Kevin Duncan

Basic Info:

Player: Legacy

Demeanor: Defensive and resentful of his new appearance. He has yet to accept the new him and gets discouraged easily. Kevin believes himself to be an ugly monster though this is very far from the truth. He tries not to draw attention to himself and just wants to fade away into a corner.

Nature: Such a sweet young man, Kevin always wants to help others. He misses the old him and the freedom to go where he wants.

Description: Kevin’s body has evolved drastically to something near equally human and something akin to a cuttlefish/octopus/squid. Lanky, Kevin looks a bit stretched out. His limbs and torso seem to be slightly more elongated than the average person. His overall shape remains definitely humanoid, but with the addition of four tentacles emerging from his back, connected at their base by a webbing of flesh. A siphon lays between his two bottom tentacles. His skin is a pale orange and covered in speckles of white and splotches of blue scattered across his form, though he can change this at will. His flesh feels cool and clammy; slippery and squishy to the touch though far from slimy. His eyes are a deep almost black blue and bulbous, head slightly larger than his proportions would make one think. He lacks nails and hair. The bottoms of his feet and his palms are lined with minuscule suckers. Kevin’s hands are webbed and his feet look like he is constantly wearing some sort of swim fins. His teeth are black and resemble something like a cross between a human jaw and a squid beak; the top and bottom rows of teeth are each a single fused mass, sharp though not serrated. His tongue is truly a horror to see, more of a radula than a human tongue. Blue and covered in backwards facing barbs.



HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Athletics - (4) Agility Even before his change, Kevin was a skilled swimmer and the star of his school’s swim team.
  • Research/Academics - (4) Brains
  • Accuracy – (4) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

Altered Physiology - 4 -

  • Kevin lacks what can conventionally be called a skeleton and as such he can now contort his body well beyond what is humanly possible. He can also squeeze and compact his body through a minimum of a three inch hole and fit comfortably in a space the size of a small carry-on piece of luggage. It also grants him extremely limited shape shifting that is closer to advanced camouflage than it is an actual shape change.
  • He possesses four tentacles; two by his shoulder blades and two just above his pelvis. They each have two rows of toothy suckers.
  • Camouflage: Kevin's skin possesses chromatophores, using these specialized cells; Kevin can control his pigmentation, changing his skin different colors. He can even give off the illusion of motion running across his body, most often and easiest in the form of the passing cloud effect. Combined with his pliable squid skin, Kevin can almost appear as passably human at a distance, though this requires a constant focus.

Squid Powers - 4

  • Wall Crawling: Like his tentacles, the bottoms of Kevin’s hands and feet also possess suckers, though to a smaller degree. He can stick to and climb most surfaces with any of his eight limbs, the hold is strong enough that he is more likely to injure himself or the object he is attached to if an attempt is made to try and forcibly pull him off.
  • Ink Generation: Exactly what it sounds like, Kevin can generate and shoot an inky fluid, usually from his wrists, but he is capable of producing it where one might also produce sweat. The ink is black and almost oily feeling. It serves little purpose other than making a distraction or temporarily blinding a target. The force of the ink expulsion is similar to that of water guns. It can be a weak little spray, or a more concentrated beam with a slight sting to it. The ink's consistency can also be controlled, being anywhere between very watery and slightly viscous.
  • Water Freedom: Kevin has gills and so can breathe underwater. He is more at home with swimming than walking. He can speak underwater in a fully understandable manner.


  • Strict diet. Kevin requires a diet of fresh raw seafood, he can still eat small amounts of human food, but too much will make him ill and leave him dependent on supplements. Water needs to be fresh bottled, he cannot tolerate tap. (Mild)
  • Fish out of water. In a literal rather than figurative sense. Kevin’s body is more suited to the water than being able to function properly on land. As such he tends to be clumsy, slower, progressively weaker and sickly, and prone to dehydration if he doesn’t submerge himself for at least overnight. (Mild)
  • Inhuman Outsides. Kevin cannot easily hide his cephalopodal appearance. Gills are his primary means of respiration and he needs to stay hydrated and breathe in water. A lot of animals, and even some people find Kevin to be delicious. He is often plagued by seagulls and cats when he goes outside. Very squishy and easily wounded. (Severe)
  • Inhuman Insides. In addition to being cold blooded, Kevin’s blood is now copper based instead of iron. He needs to stay at just the right temperature or he risks suffocation if too hot or falling into hibernation if too cold. Feral instincts may cause him to take offense and attack at certain patterns of color or smells. (Severe)


On Person:

  • Waterproof smartphone.
  • Earbuds.
  • Messenger bag.
  • Moleskine notebook.
  • Waterproof watch.
  • Fancy pens.
  • Waterproof wallet on a chain.
  • At least three 20oz bottles of water.
  • A broken thin gold chain.

In Room:

  • Customized bed in place of the default. Kevin’s bed is a fish tank of the same size, but taller and deeper. It’s not big enough for Kevin to swim around in, but it’s enough to keep him healthy.
  • A collection of seashells
  • 24 pack of bottled water.
  • A laptop
  • Various books
  • Changes of altered clothes.
  • Posters
  • A collection of small plastic oceanic animals.

Personal History:

Kevin was born a perfectly normal human with nothing supernatural about him. Growing up in a coastal city, the boy developed a liking for water sports that became thrill seeking behaviors. His mother tried to steer him into the arts, and while Kevin did develop an appreciation for crafting things with his hands. It wasn’t until a trip to an amusement park and aquarium that Kevin discovered his passion for marine biology.

In school, Kevin was the star of the swim team and well on his way to a scholarship from his studies. The fact that he was going to drop his skills in the athletics department, squander his talent, and become a scientist instead did not sit right with the coach. He wanted to be known as the man who had taught the next Michael Phelps everything he knew.

For some reason the man decided the occult was the best way to rectify the situation. A cursed necklace later, a squid sucker ring on a thin gold chain had Kevin suddenly only caring for swimming. His studies suffered, he ignored his family and other interests. But the boy became better and better at swimming, taking to the water as though he’d been born with gills.

Then gills actually did show up. But even the sight of them on his neck didn’t snap Kevin out of the talisman’s spell. He obeyed its call and his coach’s commands. The coach was only concerned about whether this would disqualify the boy. He tried to remove the necklace from Kevin’s throat but the chain had no clasp. He tried to break it, but the chain would only cut into his fingers.

The changes didn’t stop at the gills. Kevin’s appearance continued to become more aquatic. Webbed fingers, webbed toes, his hair falling out. All of them were easy to hide or explain. But now the coach was panicking. He finally had a change of heart. It was too late. The hold on Kevin was broken, but the necklace continued its work. His skin changed, he grew tentacles, and Kevin no longer looked human. With each attempt to remove the necklace from his body, the changes happened faster.

It was all the coach’s fault, was Kevin’s last thought before waking up at Sunnybrook with blood around his mouth and new tentacles and a broken gold chain wrapped tightly around one hand.


  • Although Kevin considers the fact he’s not slimy to be a bonus, it would actually be more beneficial to him if he were. The mucous would act as a barrier and keep his skin moist outside of the water. As disgusting as it would be to him and others, he would be healthier for it. – Given his knowledge in Marine Biology, he is fully aware of this.
  • Kevin’s blood is blue.
  • He has three hearts and technically five brains, as each tentacle possesses a cluster of neurons that act as small minds for better control of the limbs.
  • Just like an octopus making a garden, Kevin has an impulse to decorate his room with seemingly useless knick-knacks.
  • Kevin gives awesome hugs.
  • Ironically, Kevin’s nickname in school was The Kraken due to his lanky appearance, penchant for hugging, and of course his swimming skills.
C0aDaTV.jpg The cursed necklace.
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