Cain Harrison

Basic Info:

Player: FreakishSpade
Demeanor: Calm, very introspective and meditative, outwardly Cain attempts to show as little emotion as possible. He has a slight obsession with the concept of honor and likes to think of himself as a Samurai from a fantasy novel. Upholding honor and always willing to help those who need it. He will almost always stand up for those he feels are being mistreated.

Nature: Despite his outwardly calm face, Cain is an extremely angry person with no outlet for his anger. He controls himself well, but hates himself for being different and for not being able to control the part of himself that makes him different. He channels this anger into his training and his need to help others. He is quite addicted to tea. Cain is filled with self loathing and this manifests in an extreme need to be accepted by and help others. He will go to great lengths to please those that he wants to be accepted by, even if it ends up being detrimental to his own well being. Cain believes that his powers are spirit based. And that everything, even inanimate objects has a spirit inside of it that remembers things and has needs and wants. Thus he is very respectful of everything in the world around him and treats his possessions and those of others with some small reverence.

Description: He is about 6 feet tall, very thin, and well muscled his eyes are a very pale grey in hue. And his hair is long and very straight, it's color is a very shiny almost metallic grey. No matter how many times he has tried Cain has been unable to cut it as it retains the strength of titanium while still acting like normal hair. Needless to say, he doesn't get split ends. He is extremely pale with many freckles over his face. Cain always dresses in a black undershirt, a black button up, and black jeans with steel toe black hiking boots being his preferred footwear. He speaks with a slight british accent. He generally smells of incense and tea.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


+3 Points for severe weakness

  • Martial Arts - (4) Agility ((hand to hand as well as Kendo)) Cain never felt welcome in his own home. Both his parents and his older brother always looked down on him because of how different he was, being born with shiny silver hair was definitely NOT normal. So he found a place at a Kendo Dojo. He very quickly showed a high aptitude for it.
  • Reflex - (3) Agility To be very good at any martial art, you have to have pretty good reflexes
  • Social Skills - (1) Brains Cain has had to talk down a whole lot of bullies in his time, and he has actually gotten pretty decent at it
  • Stealth - (2) Agility Cain's natural agility and martial arts training make him very good at sneaking around
  • Willpower - (2) Brains Cain found the meditation used in the martial arts he practiced very helpful in gaining control over his own mind, granting him fairly strong willpower
  • Perception - (2) Brains Cain is a fairly perceptive fellow
  • Academics - (1) Brains Cain has always loved to read and learns whenever he can

Supernatural Abilities:

Object Bonding - 4 - Able to bond with any handheld, inanimate, object. Bond lasts for as long as he has the object on his person and for an equal amount of time afterwards. The exception being one object at a time that he can create a special and permanent bond to. Not including the objects that he has permanently bonded with, Cain may have active bonds with a number of objects equal to Object Bonding's power number. If the object has been on his person (or within arms reach) continually for 1 week it gains sentience including the ability to speak to those who can see it (telepathically) and a personality. Cain is able to use this power in place of a skill roll with any bonded object (Within Reason) Bonding is a choice and does not happen automatically. Cain is able to call any object that he is currently bonded with to his hand If he is not permanently bonded with the item that Recall is used on then the time that it will remain bonded to him resets. For example, Cain bonds with a pen and keeps that pen on his person for 3 weeks, then forgets it in his dorm. He recalls it to himself. This severs the bond and means that he has to start again, so his new bonded time with that pen starts at that point in time. If the object was sentient, it retains its sentience through the use of this power. Sentience is lost if the item is broken or leaves contact with Cain for more time than it was previously in contact with him. Items are only sentient when within eyesight of Cain (although they retain memories from their time away from him)((As Cain gains more control over this ability, I think he should be able to permanently bond with more objects))

Transmute - 3 Cain is able to take on some properties of any object he is bonded with. (reflectiveness of a mirror, hardness of steel, flexibility of rubber, etc…) However he cannot apply the change to his entire body… Yet. For now it is limited to one limb at a time. He doesn't want to mess with his torso or head yet, because those have important organs in them and he doesn't want to mess any of that stuff up.


If any object that he is bonded to breaks, then this knocks Cain unconscious for as long as he has been bonded to the item. If a permanently bonded item breaks, then Cain experiences intense pain and will never be able to bond with a similar object again. (say if he has permanently bonded with a coffee mug and it breaks. He will never be able to bond with any kind of cup again) In addition if he is away from all objects that he has bonded to for more than 12 hours then he becomes slightly woozy and sick. If he is away from any bonded objects for more than a week he becomes very weak and unable to walk. If he is away from any bonded object for 3 weeks or more he will become too weak to breathe and die. Bonding with an object or holding a bonded object reverses these effects. Severe


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Dull steel chain with small yin-yang pendant Present from Li Sensei on his 13th birthday. It is very calm and amicable, not usually saying anything, it remains a calm soothing presence in Cain's mind and will occasionally offer him advice if he needs it. It will only rarely speak to others. It's name is Liz (bonded, not permanently. Has been bonded and in his possession for 2 years)
  • Clothes
  • A key to the Dojo that he wears on the same chain as the yin-yang pendant
  • A pen
  • A journal
  • A small, black messenger bag
  • Old cell phone
  • Zippo Lighter

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • White gi and black hakama.
  • 7 black undershirts
  • 7 black button down shirts
  • 7 black pairs of jeans
  • Katana given to him by his Dojo master for his 14th birthday. It's name is Steven and it has a very dry, somewhat morbid sense of humor, and dislikes violence. Although it cares very much for Cain and is his best friend, so if he needs to do violence with it, Steven won't complain. (permanently bonded)
  • Full Kendo kit including Bokutō, Shinai, Men, Dō, Tare, and Kote
  • A full tea set and hotplate to make it with, along with a years supply of tea (various kinds of tea including, Jasmine, green, and oolong.)
  • Various scents of incense with stand

Personal History:

Cain was born in 2002 to a rather boring family in Britain. They lived in a quiet suburb about an hour from London. He seemed a rather normal child until his hair started growing in. It was a shiny, almost metallic silver color. This distressed his parents to no end, (them being obsessed with appearances and maintaining normalcy) but it resisted all attempts to dye, cut or alter it in any way.

When he was 5 Cain bonded with a stuffed monkey that he kept with him all the time. After a week, this stuffed monkey gained sentience and began to speak to him. Delighted at his new friend, Cain often would talk with his monkey as they played. Eventually though. The monkey started talking to the rest of the house. This terrified his parents who thought that the house was haunted and the ghost was manifesting through their child's doll.

They moved and left the doll behind but when they got to their new home, The doll appeared in Cain's hands. Still talking, and this time Cain's hands changed to reflect the dolls fur. Terrified, his parents burned the doll. As they did this, Cain fell over and shrieked in intense pain, begging them to stop. Unwilling to deal with the painful memories in Britain the family moved to Seattle, Washington in the US. But things still happened around Cain. His parents hated him for the trouble he caused. Kids picked on him.

When he was ten, Cain's mother committed suicide because she kept hearing voices in her head. Cain still blames himself for this, as does his father. Who took to drinking and became an alcoholic. After Cain's father beat him in an alcohol induced rage when Kendrick was 11, he ran away from home. He lived out of a small abandoned shed a near his school.

One day, a few months later he found a Kendo dojo with no name. He was sitting on it's doorstep one saturday to stay out of the rain. The door opened and a man came outside and sat with him. The man asked why Cain was sitting there.
"Because everywhere else is wet." Cain responded.
"In that case, come inside." The man said and Cain went in with him and drank hot tea.

The man instructed Cain to call him Li Sensei. Cain talked with him and when Li realized that Cain had no place to go, he let Cain live with him in the Dojo and began to train him in Kendo as well as care for Cain as if he was his own son.

Cain was a prodigy at Kendo (a martial art focusing on the use of the Katana) And during the 5 years that he lived with Li advanced to the rank of 4th dan 2 years early. Li did not treat Cain differently because of his special abilities and regarded the objects that spoke to him in Cain's presence as the spirits of his ancestors and thought of them as a sign that Cain was special. Li eventually came to regard Cain as a son.

One day a man came to the dojo and spoke with Li. Afterwards Li bid a sad farewell to Cain and the man put Cain in a helicopter to his new home and school at SunnyBrook.


Potential Friends

Akemi: Nice, calm, and helpful. She told me a bit about how things work here. She also seemed interested in Kendo!

Conn: He was so nice! He asked me to show him some moves so I did a kata for him and he thought it was really cool. He's great to talk to… I don't know why I opened up to him like that… But it wasn't bad.

Zita: She's… High strung. But we got along I guess.

JJ: This kid is sensitive. He doesn't seem to understand how people work. But he seems like a happy person.

Westley: Nice enough. He made Zita apologize to JJ when she hurt his feelings. Seems like a smart guy.

Madeline: She gave me a brownie. I guess she's alright.

Strange People

Wilhelm: Uuuh, this guy acts like he's in a business meeting all the time. It always feels like he's trying to sell me something. Plus, he winked at me. Who actually winks at people?

Kiefer: He called me a weeaboo? I don't know what that means. I should look it up. He seemed mad at something.

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