Joanna Leeds

Basic Info:

Player: TwinbeeMkII

Demeanor: Quiet, shy, withdrawn. To say Joey lacks social skills would be an understatement, to say nothing of her bad self image. The end result is a girl who says little but watches much, making her seem something of an outsider to others.

Nature: Being hidden away her whole life in the woods, Joey can tend to become overexcited at aspects of the outside world, often leaping before looking when it comes to something new. The wall to reach her is high, but once inside, a person will find nothing but a loyal friend willing to help however she can. A dreamer in every sense, Joey spends her days lost in her thoughts, thinking of thoughts and fancies larger than life, a side effect of her cloistered upbringing.

Description: Joey ,standing at a simple 5 feet, weighing 75 pounds, is the very definition of slap together. The only way to describe her is "Aren't you missing the kitchen sink?".
The forest child


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Wilderness Training (4 Brains)
Athleticism (4 Agility)
Observation (4 Brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

Joey's mutation is primarily a physical one. Born as a hodgepodge of bits and peices, she has several physical traits. Wings that allow flight thanks to her light and hollow bones, clawed hands for gripping and tearing, sharp teeth for biting, long athletic hoofed legs for sprinting, a tail for balance, as well as enhanced senses like the beasts she seems comprised of. None of these abilities are in the extremes but they're enough to place her over a normal human any day.
Flight (3) Joey has the ability to fly with her large colorful wings

Strength (2) Part of her 'gift' if physical strength above normal human levels, though only about as much as any beast in the wild

Agility (2) End result of her body, Joey is gifted with a natural agility, which helps in her other abilities


Tire (Minor): As a side effect of so many physical traits, none are exceptionally strong. As such she can't fly for long periods without tire, and her bones make her something of a glass canon. As well, her appearance can be somewhat shocking and a bit off putting at first for those not prepared for it.


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Small amount of change
A wrinkled, faded photo of her large family
A homemade good luck charm from her sister
The clothes on her back

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The few clothes she owns
A worn down stuffed bear, homemade by her mother
A few tattered books

Personal History:

Born 2004
Growing up in the rich and fabled Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Joey's life isn't what one might call normal. Stricken with a family line wide mutation, most of her family are mutants of varying physical mutation. Being creatures of fancy, naturally humans began spinning tales and legends of beasts within the wood, creatures to fill men's minds with terror. Yet there were no beasts, no monsters to fear, but a family close knit. Yet legends persist, and as such, the Leeds family remained hidden in the wood, only venturing out when needed. So it was down the generations, until a young Joanna Leeds dreamed of the outside world. Tired of being hidden away and spoken of in beastly tales, she made her choice to venture forth and find a life of her own. Through a series of events, the 14 year old came to reside at SunnyBrook, where her life was about to change. For better or worse? Who can say.


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