James Cartier-Harris

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: He's very withdrawn, and his eyes look haunted.

Nature: James is definitely not one to approach /anything/ new without a fearful breakdown, first. But once he gets over his fear, if he does, he'll try hard. He's also kinda selfish, but he won't hurt others over it, just kinda not help them /as/ much. The thing he's most selfish about, however, is friends.

Description: It's hard to describe James, because he's a very nondescript, 15 year old white guy. 5'10, 157 pounds. 6 on the attractive scale. Moderate haircut for his black hair. The only thing that really sets him apart from all the background characters are his brown, teddybear-like eyes and his myriad of markings left by the hallucinations.


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 5/5

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Stealth (5+agility): If the monsters can't /find/ him, they can't hurt him. Of course, he's only delaying the inevitable, but it's quite rewarding to get that extra 5 minutes before your face is clawed open.

endurance (5+brawn): He knows how to survive a very severe biting and scratching spree. Just gotta wait until it gets bored and leaves…

First aid (6+brains): James needs to tend a lot of wounds from his 'friends', and subsequently a lot of practice healing himself.

Supernatural Abilities:

Nightmare alive (6): james' main power, he can bring his hallucinations to reality. If his nightmare is an alteration of something already in reality, then there will be no trace once it reverts. These hallucinations are not any more under his control than usual (that is to say not at all). His hallucinations also seem to adapt to his situation, and always provide terrifying help in a crisis. He /can/ fully summon them as another combatant. To de-summon them, James has to take an action and roll equal to/greater than the original summoning roll. This counts as interacting with the nightmare for the purposes of debuffs, but doesn't suffer other penalties listed on this page. GMs can have the nightmare attempt to summon itself, at the cost of its next turn (meaning it can't try again the next turn if it fails. If James summons it the turn after, no penalty is applied). It rolls its summoning like normal, but then James rolls mental defense (not modified by anything on this page), and if he wins, the summoning doesn't happen. If a nightmare summons itself, it usually means there is either a lot of action going on, James is clearly about to die, or they have been waiting too long.

He can only summon one at a time.

Fear-vision (5): James will automatically attempt to experience the hallucinations of others (mental defence if they wish to resist). He can discern more information about the hallucination depending on how much he beat the defensive roll, such as whose it is, what specifically is causing it, how long they've had it and whether or not it's recurring.
He can also tell when a person nearby is having a nightmare, and spectate the dream, useful for learning the fears of others (mental defense to negate.)

Fearful (2): When James is very scared, (enough for a debuff, or to dictate his actions) something in his power just kinda snaps. Whenever this happens, anybody who tries to interact with him will have that action opposed by this power. If the power wins, something will simply go wrong in a way that negates their action. This power receives a -2 on those who he perceives as an ally

James' nightmares are immune to this power


James experiences perpetual nightmarish hallucinations. Due to his power, it's impossible to tell them apart from reality without the help of others, and while he can't severely harm himself, there'll often be sharp teeth marks and claw scratches all over his body. This has also left him very mentally fragile, so he takes double Psyche damage, and loses 1 max psyche (severe)

James has pseudo-PSTD symptoms related to his tragic past. He hasn't been diagnosed for sure yet, and it might not be strong enough to be diagnosed, but… either way, he gets no skill bonus when he's afraid, except for defence rolls (minor)


A matchbook
a flashlight
A pocket-aid kit
a couple wet wipes
Sierra's feather

In the dorm
His favorite nylon/silk blankie blanket
A night light
a first aid kit
various stuffed animals, including… A Freddy Fazbear plush?

Personal History:

James had loving parents. Unfortunately, as you can imagine for someone whose power is based on fear, it was not exactly easy on his parents. Eventually, due to the lack of control over his power, he was forced to watch as his parents came to calm him from a bad nightmare, only to have the monster of it brutally murder them both right in front of his eyes.
After that, he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle. While they were kind, it was clear they didn't love him nearly as much as his parents. They did, however, send him to therapy to help deal with the issues, and he was almost immediately given something to stop the hallucinations, but they didn't work. However, the therapy did indirectly allow him to realize he had control of his power, even though it wasn't much control.
Eventually, when he was being attacked by a particularly vicious nightmare, his uncle came in and shot it, causing it to come and attack him. This time, however, he managed to unsummon it. This managed to freak them out enough that they sent him to sunnybrook.


T:1 U:3 XP:0
Knows fluent French
scene guide

+1 to Nightmare Alive and Fear Vision
+1 Brawn
+2 to Stealth and Endurance
+2 to HP
[tier split]
+1 to Nightmare Alive and Fear Vision
+1 to agility
+2 to first aid (feb 28, 2016)

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