Basic Info:

Player: ZaGatorado

Demeanor: Jasdeen is quick to show sympathy to people with problems she's not familiar with, and coddle them, but she's quite a bit controlling and tends to garner a little too much power over people's lives. She dresses wealthy and acts wealthy most of the time, but things other people take for granted cause her trouble, so she can be seen mimicking people to the letter to try and grasp a new skill or emotion, at least by those she's willing to trust.

And considering she's quite naive, the list might be bigger than it should be.

Nature: Jasdeen is confused by a lot of human concepts and emotions. She hasn't felt them for long, and so she's forced to follow humans around and copy them in a crude facsimile to make sure she's doing it right. She's used to people taking things out of her hands and telling exactly what to do and how to act, and doesn't want that to happen to her anymore, but she hasn't taken the steps to realize when she's doing it to others.

Description: Jasdeen's model for her own appearance was made out of the dreams of humans, and so her appearance is a little too symmetrical, a little too beautiful, a little too exaggerated. She has a considerable cup size, is svelte at 5'10, and dresses elegantly, wearing dresses, cowls of lace, evening gloves and such. Her legs are long and her skin is spotless, almost like porcelain, but if seen from up-close diminute scales are made apparent, much more visible in places clothes usually hide.

Her dark golden tresses draws stares, and when she meets their eyes people find themselves freezing in place to stare deep into her own. When she speaks it's like a siren's song, and her canines can be seen to be slightly more prominent and pointed than a normal human's.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


Dreamlike Step: (3 - Agility)
(Of all possible qualities, the strangest)

Jasdeen perceives the world in a different way. To her, everything moves to the beat of reality's dream, not to her own heart. Her movements are informed by this sense, and so they are faster and almost hypnotic. Her reflexes too, are aided by this strange displacement of the mind.
(Reflexes, Moving)

Huntress' Sight: (3 - Brains)
(The mark of the dynasty)

Jasdeen's sight still has trace elements of her original physiology, and so she trades sight over long distances for the ability to catch slight movements and see minute details.
(Perception, Detection)

Trained Senses: (2 - Brains)
(Just because sight gets its own slot doesn't mean these are far behind)

Jasdeen's other senses are finely tuned and very sensitive. She can catch scents very easily, and follow them, and her sense of touch is good enough she can feel the slightest breeze. It makes for an embarrassing combination when dealing with teenage humans who easily go unwashed for days and can be very touchy-feely.
(Perception, Detection)

The Whole World And Her (4 - Brains)
(Yes her)

Jasdeen's mere presence can be intimidating, like an aura that tells people she's bigger than she really is, and pulls their focus towards her. At the same time, she's very good at making people feel small and weak, surrogate to her will. It's a skill she'd be uncomfortable if she'd ever become self-aware to.
(Attention-Grabbing, Social Coercion)

Supernatural Abilities:

Liquid Dreams: (4)
(The best medicine)

Jasdeen's tears and saliva are made of this, and glitter softly in the dark. Her nails are also coated with it, all sets of them. When humans come in contact with liquid dreams they have waking fantasies, and become dazed.

Once they awaken fully, they feel healthier, faster and stronger, and generally braver. It might even heal wounds.

Dreamworld Gate (3)
(A painful proposition)
Jasdeen can make use of her true nature to open portals to the dreamworld, where creatures like her walk. She's only able to open small ones at the moment, and uses them so her bodyguard from birth, a specter that pokes her arms through and materializes in reality to keep Jasdeen from harm. Opening the gates is very painful, and harms Jasdeen's human form.


  • An Open Book: Because of Jasdeen's true nature as a creature from the dreamworld, people who sleep in her general vicinity tend to get flashes of her thoughts and feelings as their dreams mix with her essence. If she's sleeping, they are able to walk into her resting place, and she cannot force them out. They cannot wake up until they leave. (Mild)


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