Basic Info:

Player: Legacy

Demeanor: Painfully naïve, innocent, excitable, technophile, happy-go-lucky.

Nature: Scared, introverted yet quirky and random. He possesses little in the way of common sense and tends to leap before he looks.

Description: Aside from his charmingly heroic smile, JJ looks pretty average overall, at least the human parts of him. He has dark brown hair worn short and spiky. His eyes tend to have a slight glow to them, especially when using his powers. JJ's left arm and right eye have been replaced with robotic prosthetics. They look normal from afar, but up close it's clear both are fake. Fully functional but fake.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • Academics - (3) Brains JJ absorbs knowledge and trivia like a sponge. He often doesn't know how he knows something, but he does.
  • Engineer - (3) Brains JJ can build things up and repair like a professional. This also has an artistic flair to it. It may not be mechanical, but JJ loves welding metal sculptures.
  • Athletics - (3) Agility JJ can run, skate, climb, and hide - if it's related to escaping and hiding JJ's all over it.
  • Computers - (3) Brains JJ can cruise around a computer, hack, use and build programs, retrieve lost files like he was a machine programmed to do so himself.

Supernatural Abilities:

Technopathy - 3

  • Control: JJ can communicate with (and claims they talk back!) and control most machines both the simple and the complex. Under his control they cannot do anything that they normally couldn't. JJ does not need to be touching it. His power is range based and in this manner, JJ functions like a router. He can see through cameras, use a smart phone without even touching it, play a video game in his mind, operate most vehicles, and more.
  • My Friends: Through prolonged exposure to JJ some might say that machines sometimes start to develop their own personality. This has a vast range. The smallest being like a toaster seeming to have emotions (treat it badly and your toast will never come out edible. Say please and it will be perfect every time), or vending machines who seems to really love him. Or it could be like Poddy (see below) and have a life of its own.
  • Poddy: a tiny “pet” robot which JJ has been continuously improving upon. His name comes from the fact that his basis was originally an iPod. Poddy seems to have a personality and quirks all his own and limited intelligence. He is incapable of surviving on his own and may shut down if he is away from JJ for too long. Like an iPod, Poddy can of course play music, and display videos and pictures (though on a mini projected screen as his actual screen had been removed a long time ago in favor of giving the little guy a more streamlined form.) He can also record and play back messages. Though he can understand it, Poddy does not speak English. Instead he speaks using a series of clicks that only JJ seems to understand, though likely any technopath can too.
  • Artificial Telepathy: Seeing as JJ can communicate with machines, this apparently extends to people having similar gifts, he can speak to fellow technopaths without verbally communicating.

Mechanical Integration - 3

  • Better: JJ can for lack of a better term, absorb an appliance and integrate it within his body, effectively augmenting his form. Examples include using a camera with a zoom lens to enhance his sight, or something as childish as absorbing a light-bright just for giggles of glowing. His favorite trick though, is giving himself wheels instead of feet. This power is limited by the combined weight of the integrated machinery. If JJ absorbs too much he won't be able to move his body under his own power, though if merged with a car or motorcycle, JJ could easily move utilizing its power. His current limit for self-powered locomotion is equal to his weight (an additional 135lbs). He can expel the augmentations at any time without ill effects.
  • Bio-Mechanical physiology: JJ is still more man than machine, but repeated integrations and the artificial replacement of his left arm, right eye, and a few internal organs have nudged JJ's powers and body to becoming more equal with the artificial. Right now this is most visible in the young man's left arm, it is no longer truly prosthetic. The arm is as much a part of JJ as it his original arm was. He can truly feel through it, it can bleed, it can heal on its own over time, and it is slowly altering the rest of JJ's body.

Hyper Intelligence - 3 +2 Severe

  • Computer Mind: JJ can process thoughts and arrive at conclusions quicker than the average person. He can speed read and retain the information perfectly. Though his memory isn’t what one would consider eidetic. He can learn how to do something by downloading it, but knowing how to and having the experience necessary to do are vastly different things. He may understand the concept, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be perfect at something on the very first second, or even third try.
  • Improve: If JJ can dismantle it, he can put it back together. And put it back together better than before, a touch of his power and some spare parts are all JJ needs to make the outdated into something that’s state-of-the-art.


  • Emotionally Stunted, painfully naïve, and inexperienced. JJ may be a teenager physically and close enough mentally, but his emotional health leaves something to be desired. He gets excited over the smallest of things, is fascinated by the mundane, and still believes in things like Santa Claus. Almost everything is a first time for JJ and he tends to get over excited. He needs supervision as his first experience in the real world involved trying to greet a moving car like it was a person. (severe)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Poddy.
  • One of those technology jackets with dozens of pockets and seams to allow wires and cords to run through it.
  • A laptop
  • An iPad
  • A 3DS and numerous games
  • Headphones
  • Stylus
  • A multi-tool and screws
  • A baggie of Tootsie Rolls and all sorts of condiment packets

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A number of computers (and parts) in various stages of completion
  • A pair of electric roller blades
  • A toolkit including a soldering iron
  • Spare chargers of all kinds
  • Spare clothes
  • A teddy bear

Personal History:

JJ is a failed clone in a long line of failed clones in the eyes of his creator. An attempt for the man to live forever. The final attempt as it turned out. JJ has countless siblings, as he would call them, even if the majority of them were only a handful of cells, individual body parts including limbs and organs, or medical waste. Those that were more advanced were either mindless, or incapable of living without assistance. A – Z were little more than the contents of a petri dish. Other batches had names like AA – AZ, BA – BZ, CA – CZ and so on all the way to the J-group. Meaning JJ claims that he has 269 older brothers. It wasn’t until the J group that JJ’s creator actually managed full body clones.

JJ’s body was perfect, fully functional and without any deformities. JJ’s brain showed no signs of abnormalities. He was exactly what his creator was looking for. The problem was, JJ actually had a mind, a consciousness, and soon enough, an identity. For much of his accelerated life JJ’s behavior was akin to what one might expect an AI to have, understanding little of what it meant to be human despite having a vast amount of knowledge at his disposal. He learned of pain early on, being experimented on, bled, and having bits removed and vivisected all to prolong and ease the life of his creator.

The same anomaly that granted JJ his autonomy also gave the boy gifts. JJ was hooked up to all sorts of machines from the moment his cells divided enough to be viable, it was only natural that some of the machine crept into him. He could remotely access and control technology within his line of sight, and soon enough over Wi-Fi if the device was capable. It wasn’t hard at all to ask the machines to free him. He could not only speak to machines, but join them and merge his flesh into them. His first independent action was to repurpose equipment to replace his lost parts.

He was aware of the world outside, and wanted to be free and see it. He had to escape. He packed a bag with everything he could carry and tossed on a lab coat. Unlike most lab grown monsters, JJ never turned on his creator. He never had the chance to. Liberation came to JJ in the form of a one in a million chance. A meteor shower. The chance of one actually falling to Earth was slim, one big enough to do damage even slimmer. But one did hit the mad scientist’s facility. The building took a bad hit, though the meteorite only caused structural damage, the chemicals and compounds within exploded. By sheer luck JJ managed to get out with only burns and scrapes.

With the destruction of the lab, JJ was cut off from the computers and Internet that had been a constant presence to the boy. Without their voices and the machines that took care of his bodily functions JJ had to think and fend for himself for the first time. He wasn’t completely alone though. He had some devices he’d stolen from the lab. Among them was an iPod that soon became a constant companion. It wasn’t long before JJ discovered that he was terrified of the endless sky. Since he’d spent his entire life with walls and ceilings, the idea that up went on forever was a shock. He only learned he needed to do things like eat through trial and error. His powers continued to develop, turning inwards and warping the fully technological bits into a hybrid of flesh and engineering, and the iPod became aware.

After many weeks of travel through the surrounding forest, JJ made it to civilization. After a few more days of scrounging through bins to salvage any food and machinery he could, he found enough courage to actually approach and speak to another person. Sadly for JJ this meant a road where he found the first sign of intelligent life he’d seen since leaving the laboratory. A car. He rushed to greet his fellow machine and the next thing JJ knew, he was flying backwards. The boy was rushed to a hospital where his x-rays revealed the boy was part organic part machine. It wasn’t until JJ woke up and in his joy to be once again surrounded by electric friends sent out a pulse that instantly alerted GWU.

He wasn’t brought to Sunnybrook first thing, JJ needed to be rehabilitated and introduced to the world before he was deemed safe to himself and others. His social skills are lacking, and the iPod – now dubbed Poddy and no longer resembling one in the slightest thanks to JJ upgrading him seems to understand the subtleties of humanity better than his maker. Poddy is JJ’s constant companion and a literal PDA – a personal digital assistant. JJ may not know what school is, but he has a feeling he’s going to like it even if people like me doesn’t mean technopaths.


  • JJ likes to make up nicknames for those he meets and tends to call non-technologically minded people cavemen.
  • JJ has a strange taste in food. Having been brought up on scientifically formulated goo and whatever he could salvage, actual food is special to JJ. He eats the weirdest concoctions.
  • A scared JJ is a big issue. Machines start going haywire when JJ experiences a powerful negative emotion. Flickering lights are the lowest, a car coming in to defend JJ? That's a biggy.
  • Eating for more than one. JJ can power devices he is in contact with, but this takes a toll on his body as the energy required comes directly from JJ’s reserves. He needs to eat more than the average person.
  • Something from something: Excluding DIY kits and anything with explicit instructions, JJ can’t build something completely new from the ground up, he needs a base device to tear apart and piece back together.
  • What measure is a non human? Due to JJ's unique upbringing and early life, he views a machine's life as equal to a human's.
  • Stupid genius: Although JJ is astonishingly bright and smart, he tends to do a lot of stupid things.
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