Jae Yun Fei

Basic Info:

Player: Silvors

Demeanor: At first, she may appear shy or distant, though this is only due to the inherent nature of her flaws. The girl is aloof, make no mistake, overlooking or pretending to overlook some things. She's also rather teasing, finding a certain sadistic pleasure in making people jump and scream, though never intending harm. Only laughter. She also has tea parties. Because those are nice.

Nature: While appearing distant, the girl is actually rather sweet. She enjoys gifts, both giving and receiving, and likes to sit and read books. She is rather timid, at least on some subjects. And the girl is especially prone to acting as though she doesn't see or hear someone to avoid being further embarrassed. In the end, all she wants is for people to look at who she is, not what holds her back or what company she keeps… she also enjoys tea parties. Not that she'd let anyone know.

Description: Fei is a pale South Korean girl. She has brown, chocolate colored eyes and a long, straight dark brown hair that she typically either keeps finely brushed though occasionally she does go for twintails or a pony tail if she doesn’t have time. She stands at roughly 5'4 but can sometimes appear taller or shorter depending on her mood, whether she stands straight or slouches. Starting high on the girl’s forearm and covering all the way to the center of her chest are tattoos.


HP: 8/8
Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1
Agility: 3
Brains: 5


  • Academics - (4) Brains (Knowledge, both legal and illegal)
  • Gang Member- (4) Brains (Guns and knives)
  • First Aid - (2) Brains (Useful, when you don’t want people to die.)
  • Stealth - (3) Brains (Sneaky, sneaky)
  • Reflexes - (1) Agility (Ranged Defense)

Skill Replacements From Powers:

  • Perception - (4) Brains (Swarm Sense lets her sense things through anything in her swarm)
  • Mental Defense (2) Brains (One of her Swarm Queen upgrades lets her rearrange her now-alien mind)

Supernatural Abilities:

Swarm Cerebral 6 - Fei can control anything that her mind is connected to, (This includes anything that tries to directly affect her mind, whether it succeeds or not.) inducting them into her ‘swarm. Anything sentient can try to resist, save for arthropods, annelids, and parasites, which she has complete control over regardless of shape, size, or power. (Those with a high degree of sentience or some form of mental defense can still attempt to resist, albeit with a -1 penalty.) Of course, she can still put the members of her swarm on ‘autopilot’ by letting their natural instincts take control or by giving them long term commands.

Swarm Sense 5 - Fei has a Swarm Sense, allowing her to feel the location and use the senses of the entirety of her swarm. This telepathically links her with all insects within her range. Her current maximum range of 25 miles (Rank^2), she can feel, see, smell, taste, and hear through her underlings. While she can receive all of the input from all of her swarm at once (and her Alien Mind mutation makes this easily doable) she can filter out them as well.

Swarm Queen 2 - Fei can cause her body to mutate, albeit not intentionally. And her power gave her a few mutations by default so that she could functionally use her powers. So far, they have all been mental mutations. But… will any physical ones cause permanent body modification? Only time will tell.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.
Deaf (Severe) - Fei is incapable of hearing any sounds through her own ears due to sensory overload causing them to implode when her powers first awakened. The damage is seemingly irreparable, with modern science unable to repair them and, when they are miraculously repaired, it only results in another case of sensory overload, causing her to be deaf once more.

Almost Blind (Flavor): Fei is blind. Or, well, almost so. She’s legally blind without the ability to see with more than a few inches in front of her face, though glasses can help this issue by allowing her to see a few feet, they don’t give her anywhere close to the sight of your average person.


Items on Fei’s person:
Brass Knuckles

Items in Fei’s room:
Laptop (w/ mouse and bluetooth keyboard)

Personal History:

Paige was born into a household that wasn't particularly kind to her. Her father was an ex-alcoholic who replaced his beverages with work, working more often than not to the point that he was rarely home, which her mother was more than keen to take advantage of, constantly bringing over other suitors from around town who, more often than not, weren't the quietest sort. So, there were frequent arguments throughout the house. The girl was never physically harmed by any of this, her father wasn't the violent sort though her mother was. Though, emotionally she was on edge constantly. Whether it be from an argument between her mother and some random guy, or from her father and mother. Paige was, well, caught in a crossroad. Whenever she was home she would hide away in her room, either entertaining herself online, caring for her pet Tarantula, or doing anything else to distract her from the yelling. She knew that she should stay in there, make sure nothing too bad happened, but whenever she tried to she would always end up being pulled into the arguments, parents forcing her to side with one or the other. It was, well, scary. So she just played with the Tarantula her grandmother gave her.

Those were good times. When she got to stay at her grandparents house for long periods rather than being at home. Despite her grandparents, well, strange hobby of collecting and caring for all sorts of creepy-crawlies. It took a while of warming up, but once her grandmother took out a scorpion and showed it to her, letting it crawl up and down her arm and promising it wouldn't harm her, Paige took an interest. Whenever she could, she would stay with them, days like that seem so far away. Her grandfather had long since died and her grandmother was talking to Paige, neither of her parents being there to be at her side, the old woman spoke, telling her that her life was soon to change and to never give up. Then thanking Paige for staying by her side all these years. Those were her grandmother's last words and the girl took them to heart. Everyday she would walk to the church and stay there, mainly out of fear of her Dad coming home and shouting. Then, she knocked over her spider’s container and it ran off, she shouted after it but it was too quick, running into the church through an open door. Paige was terrified, that bug was her last physical tie to her grandparents, the ones who brought constant comfort, and it was running away. She ran down the church's staircase after it once it descended and screamed at it.


Then the floodgates unleashed. Maybe it was the emotion poured into it, or perhaps the event was inevitable, or maybe it was something greater at play, but once she screamed at it, she felt everything expand. Paige unlocked something that day, something greater in her genes that granted her a power. The bug stopped. But, there was no joy found in that, because once it stopped, once her powers unlocked, they came in full. She felt them, all of them, every insect or spider or the like for miles around. She felt where they all were, but that was just the beginning, she could hear through them, see, taste, touch, and even smell through all of them. Millions if not billions of senses overwhelming her brain and mind and causing it to start to overload, she stumbled into a room and fell over, curling up and wanting nothing but help, nothing but for everything to stop cramming into her mind. Then she felt a sharp ringing in ears, the loudest she'd ever heard, and covered them instinctively. Then, she curled up in fear and wanted something to save her from the pain and the ringing. She got that wish. The Global Watch Unit sent a team to retrieve her, consisting of a Kitsune and Immortal Asshole. She was retrieved, the infestation of bugs at the church was dispersed, and she was sent to Sunnybrook.

Or more specifically, the basement. At least, until she got a hold on her powers.And that’s where this story takes a turn for the worst.

All it took was one guard to spot her and destroy Paige’s life. He sprung her from the basement, getting her all the way to Windvale where a team was ready to take her away from Sunnybrook. Away from her chance at a semi normal life. She smelt chloroform.

And then, Paige was in Seoul, her grandmother’s homeland, surrounded by a few asian men and women. Where was she? Who were these people? She was soon to find out, she had evidently been sprung by a GWU infiltrator and was a member of a superpowered gang in South Korea. I say gang, in reality, it was a handful of superpowered people with a lot of cash and more than a few underlings. She soon found, though, that she was more than able to fill this new role under one stipulation. Freedom and Protection from the GWU in exchange for her services. Of course, that was an obvious win for the wannabe super gang.

And oh did Paige, or Fei, as she changed her name to, fulfill her end of the deal.

With her micromanaging and surveillance from her power, their underlings were always busy, always efficient, and always gone from the sight of the law. She quickly rose up the ranks, managing to take out a few of her ‘partners’ when they got too ambitious or plotted betrayal. Just when she was nearing the top, a whole four months after gaining her freedom, her position got leaked. The GWU showed up, and she was taken back to the basement… until she was broken out again. It may seem like a theme, except this time, she wasn’t broken out by South Korean gangsters. No, she was broken out by a squad and brought all the way to Fifth Sanctum.


Any other information you think would be interesting.

Expendable XP: 3

Tier 0-
Weekly XP: +12
Anomalous Generation: -4 The Scarab's Charm (scarab-shaped earring that grants a ten-foot sphere of telepathy)
Weekly XP: +7
Power Boost: -4
Learning New Tricks: -4
Moving Towards Perfection: -4
Toughen Up! -4

Tier 1-
Weekly XP: +6
Power Boost: -4

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