Geun Man-seok

I don't feel a thing, and I stopped remembering
The days are just like moments turned to hours

Basic Info:

Player: TeslaTornado

Demeanor: Stiff, distant and disconnected from itself and those around it.

Nature: An empty vessel, a container of memories and thoughts and feelings long since dissociated from the carcass that what's left of Man-seok is tethered to. Driven forward by unfathomable reasoning that even its creators cannot comprehend, Man-seok survives solely because it does not believe there is an alternative.

Description: The body that was Geun Man-seok is a roughly fifteen year old Korean male, close-cropped black hair and ivory-white skin, standing approximately five feet nine inches in height and (at last weigh-in, with prosthesis removed) approximately one hundred and twenty-two pounds. It is skinny, almost emaciated in appearance; pronounced cheekbones and jaw, thin neck, arms and legs wiry and small. Its mouth remains pursed shut in a grim line and milky-white eyes pinpointed with twin dots of blue light scan its surroundings. It dresses itself in jeans and long-sleeved shirts, jackets when possible. Its most pronounced feature, it could be said, is Geun Man-seok itself - a massive, tri-digited cybernetic right arm looking more at home on an assembly line or industrial vehicle than a human being; matted steel and braided hydraulic lines running through its length. The arm itself is as tall as Man-seok's body, occasionally touching the floor and dragging behind its stiff, shambling body or being used, cane-like, to propel it along like a lopsided gorilla.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 1

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • "We will not tolerate frailty, Man-seok. Cast off the weakness of flesh.": (3, Brawn) Geun Man-seok was intentionally designed to overlook certain facets or flaws in human physiology in order to better facilitate its own survival in the long term. One such adaptation was the complete and total phasing out of the use of pain receptors in the body to increase field effectiveness; meaning that Geun Man-Seok effectively does not know pain. This allows him to overcome severe physical injury with little effort, ignoring wounds that would maim or cripple a regular person. (RESISTANCE)
  • "You are a machine now, Man-seok, and you will know your own kind." (3, Brains) Geun Man-Seok was designed with an on-board electronic warfare suite designed for systems infiltration, data retrieval and encryption/decryption. Although it has not seen fit to make extensive or in-depth use of it, it is nevertheless a skilled hacker and systems analyst. (COMPUTER USE)
  • "This arm that you have been given is a weapon, Man-seok. Learn it. Use it." (4, Brawn) Hydraulics and servomotors and several hundred pounds of metal - if it wasn't intentionally designed as a bludgeon, Man-seok would certainly have made use of the brute force potential presented by its arm/body of its own volition. Such as it were, Man-seok came uploaded with a series of close quarters melee combat techniques specifically intended for use by Man-seok, taking advantage of the incredible strength and damage-dealing potential that its arm can provide. (MELEE COMBAT)
  • "Your superiority does not mean that everyone around you will be elevated to your level, Man-seok. You must also know how to care for those around you." (2, Brains) In addition to the above skills, Man-seok was taught basic first aid and combat lifesaving techniques, and given basic field manuals as part of its programming, in order to increase the odds of survival of other field operatives. (MEDICAL)

Supernatural Abilities:

"For every tool there is purpose, Man-seok. Know the functions of your new body as you would your old one." (4): Geun Man-seok's arm is a veritable Swiss army knife of alternate functions - in keeping with its intended design as a piece of equipment intended for long-term field deployment.

  • Modify Terrain: (DC Variable) Man-seok uses its arm's massive strength in one brief burst in order to destroy or damage a nearby piece of terrain such as a floor or wall, or to move a heavy object such as a dumpster, car or boulder. The DC of the roll is dependent on the size, shape, and weight of the object being manipulated.
  • Cable Spinneret: (DC 1) Man-seok fires a woven microfibre cable from a nanospinneret inside its arm. The cable is tipped with a spike and is capable of embedding itself in dirt, stone or flesh and locking in, much like a grapnel or barbed hook, at which point the cable can be fastened to other objects, used as a restraint, or serve a function similar to a grappling hook.
  • Core Exhaust Dump: (DC 2) Man-seok vents excess heat from the power cell running its arm, capable of melting ice or burning anyone unfortunate enough to be standing nearby.
  • Target Pacification Subroutine: (DC 2) For less-lethal combat, Man-seok can reduce the hydraulic output of its arm and electrify any and all striking surfaces in order to deliver a potentially-disabling electrical shock to its target.
  • Integrated Projectile Weapons System: (DC 3) Man-seok's arm is equipped with a concealed firearm chambered in .454 Casull, the barrel of which extends from a hole just behind Man-seok's wrist; it is aimed via neural interface and reloaded from an internal magazine with a capacity of 8 rounds. Although this is the only weapon in Man-seok's arm, the bay itself has hardpoints where it is theorized that other weapons could potentially be mounted at a later date, such as blades or larger-calibre firearms, or more practical tools.
  • Somatic Preservation Suite: (DC 4) Within the shoulder of Man-seok's arm is a complex nanofabricator that, when Man-seok's body receives extensive physical damage, releases a gel-like ferrofluid which is distributed via Man-seok's bloodstream and fills/patches physical injuries with a paste maintaining the consistency and resistance of human flesh. This serves the same purpose as a first aid roll for Man-Seok, and also allows its body to steadily 'heal' from wounds over time.

"For you, Man-seok, a body is a temporary thing - a mode of conveyance, nothing more. Muscle and bone pass on. You are eternal." (3) In the event that Man-seok's body is severely damaged or rendered unable to convey it, Man-seok's arm is capable of ejecting from its body and grafting itself to a nearby humanoid, where it will forcibly rearrange the new host body's neural pathways and integrate itself into the body as though it were its own. Although it displays a preference for corpses, it is capable of doing this to a living human being, though with a high Difficulty Check incurred, and a 100% mortality rate for the graftee on a successful Difficulty Check.

A successful graft results in the adoption of that body's physical capabilities (Brawn and Agility), although Man-seok's Brains stat remains the same and his skills do not change.

In addition, Geun Man-seok's artificial neurological pathways were designed with a purposely atypical structure, and are intended to be capable of rearranging themselves when placed under external influence, granting it additional resistance to both psychic
interference and more direct methods of tampering.


  • Susceptible to electromagnetic attacks, although it is hardened against them.
  • Damage to Man-seok is difficult to repair and must be carried out by a certified GWU technician with documented clearance to operate. Unauthorized individuals caught tampering with Man-seok will be punished.



Personal History:

The boy who was Geun Man-seok was born in Pyongyang, the son of a political figure in Kim Jong-un's administration. Little of import happened to the boy in his youth until his father was arrested and tried for treason, and executed. Rather than be placed in an adoption system or something of the like, though, Man-seok was placed in a research facility run by the North Korean government with a specialization in cybernetic prostheses.

There, Man-seok had his right arm forcibly removed at the shoulder. The process was agonizing, but even moreso was what came later - a massive cybernetic arm was affixed to his stump and activated, which resulted in the distribution of a semi-sapient nanoswarm through his body, which mapped his neural pathways into the arm, creating a perfect mental copy of Geun Man-seok within the arm itself.

In order to test that the copy was genuine, the body of Geun Man-seok was executed by chemical injection.

Geun Man-seok died on 8th December, 2015, at 5:38 PM.

Geun Man-seok was born on 8th December, 2015, at 5:38 PM.

This Geun Man-seok had no idea that its original body was dead; its awareness remained the same; it still stared through its old eyes, spoke through its old mouth, moved with its own arms and legs, with no trace of stiffness or atrophy aside from the steady fade of color from its extremities and the eventual discoloration of its irises from disuse.

This Geun Man-seok was trained in close combat techniques, weapons operation and combat lifesaving, and was assigned to North Korea's equivalent of a GWU anomaly retrieval team, intended for stealing items and people of interest from South Korea in order to forward North Korea's own agenda.

This Geun Man-seok carried out only one operation, and was unfortunately trapped in a GWU sting operation occurring at the same time as its own raid was scheduled to begin; its teammates were quickly and summarily wiped out, and this Geun Man-seok was forcibly shut down.

When it was reactivated, three days (or, to this Geun Man-seok, one moment) later, it was in Geneva, at a GWU nanotechnology and robotics research facility. It was 2017. By 2018, it had been thoroughly researched and evaluated, and entered into a resocialization program. By random lottery, this Geun Man-seok was slated to be enrolled in the Sunnybrook School For The Extraordinary, starting in December of 2018.

And so it went.

Due to an incident involving the accidental destruction of several hundred dollars worth of furniture, and the discovery of the program used to update and edit Geun's databanks, Geun was transferred to an alternate housing and is matriculated in another curriculum, separate from other Sunnybrook students.


  • Man-seok lacks a great degree of fine motor control. He is capable of manipulating his fingers and toes, but his facial muscles - aside from his jaw and neck - remain unworkable to him. As such, his face constantly rests in a placid expression, the same one he wore when he died.
  • He has no sense of taste, no functioning digestive system, and all food is processed via a nanoswarm that resides in his guts solely for the purpose of breaking down foreign matter like food.
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