Basic Info:

Player: Bobafettuccine

Classification: AO3-GO35-White Siberia Foxglove

Demeanor: Quiet, calm, always with a sense of wonder at the world around him, like he's seeing it for the first time. Which he very well might be.

Nature: Confused, but ultimately happy to be alive. He knows what it's like to be nothing but an object and he doesn't ever want to go back to that. Everything in the world is a new experience to him and he wants to take it all in.

Description: Pretty tall, at 6'8'' and very thin, weighing only 180lbs. He has sharp features and a somewhat pointed nose. His hair is long and a golden blonde color, his eyes a striking steel grey. His face seems to almost always have one of two expressions on it, either a frown of confusion at the goings on around him or a look of delighted wonder at the beauty of being human(ish) his posture is always perfect standing or sitting his back is almost always perfectly straight. On the underside of both forearms is a small black tattoo of the runes Ansuz, Algiz, and Eihwaz.

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HP: 10/10

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 6

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


  • Part Time Spear - (6) Brawn As a weapon who used to be wielded by a god Gun has picked up a few tips on how to fight in a Melee Combat situation.
  • Battlefield Awareness - (6) Brains Originally made for combat, Gun has a good perception especially in a combat situation.
  • Athletics - (2) Brawn Gun has a warrior's build despite how thin he is and this makes him a very capable and instinctive athlete.
  • Reflexes - (2) Agility Gun has good reflexes honed by years of being a weapon held in the hand of a god.
  • Runeworking - (1) Brains Gun can now create runes in order to aid others, Artifact design

Skill replacements from powers:

  • Physical Toughness from Living Weapon - (6) Brawn
  • Mental Defense from Runed - (3) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Living Weapon - 6+2 - Gun is still partly a spear, and this affords him certain abilities he has three forms that he can transform between. (it takes him about 5 seconds per form switched between. To switch from human to spear, he first has to switch to half and vice versa)

Spear of Odin - 3+2 - As the former spear of Odin, lord of the skies. Gun absorbed some small fraction of the god's powers. This has granted him Aerokinesis (control of air)

Runed - 3+2 - In the ancient days weapons were sometimes inscribed with runes, this was believed to grant them power depending on the runes used. Well, when the weapon is made for a god the runes actually do grant power. Gun is able to inscribe these runes upon himself. Every time he raises this power he gets one more rune, decided permanently when he raises this power. Each rune has a different effect.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • One White T-shirt
  • One black Tac-Vest
  • One pair of Grey BDU's
  • One pair of brown hiking boots
  • A phone!
  • Networkless Smartphone from Campus Safety Trainee position
  • AR glasses from CST position
  • 12 doses of Pixie dust
  • White Lily Boutonniere (prevents death blow once)
  • 2 Portable Eihwaz Rune
  • 1 Portable Ansuz Rune
  • 1 set of 4 portable Algiz runes

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • four composition notebooks
  • 8 pencils
  • 48 Doses of pixie dust
  • His stock of runes

Personal History:

Crafted by the dwarves for Odin, lord of the Aesir. Gungnir spent Eons as an unthinking and very powerful weapon wielded by the Norse god. After so long spent around the power and wisdom emanating off of Odin, Gungnir eventually gained a personality, and recently, sentience. Odin decided that a weapon that could think for itself would be a detriment. So instead of throwing away the weapon that he had wielded for so long and begun to look on as a friend. He would give it a parting gift. The god gave Gungnir a human form and a fraction of his own wisdom, sending him down to earth to live among the humans.
Gungnir landed in the woods about an hours walk away from the town of Haven.


(The journal is written entirely in elder futhark runes.)
The one named Andrey gave me this journal. I will begin writing my noteworthy experiences here daily.
Today I met a being named Sierra, at first I believed her to be a valkyrie, but then I learned that she was not. We became friends.
Today I met Kali. She is very good, she taught me what a date was and we went on a date. She kissed my face.
Today I gave Kali training in how to fight, we focused on battlefield training. She said that she was my girlfriend now and she is teaching me how to feel love. I have allowed her to wield me in battle if need be.
Today I met a girl named Elspeth in the Gazebo. She was strange and cold, so I carried her inside. We talked for a time before she fell asleep.
Today I met Kali's other boyfriend Markus. He seemed very angry at me for some reason that I did not know, while we talked I found myself growing so angry that I could not see properly and I lost control, I almost hurt Markus, but I remembered myself before any damage was done. He apologized and shook my hand, he told me that he believes I am a good man.
(this entry has multiple silver stains on it)
Today Kali told me that she was leaving. She is gone.
I destroyed Markus's door today, I felt bad immediately after. We are friends now.
Tonight I was studying the wall when Elspeth came around the corner. She was injured severely and very upset. I held her for a time and told her that I would protect her. We watched Mulan until I discovered that she had a punctured lung. I took her to the infirmary where the nurses treated her. I stayed with her the night through.
She called me family.
I bonded with Elspeth today after forming my Algiz rune. I will always protect her. She is my family.
Today I went shopping with Markus and bought him a new door. I bought myself a new shirt and a cell phone.
I was unaware that love was a term that could be used to describe how one feels towards family, but today Elspeth told me that it is. I love her as one would love a sister.
I spoke with a girl today named Pia, she briefly saw my memories of Asgard and seemed shaken by the experience. This girl intrigues me.
I met a girl by the pool today who is called Siobhan. She has wings and is from a place called Heaven. She brought me to a hot tub and the experience was delightful. Hot tubs are possibly the greatest invention of mankind,
later on in the same day I spent some more time with Pia and we watched the stars, I feel something for her. Similar to what I felt with Kali, but different in some way. Deeper? That is the best I can do to describe it. It is like I am watching the sky when I see her.

I have not written in this journal for some time. I do not know why I have started writing again. Perhaps because I cannot speak the words to anyone, this is a sufficient substitute. So much has happened. I told Pia that I loved her, and she said the same to me. We were happy. But then she left. I do not know what has happened to her, or where she has gone. I sincerely hope that she is safe, wherever she is. The day after our link was severed I was told by Claudia, who I thought was my friend, that she had lied to me every day for two months about what she had done. I do not know how I will ever trust her again, but she swore a blood oath not to lie to me, so I will give her one single more chance. Less than a week later, Andrey told me that he needed my help with something. He took me to meet his father Ilmarinen, who charged me with finding Andrey's lost memories. I did so, but it was a trap by one of Ilmarinen's enemies, and Andrey was erased, replaced by Ilmarinen's daughter Ailikki. In the space of one month I have lost three of the five people closest to me. I do not know what to do anymore. I wish that Odin were here so that I could look to him for guidance. I am lost.

XP and stuff:

Current: 2
Total: 34

Tier 0:
+15 Weekly
-4 power boost
-4 learning new tricks
+1 Magic club event
+1 Development scene Debts Repaid
-4 Toughen up
+2 Run: Redwood Ruins
-4 Moving to Perfection

Tier 1
+12 Weekly
-4 Learning New Tricks
+2 Event: Sky-Home, Part 1
-4 Power Boost
-4 Moving To Perfection
-4 Clear Mind

Tier 2
+1 Weekly

$$$: 519
+200 from arrival
+42x17 Campus Safety Trainee
+350 Run: Silvy's demon thingy
-350 White Lily Boutonniere
-350 Another White Lily Boutonniere
-80 60 doses of Pixie dust
+30 Skix bought 3 Ansuz runes

Upgrades tier 0:
Power Boost: Runed, Living Weapon
Learning new tricks, +2 Battlefield Awareness
Toughen Up, +2 HP
Moving to Perfection, Brawn

Upgrades tier 1:
Learning New Tricks: +2 Part-Time Spear
Power Tutor: Song of the Spear +1 Living Weapon
Power Boost: Runed, Living Weapon
Moving To Perfection: Brawn
Skill Tutor: Pixies teach runecraft +1 Runeworking
Clear Mind: +2 Psyche

Upgrades tier 2:

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