Julia Doherty

Basic Info:

Player: ZaGatorado

Julia's a problem-solver. She seeks out the sad cases and the tragedies and does her best to turn them around, especially those being victimized by others. If someone's looking for her, they'll find her, because she's also looking for them.

Julia has her share of problems, which she's much too willing to escape from by throwing herself at other people's. She's got her demons, too; some of them keep her up at night, but she doesn't let it show to most people. Those she chooses as confidantes, she regularly tests quite unfairly, trying to push them away.

Julia's slightly above average for her 16 years at 5'6, but she's also a bit thickset, and has quite a bit of muscle definition she finds embarrassing. She's black irish, her skin naturally sallow and completed by freckles.

Her hands are calloused and so are her feet, though back home she used to swim more than she ran or biked. She has a few scars from failed attempts at getting people the help they needed, and she's at least happy nobody at sunnybrook is here to remind her how she got them.

She wears simple clothing like short dungarees, stuff she can drop down and do push-ups in, and only owns sneakers that look like roadkill so people with the means tend to look down on her. She's seen to wear caps and sun hats on occasion, some of them being her favored flavor of fancy before any dress. She's fond of pulling on the set of four black studs on her right ear when she's nervous or thinking hard.

Look for the blue eyes. Accept no imitations.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


Shush/ Dream = Acting: (4 - Brains)
Shush is the skill of making people be quiet, calming them down and making them listen. On the hands of Julia some would call it an art (if they're not too busy reminding her about the scars).

(She used to be a fixture at the old community theater… literally)
Julia knows how to act, or thinks she knows at least. Most of her time at it has been spent playing trees or inanimate objects or animals with no lines, or multiple of those at once, but she had recently been given priority on a supporting role. Too bad the GWU got to her first.

Mom = Boxer: (4 - Brawn)
(The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but that only confirms she was dropped at least once)
The Doherty matriarch was a brawler in her youth, and eventually got into the sport. Julia is a pacifist, but when you're dragging people to AA meetings and your boxer mom knows about it she doesn't teach you how to sew.

Hobby = Exercise: (4 - Brawn?)
(It makes her the enemy of all stagnant laziness)
She can run, jump, bike, swim, surf and intimidate boys all day.

Supernatural Abilities:

(3 Points Leftover)

Spontaneous Multiplication: (4)
(Look at me!)
Clones of Julia tend to pop up when she doesn't want to do something. They tend to be just as unwilling to do those things, but usually they manage to team up and spread the effort among the whole group. Her clones are exact copies of her, and have the same emotional, mental and physical responses that she would, unless they've had experiences she hasn't. For that reason, it's hard for them to coordinate their efforts, especially in stressful situations (They can't assist each other or have multiple combat actions).

They're generally short-lived, though, since once their task is complete and they feel satisfied, they're promptly excised from reality with a 'pop'

It takes something from Julia to get them to appear, something precious, and when it's kept from her for too long it can hurt her. When they're created, each clone binds a bit of Julia's health to themselves (1 HP/Psyche?), and for any that step out of bounds (200 meters?) or stick around for too long (1 hour?), Julia takes a penalty to all her stats (-1?).

You can tell them apart from the real Julia by the red eyes.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • My weakness is not cupcakes


On her person:

  • Markers
  • Post-it notes
  • Whistle
  • Flip-phone
  • Pepper spray

In her room:

  • Dumbells
  • Skipping rope
  • Chest of cheap party costumes
  • Hat rack overloaded with hats
  • Piles of clothing

Personal History:

Julia jogged to the thrift store on her last day home. Her friends had been hounding her over bringing another depressed mess of a guy to their cafe for a talk the day before, so she turned around and walked out without getting her morning coffee. She jogged on the boardwalk and watched the passersby, giving smiles to whoever met her eyes; they all knew her, she was a common sight on those parts, and she knew some of them frequented the community theater (she made it a point to memorize the usual faces).

Once she got to the thrift store she started riffling through the bins looking for something Alby could wear to a job interview. Her friends, seemingly undaunted by her rapid escape, came in looking for her, and she hid in a changing room hoping they'd go away.

They didn't.

Bridget wanted her to admit she was in over her head, shaking her by the shoulders. Julia wanted Bridget to get it through her head that she could take care of herself. Bridget posed a question: What would Julia's mother think of this? Julia didn't want to think of that, or deal with this, and soon neither did Julia, or the Julia that showed up after the third 'pop' noise. Soon the changing room was crowded with confused twins, and after getting some clothes on all of them, Bridget tried to get them all to make sense of this.

Too bad someone called the police.


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