point of damage recoding her on a computer that she is currently inhabiting.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Very high tech laptop
  • Smart phone
  • little clockwork soldier

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Very advanced desktop, like, sci-fi level advanced
  • Many computer parts
  • Lots of little clockwork toys
  • A picture of her 'dad'
  • A hard copy of the book 'html for dummies'

Personal History:

Kevin Robinson was always a brilliant man. A true genius said most people, and everyone who knew him said that he was a really great guy too. He was kind, he donated to charity regularly, he volunteered at a different homeless shelter every sunday. Picture of a humanitarian scientist. He focused on computers mostly, they were always a passion of his, ever since he'd been a little boy. And he was one of the foremost computer scientists in the world. At the age of 16 he graduated high school and went on to go to college, while he was in college he started up his own computer business, at first coding simple computer games and other programs. His first game was a huge success. It seemed that he had a real knack for two things, business, and scripting really good AI. By the age of 20 his company (Sentient Games) was a huge success. He had employees and an R&D department, he decided to branch out into hardware and re-branded the company as Sentient Technology LLC and while they still made games (Really good ones) From then on, most of their budget was spent researching and creating newer and better hardware and software. The company blew up and by the age of 30 Kevin was one of the top 4 richest people in the world. But he was lonely. Oh, he had friends sure, close friends even. He even had a wife for a few years there, but she left him. About 9 months after he did, he was notified that she had died in childbirth and that he now had a newborn daughter, and he was suddenly less lonely. Kira was the new thing that gave his life meaning and purpose and some of his best work came out during this time, it was also during this time that he branched out into researching true virtual reality. Oh, he was decades at least away from reaching his goal but he was making progress. 6 years after Kira was born they found out that she had cancer. It was terminal and the doctors gave her another year at the most. But Kevin didn't give up, his experiments with VR gave him an idea, and he worked and worked. Maybe, just maybe he would be able to digitize his daughter's consciousness and somehow work out a way to keep her in this world. After a year of near constant work, only stopping for rest, or food and water when he absolutely had to he finally thought he had it, though something went wrong, instead of downloading her consciousness it looked like the machine was deconstructing her body at an atomic level, no! No! This wasn't right, for a full 24 hours he thought he had killed his daughter, but then the next day she was back, and alive. Her hair and eyes were an unnatural blue but it seemed like nothing had changed. His machine, instead of downloading her consciousness, disassembled her down to the smallest quark in each atom of her body and used the information that it read from this and the electrical impulses of her brain to recreate her entirely out of some form of solid data. To this day Kevin Robinson doesn't know how he got the machine to work, or how to get it to work again, all he knew was that he had his daughter back. And that's what mattered. Years later a flyer for Fifth Sanctum appeared on his desk and he discussed it with Kira, who seemed to be very interested in going there and meeting other people like herself, people who didn't quite belong anywhere else.


Any other information you think would be interesting.

XP + $$$:

Current: 6
Total: 18

XP Tier 0:

+16 Weekly
+2 Run: The Hidden; Base
-4 Learning new tricks
-4 Power Boost
-4 moving to perfection



+275 Run: The Hidden; Base


Tier 0:

Learning New Tricks: +2 Robots!
Power Boost: Deus Ex Machina, Data Form
Moving to Perfection: Brains

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