Jace Rose

Basic Info:

Player: DrabberRogue

Demeanor: Jace often prefers to keep to himself, preferring to observe others rather than interact with them. When he has to interact with other people, he spends the conversation trying to figure them out. Their personality, their likes and dislikes, what they happen to be good at, so on and so forth. Jace also has a rather dry sense of humor, often making witty stabs at the way others word things and making generally dry remarks about things that he finds amusing.

Nature: Jace normally seems like someone who doesn’t like to get involved in things, but once one sees him in competition, they’ll realize that he is extremely competitive. Although he doesn’t show this on the outside and often acts indifferent, he in fact hates losing and can sometimes be a little too dedicated to being the best. In regards to relationships, Jace doesn’t like getting close to others, he doesn’t want anyone distracting him from his goals. Although he considers allies very valuable, he sees friendship as a distraction, and tries to avoid it. To this end, Jace rarely talks about himself or his past, always trying to dodge or change the subject. Because of this active avoidance, Jace often finds himself feeling very lonely, having nobody to relate or provide comfort to him. However, he sees this as a necessary cost of success, reluctantly tolerating the pangs of loneliness that visit him every so often. As far as hobbies go, Jace loves games, specifically games that involve tactics and strategy. As a part of his abilities revolves around these things, he also happens to be rather good at those games, though “games” is a loose term for him. Jace sees any form of competition as a game, always striving to do better than everyone else. As far as the strategies that he actually uses, he prefers to try to control his enemy, making the game go his way. Everything Jace does in a competition he does to gain an advantage over his opponent, limiting their options and predicting their actions in advance, trying to assert complete control. Of course, he only does this when it's appropriate to the game in question, it wouldn’t be fit to play like that while taking a test or something (He considers tests free for all games to score the most points.) Despite all of this competitiveness, Jace never lets on that he’s trying to be better than everyone else at what he’s trying to do, in fact he’s usually very nice to them. To an outside viewer, he would seem to be just another prep, working hard at everything he does.

Description: At sixteen years old, Jace Rose is about six feet tall, possessing a light body weight (about 120lb) and pale skin. His features are rather sharp, evoking the image of an intelligent commander. His short hair is a golden blonde and his eyes a cold, calculating icy blue. Jace likes black, and boasts a long, black trench coat to fit this style. Most of the time he wears matching black clothes to accentuate his coat, but he sometimes throws on dark red, blue, or purple shirts for a bit of contrast, as well as black socks and combat boots. A picture some random girl snapped of him in the library.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Perception: (2) Brains
  • Analysis: (4) Brains
  • Speechcraft: (3) Brains
  • Reflexes: (3) Agility
  • Fencing: (3) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things your character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Dissonant Counter - Jace possesses the ability to project a form of supernatural energy that has a wavelength inherently dissonant to all other supernatural powers, effectively lessening or even canceling them out completely. This ability is usually only active when he consciously accesses it, and he’s currently only capable of using it in two ways with any degree of reliability. The first uses this ability in a projected form to nullify a specific instance of another’s ability (mechanically characterized as an offensive intercept to nullify the use of another’s power.) In order to use the ability in this way, he has to be expecting his target to use their ability, and must be ready for it. One doesn't simply counter something he doesn't see coming. The second is similar to an emp burst as it releases an intense burst of this dissonant energy that temporarily disables the abilities of others within the radius of the burst, including Jace’s other ability. This form of the ability is extremely taxing on him, and inflicts damage on his psyche. (5)
  • Perfect Tactician/Strategist - Behind every form of direct competition, there is an invisible force between the participating parties, a force that can be read to determine where the flow of the competition is going, and how to take advantage of it. Tacticians call it the flow of battle, economists call it the invisible hand of the market, those who know how to read it can measure the statistics of the situation and determine what their opponent will do next. Jace has the ability to perceive this force merely by observing the competition in which it exists, as well as to alter how others perceive it. When Jace pays attention to a competition in which this force exists, he is able to read how the competition is going and determine both his best course of action as well as what his opponent is most likely to do. In addition to this, Jace can also alter the way the others view this flow of competition. Everyone involved in a competition will try to read how that competition is going on some level, even if they do it incorrectly. When he has time to focus, Jace can alter the way the flow of a competition looks to everyone that attempts to read it, including himself. This disrupts his own ability to read it as well, but both Jace and his opponents will have the same perception change, so he can still accurately determine his opponent’s next move. (5)

Ability Mechanics:

Dissonant Counter - Projection:
Jace can use this ability either on his own turn or he can set up a counter and use it as an offensive intercept against a target ability activation. The target rolls the ability in question against Jace's ability roll, if Jace wins, the target ability is disabled for a number of turns equal to the difference of rolls. (This ability can only be used as an intercept when Jace spends his turn preparing to use it.)

Dissonant Counter - EMP:
This ability's strain has a possibility to injure Jace's psyche, so he must roll mental defense against it. Any beings caught in the AOE of the attack will have to roll the first activation of their ability against the EMP roll if they activate it while the effects last. If they fail to beat that EMP, said ability will be disabled for the duration of the EMP's effects. Said effects last for a number of turns equal to the difference of rolls. Jace's "Perfect Tactician/Strategist" ability is also affected by this. (This ability can not be used as an intercept.)

Perfect Tactician/Strategist:
Jace can either read the flow of competition himself, or fog the view of it for others. Both uses of the ability will roll his ability against his opponent's mental defense, if he succeeds, one of two things will happen depending on how he uses the ability. If he tries to read the flow of battle, he will gain a (ability level/2 rounded down) bonus to all competition related dice rolls (including Dissonant Counter) for a number of turns equal to Jace's ability roll. If he tries to fog the flow of battle, those who lose the roll will be unable to use counter or helping hand, and will receive a -1 to all competition related dice rolls for a number of turns equal to Jace's ability roll.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Jace has yet to identify any side effects to his abilities.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • His trench coat (Acts as storage for small items.)
  • A high end smartphone.
  • A fancy ballpoint pen (Never know when you might need a writing utensil.)
  • A bookbag.
  • A strategy book for light reading
  • Lots of blank paper for planning purposes. (Or just spare paper…)
  • A polished onyx knight chess piece.
  • Gum (Helps him think.)
  • A small, black dia-…notebook.
  • A 3-DS with along with several strategy games. (*cough* FE Awakening *cough*)
  • A laptop computer with several more strategy games installed.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A desktop computer specifically built for gaming with even more strategy games installed, also Dark Souls…and a gamepad.
  • Changes of clothes.
  • A dark crimson trench coat. (For variety…not to hide blood stains…)
  • Tennis shoes.
  • More books (Most of them about strategy or war.)
  • A Risk board.
  • A very fancy chess set of polished onyx and marble which the onyx knight belongs to (Comes with a case.)
  • A very sharp and light rapier. (Three uses, obtained from Maya)
  • A picture of himself and Katlyn (From Katlyn, obviously…)
  • A plastic spork. (From Akemi…)
  • A gym bag, about the same size as his normal one. (From Maya)
  • A leather sheathe. (Also from Maya)
  • A very light and sharp rapier, much sturdier than the other. (Birthday present from Maya)

Personal History:

Jace Rose was born to two very successful business managers in New York. His father a business strategist and his mother an economist, the two were an invincible team in the market of the world. Because of this, Jace was exposed to strategy from a young age. His mother taught him chess, his father taught him to be competitive, the two worked together to mold Jace into a successful young man with a bright future. Jace’s parents were also very controlling, they wanted to guarantee that he would be even more successful than they were. To this end, they were a little too strict, teaching Jace the rules of the world through unbendable rules and harsh punishment. What they didn’t expect was Jace’s incredibly competitive personality, nor did they ever truly realize it. Jace hated being so intensely controlled, he considered himself in a constant losing streak against his parents. In response, Jace did what any truly competitive person does, he learned his opponent and concocted a method to beat them. Jace quickly figured out that deception was an easy way of keeping his parents’ overly inquisitive noses out of his business. He had learned previously that his parents rewarded success and following rules, so he started exploiting that to get what he wanted, gradually honing negotiation skills for convincing them of things they were reluctant to give him. Through outwitting his parents within their own system, Jace gradually developed his own love for a different kind of control, learning to deceive his opponents regarding his own intentions while also getting into their head and limiting their options.

Once he got over his angst towards his parents (mostly out of satisfaction from beating them at their own game) his grades began to skyrocket, where they had been rather average before. Jace found himself actually enjoying school, seeing it as a sort of game that he strived to be the best at. With improved grades came more privilege from his parents, eventually bringing him into contact with gaming. Playing video games became one of Jace’s favorite pastimes, especially those requiring strategy. Despite all of his academic prowess, Jace’s social life ended up being less than satisfactory. Jace’s parents, being successful business managers, often had to travel all over the world. As his parents were a bit over protective, they ended up taking him with them on these trips. Although this meant that Jace got to see many different places, it also meant that he had trouble making friends. Jace adapted to this inconvenience by deciding that he didn’t need friends, it was simply too much of an inconvenience to miss someone, and he figured that not having anyone to worry about would improve his efficiency at completing whatever objectives he happened to have at any given time.

Inevitably Jace’s growing interest in tactics and strategy led him into military tactics and economics, the latter of which his parents were thrilled about. As he showed an interest in stock trading, his mother taught him how it worked, explaining what stocks were as well as the how and why of trading. After setting up a practice account with fake money, Jace began watching the stocks, taking note of patterns before he even got involved. But as he continued to do this, Jace noticed that he saw a bit more than the numbers bars of the trading program. He felt something before every trade began, a premonition of sorts. Such feelings were occasionally wrong, but more often than not he knew exactly what would happen before it did. As Jace became increasingly aware of this strange sense of his, he began to notice it as he did other things as well. He had always thought his ability to predict his opponent's movements was merely a result of his tactical prowess, but as he played chess against his mother, watched his school's softball team, and even as he challenged bosses in Dark Souls; he found that he could easily predict his opponent's movements, often times without even trying. After weeks of playing with this new power on his practice stock trading account, Jace found himself rather irate at the one thing that every stock trader eventually faces. Some random millionaire had sold millions of dollars worth of stock of the company that he was trading, effectively making his brilliant strategy obsolete and completely restructuring the flow of the market. As he sat there silently fuming at his loss of control, he found himself trying to figure out a way to best this prick millionaire screwing with the stock. He knew it was impossible, but he sat there for quite a while anyways, trying to work out ways to manipulate the stock. He became so focused on this train of thought that he almost failed to notice the flow of the stock changing. Suddenly he found that the best course of action trading in that stock became effectively polar opposite of what was logical, looking at the stats confirmed this. But to his amazement, everyone trading that stock began pursuing that strategy. People are sheep, that was what Jace had come to believe through observation his entire life, normally people would freak out at the sight of a sudden drop in stock, this would cause them to rampantly sell their stock. To sell in this situation would have been the logical conclusion, “save what you can.” But these people were now buying it en masse, overturning what the millionaire had done. Jace later determined through experimentation that he had the ability to alter how other people saw a tactical situation when they evaluated it.

After this revelation of his abilities, Jace set his mind to figuring out how they work, subtly testing them on others whenever he got the chance. As he graduated middle school and began high school, Jace’s parents began to make him work for his money instead of having an allowance, trying to instill independence in him. Having more than enough of that, getting a job to make a few hundred bucks, then taking that to the stock market and using his abilities to manipulate the stock market to his advantage. Having thus established a stable monetary income, Jace now had to find a way to use that income. Out of sheer boredom he decided to invest in personalization: Clothes he liked, a fancy pen, and a diar-…notebook. Jace also began frequenting the local mall, people watching became a pastime he enjoyed, not to mention watching the occasional old man playing chess with himself at a table. “How interesting, watching the flow of tactics around someone playing against himself…” he mused, watching the old man from his usual spot in the restaurant. He had just purchased a very pretty (and rather expensive) chess set, and was twirling a black knight between his fingers as he observed the other denizens of the mall. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as screaming began sounding from the main area of the mall, growing closer very rapidly and interspersed with sporadic gunshots. Jace doesn’t remember much about the event, perhaps that was part of the anomaly’s nature, but the GWU unit sent to investigate the event found Jace passed out in the food court of the mall. All traces of the anomaly’s effects had disappeared from the area, leaving only a strange, chaotic energy signature whirling around the food court. A review of the mall’s security system indicated that Jace had somehow negated the effects of the anomaly, rendering it powerless and forcing it to flee from the scene. Afterwards, the GWU took custody of Jace, telling his parents that the military had taken interest in his promise as a strategist and that he’d given consent to attend a government sanctioned academy for gifted children. Now at Sunnybrook, Jace has actually adjusted to it quite easily, excited to be around people who might actually pose a competitive challenge to his tactical ability. He takes amusement in the GWU’s making a big deal about the possible uses for his power. “They have no idea…”, he chuckled, knowing that they only had half the picture of what he’s capable of.


Jace’s pro gamer skillz have resulted in fairly high reflexes (hence the reflexes skill.)

Birthday is March 14.

Jace intends to keep records of his opinions on others in the di-…notebook that he bought prior to ending up in GWU custody.

The GWU has no idea that he can do anything more than negate the abilities of others, and he plans to keep it that way.


$1130 USD

12 XP
4 XP to spend

Tier 0-1:
Power Boost (+1 Dissonant Counter, +1 Perfect Tactician/Strategist)
Learning New Tricks (+2 Fencing)

Power Tutor - Dissonant Counter (With FonyX)
Skill Tutor - Fencing (With Maya)


As I was never able to use this notebook outside of SunnyBrook, I've decided to purpose it (or at least the first part of it) to writing down my opinions of those I've met so far, as well as record tactical implications of any alliance (or opposition, if applicable) with them.

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