Hyacinth Dubois

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"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature."

Isabella from Northanger Abbey

Basic Info:

Player: LipstickThespian

Demeanor: Smile, because there is so much beauty around there’s no reason to frown. There is always a new experience around the corner, and the world is there to explore. This is a wonderful place and there are so many exciting people to talk to and know. To be known is to be remembered, and the mark left on others can reverberate for the ages. Share with the world your thoughts and experience the order of things and how they fit into place. Spring is coming, and with it the rebirth. It fills one with joy.

Nature: Everything is wrong. The world is not as it was left, the powers that held their domain over this world are weak and she is to be their conduit. Mankind is the true poison of the world, it has become a virus that infects the world. Draining it of it’s energy and pouring toxins into it with their negativity and science. This must be fixed, things must have their order again. They will bend at the knee once more, to the powers that bind.

Description: Feminine grace and candor, Hyacinth is a lovely girl who is just coming into her own. Her soft red hair is long and often braided, she takes care to brush it often, Blue eyes that are deep and set out from her clear skin. Cupid lips and a soft face that show her emotions brightly. A face that doesn’t hide it’s smile or keep it’s tears at bay.

Thin and lithe, she has no real shape to her body. Flat chest and lack of hips, but toned legs and smooth stomach. Not a twig, but nothing to really define her body as anything but dainty. Most days she wears a soft sundress and sandals, thought she has been known to change it up with a blouse and skirt. She always wears jewelry that carries earth tones and gems, and there is always a flower in her hair.

The Girl with Flowers in Her Hair


HP: 6
Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1
Agility: 4
Brains: 3


  • Dance ~ like no one is watching ~ reflexes (4 - agility)
  • Love ~ like you’ll never be hurt ~ persuade (3 - brains)
  • Sing ~ like nobody is listening ~ performance (3 - brains)
  • Live ~ like it’s the afterlife on earth ~ fortitude (2 - agility)

A Goddess Reborn
There was once an order to the old world, and it has been lost in the era of modern Humanity. With determination, tired from the squabbling around her, Persephone gazed upon the world. She would like to visit the world once more, and it was that she found an avatar in Hyacinth. From there, she pulled from the mystic energy that flows through the world, and tried to reignite the old ways.

The Art of Tarot (4)

Her deck appears pulled from the air, and is binded to her soul. The cards draw from the world around for their manifestation. She can not choose the cards she draws, only guide them and direct their energy. However, she does not have a complete deck, and is missing many of her trump cards. She hopes to craft the rest, but so much of her energy must be expended for this that it will take time.

The Trump Card Draw

At the start, she must draw a trump card. This is the manifestation of the card’s powers. She must spend an action to draw it and channel through it. Another action must be spent to draw the pairing card from the deck. Depending on the trump card drawn, in synergy with the suit of the pair card, an effect plays out. The difficult rating for the opposed roll being the rating of the card drawn. She can only choose who the afflicted is, but once drawn the cards must be played.

Current Deck - The Fool, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Moon

Crafting a Trump
For every tier, Hyacinth is able to craft a card for free, as increasing in tier shows her growth and handle on the mystic powers that bind. Along with this, she may craft another through generation at the expense of four experience points. Due to the skill and power involved with making cards, she can only create these two per tier.

Reading the Cards (2)

With her deck of cards, Hyacinth is able to put others in touch with their higher selves. Showing them the truth of the order of the world, and their place in it. This reading depends on many different factors, but through playing her cards she is able to tell a lot about another person. With or without their willing consent. This requires Hyacinth to be concentrated, and focused, to perform. Taking time and energy to get a reading.

The spread she uses to perform this is the Celtic Cross. Knowledge she gathers from this is sometimes broad or may be specific, depending on the strength of her energy in her roll. Although depending on how willing the afflicted is, it may be foggy and hard to clarify.

Horoscope Reading (1)

Through her knowledge of the stars, and her relation to the powers that flow through them, Hyacinth is able to give horoscope readings for the day that are mostly accurate. Mostly. Though it may just be a trick, she will swear to you the sky speaks through her and she can tell you all you need to know about people through their signs.

Requires either prior knowledge of the person’s sign, or a few minutes to figure it out.


As the stars move and dance across the sky, so does Hyacinth. When one looks to the night sky and can see the sign above, they will know her. For whatever sign is in power affects her completely and dictates how she functions as a person. Drawing her power from the mystic, she is at it’s mercy for her feelings.

Astral Sign in Power - Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Hyacinth will wear Lavender in her hair.

She will wear Yellow dresses.

Her jewelry will have Agate stones.

Energetic! She can't contain herself and wants to just, share it with everyone. Flexible to any situation, she wants to try new things and grasp at wonderful new opportunities. She can't say no to an offer of some new experience. Enthusiasm with quick wit, she is very good at keeping a conversation flowing and expressing her feelings.


On Her

  • A flower in her hair, always.
  • TOMS backpack, with her craft supplies.
  • Braided Bracelets

Dorm Room

  • Craft supplies
  • Incense sticks and holders
  • A crystal ball
  • Some books on the mystic
  • MacBook
  • Assorted sundries

As Spring would come, so would Persephone. From the depths of the underworld she would come to the Earth and with her came the flowering of the meadows. The harvest she brought to the people was always given with the love and care of a dutiful majestic princess. In the old days, they would give her tribute and sing her praises. As time went on however, they began to stop speaking her name. The harvest came and they would gorge themselves on it without a word of thanks. The old ways were forgotten, but still she was dutiful to Humanity and the Earth.

Others around her were filled with discontent, they cursed Humanity and spoke of it’s reckoning. She hated to hear them fight over it, she felt they were just lost. That if she could speak to them, she could renew their trust in the old ways. Breath life into them and let them flower, as she did the meadows.

So it was, on the gregorian calendar March Twenty First in the year two thousand and three. On the Spring Equinox, that Persephone came from the Underworld to bless the world with her presence. She had chosen a young mother, full of beauty and grace and care to use. Only, she hadn’t expected the woman to have twins, and in her haste to find a vessel on the world she wasn’t careful.

Marigold Dubois was born first by three minutes, she was to be the older of the twins.

Hyacinth Dubois was born second, he was to be the avatar of Persephone.

Their mother, Catherina, loved them both equally. Their father Alexander cared for them more than anything else in the world. The two grow together, close, and would often be seen running through the streets of their small farming village and the fields of tulips that their Father grew. Always their Mother would put flowers in their hair, and tell them that the world was beautiful and they were their stewards.

As they grew, their parents let them express themselves completely. When Marigold would wear dresses, so would Hyacinth. The people in their village came to know the two as an inseparable pair. They would know the two girls by their laugh and their smile as they ran around town.

The two shared their secrets with each other, and knew everything there was to about the other. When Marigold had her first kiss, she only told Hyacinth. So when Hyacinth first felt the thoughts of her place in the world, the dreams and the feelings, it was Marigold she told. Over the years, they would talk about their place in the world. Marigold would grow and inherit the tulip farm from their Father. Hyacinth? She had purpose beyond their small village. The world was around them to be seen, and she had come to know her purpose in it.

It was a mistake, when she drew her cards in front of her Father. Tried to help him with his broken farm equipment. She wanted to bless him with her grace and her love. Instead he had locked her in the room she shared with her sister. Called the authorities, the doctors, anyone to help. Suddenly she wasn’t his daughter anymore, despite her mother’s cries and her sister’s complaints.

Life had changed, she was taken from her sister. Pulled from the best friend she had ever had, the family that loved her unconditionally and sent away. Hyacinth lost a part of her innocence that day, but she would never forget the beauty she had seen in the world.


Sometimes the flowers are fake, but they look just as real.

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