Isaac Forge

Basic Info:

Player: SirGoldFish

Demeanor: Isaac likes to act like an adult most of the time. Dressing up as an adult, pretending he has authority even if he does not. He'll often act like he is above typically childish or even just teenage conventions. He is not very humble by any means, always trying to. He is an overachiever, trying his best to be the best at most everything he tries to attempt, even if it may lead to disaster. He is, despite his many quirks, a smart cookie and will act, for the most part, using intelligence and a bit of grace.
A skeptical intellectual he finds the concept of 'magic' to be down right silly. everything can be explained with science and must be able to be categorized in some way or another using the scientific method! While many of his views may be considered antiquated and some what silly (Even if justified in some ways due to his fantastic abilities.) He tries to be charming and lives by a sorta gentleman's code of conduct that he attempts to follow even if he will throw it away in a second for science!

Nature: Issac is not an adult by any true means. He likes to act like an adult because it makes him feel safe, acting above others as a form of control in his crazy chaotic mess of a life. His more childish aspects will come out in many ways such as always wanting to be first, sometimes taking things /way/ to personally and blowing this outta proportion and attempting to seek revenge. Sometimes, when not checking himself, he'll act in very selfish ways. He is also, for a multitude of reasons obsessed with winning. He is actually smart but sometimes he takes tasks a bit too seriously. If a task is considered impossible, he will become obsessive and work day and night. Often is personality will shift just a tiny bit once he gets an idea stuck in his head to a more amoral and a tad bit unstable Dare I say mad form. Often ignoring details like eating, sleeping, smoke, and terrible deathy spikey painful things, (small stuff.) to get his task done. Stubborn at the best of times. You will have to make sure you have peer reviewed papers (Hypocritical since he seemingly does not need those things.), statistics, evidence galore to change his damn stubborn mind.The thing about Gentleman during the Victorian era is that no one truly knew what a gentlemen was. It was this extremely vague ideal and there was no official gentlemen's code that men could abide by. In truth Isaac does not know what a gentlemen is but he wants to be one by twisting that definition. It's a mask he wears to protect himself from anxiety and terror. A poorly constructed mask but something that keeps him safe and generally happy.

Description: Considered average for his time, not so much today, Isaac Forge stands at 165 CM tall, gonna take time to get used to all the tall people of today's era. Again, due to the time period he was born in he has a very trim build. During the day he has very short combed over hair but as the day progresses and as he neglects to re-comb it, it'll become messier and messier, eventually becoming a wavy mess of hair. When he becomes more mad and less gentlemanly, his hair will become more messy and stand up a little bit, giving him what can be best described as a fwoof in his hair. His eyes are this wonderful shade of emerald green that seems to glimmer a little in certain lightings.

Well, when it comes to dress and Isaac he has not quite caught up with the times yet and wears primarily nineteenth century clothing that looks totally out of place in the modern times. Waist coats, suits, tunics; mostly red, pink, and brown. He avoids wearing blue at all costs since that is very much a feminine color that he avoids to be a gentleman. When doing science he will often break out his howie styled lab coat. A constant in all of his attire is a pair of goggles for looking cool science! usually over his forehead and not actually his eyes.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4

Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

Yes Miss Fitzgerald, I will find your lost cat - 3 - When not being the apprentice of the little known Jerome Blackmen or being a cute thing to show to friends for his parents. Isaac would often spend time on the mean streets of London to solve problems. Using a combination of scientific knowledge and analytical ability, Isaac is able to solve many mysteries such as where the cat went and whodunit. Brain, Investigation

So many things to see! - 3 - Isaac has a sense of wonder about the world because it is a beautiful place. He pays close attention to his soundings in the pursuit of science and enjoying the world. Brains, Perception

Gentleman Scientist - 3 - Isaac is adapt at doing research. Whether it is having his nose in books prescribed by Jerome Blackmen or independent research into the great work. He will spend hours on end in hyper focus just to find the answers he is looking for. If he's gone a bit mad, he may even Brains, Research

"Look at our little Isaac!" - 1 - Isaac has been used as a show peice for his parents for years. He is thus used to pretending to be charming and the such. He knows how to dress and has vague ideas on what is okay to say. All though he must adapt to the modern times. Brains, Persuasion

I challenge thee to a dual! - 1 - Isaac has been taught by his late father on the art of dueling with swords. He was never great at it but he picked up a lesson or two. Agility, sword fighting

A tad bit mad - 1 - Due to many factors, including a tiny bit of mad genius, a stubborn brain and various other factors. Isaac finds himself that he is rarely effected by mental effects. Brains, Mental defense

Power Upgrade, Tier 0

The Brass Heart

The thing about steam and why it fell out of use somewhat is that the power requirements necessary to make real-world versions of steam devices (or at least Victorian-era versions of 20th century technology) would be enormous, and would soon exhaust all available supplies of coal and wood.

The brass heart that is in Isaac's chest basically increases the amount of energy produced by any given source of power by multiple orders of magnitude as long as he creates it. The amount of energy increased being more the more simple the energy source is. In short. The brass heart makes the impossible possible in short and not even Isaac has explored every facet of what it can do.

Inventor- 4 - Isaac is able to create wondrous devices that flagrantly break multiple rules of science all using a weird supposed pseudo-science that only he can ever truly understand.. He is currently able to build small automatons that run on steam (He has yet to adopt modern science wholes) Their AIs are able to use gears instead of circuit boards. He is able to do actual alchemy. Currently in the process of discovering the philopsher's stone.

Mad biologist- 3 - Not only is he well versed in the machine sciences. He is also a brilliant biologist. Able to craft various exlixrs and salves that have fantastical effects. He can't quite craft fleshy beast using DNA, yet.


List everything your character carries on their person here.

  • A camera from years back.
  • Leather Bound notebooks
  • Silver Pocket Watch with some odd inscriptions on the back
  • Ink pens
  • Messenger bag

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Tool kit
  • Paint
  • A 3 by 4 machine that plays five songs. One of his first inventions

Isaac forge was born in the middle of Victorian era on January Third 1846 around England. He was born into the upper class Forge family. His parents, Julia Forge and Andrew Forge, pampered the boy through out his younger years.

Due to equal parts arrogance, ambition and restlessness from his shelter life. He began at the age of seven he decided that instead of being only seen and not heard from, he would sneak out and explore the slums. He was no fool and had no intentions on actually escaping and leaving home or leaving for some kinda stage show like a friend of his had. He simply wanted to see what was out there.

After a few weeks of going home and exploring through through his local slums. He came across a curious individual that he mistook for a transient beggar of some sorts what with his odd manner of speaking. The man's name was Jerome Blackmen. The man seemed to speak in riddles and would not leave Isaac alone. He wanted Isaac to follow him somewhere.

Issac, the foolhardy boy that he was, and still is, decided to take the man up on his offer and follow him. He had a small club by his side at all times and he thought he knew how to use it. So he followed the odd man into well, his odd little laboratory. Isaac has never seen anything like this before, but oddly enough he felt home.

This place, after minimal convincing from the now vastly more calm Blackmen. From then on Isaac became a sorta apprentice of Jerome. Under his wing Isaac was able to make fantastic creations. But there was a catch. He was not able to share it with the public.

Isaac thought this was quite idiotic and decided to take things into his own hands as he is often prone to doing. He showed up to a small party in grandiose fashion. Shocking the audience with what appeared to be a gun that shot lightning.

Isaac came back to Blackmen proud as can be returned to the lab. Little did he know that he was followed by some unsavory men. He told Blackmen of what he did. The man, wide eyed shocked, shoved the boy in the lab and a odd looking machine that looked like some sorta pod. It was shut on Isaac and he could not escape

Less than five minutes later of Isaac banging on the inside of the machine, a flash of bright bronze light nearly blinded the boy and door opened to reveal a strange new world. He fumbled out, looking at what was not the shop. It was some strange metal place. Filled with men in black suits and white coats.

He was swiftly put into an even stranger location filled with odd people.



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