Floyd Samson

Basic Info:

Player: Neon

Demeanor: Floyd is bound to strike even the most casual of observers as flippant and nonchalant. He rarely seems truly interested in anything, and on the off-chance that he does display interest, it’s often fleeting. Moreover, he seems to possess a natural contempt for order and authority, and everything he does marks him as a truly free spirit. This unruffled demeanor is both a source of charm and punchability — for some, it’s a dark, alluring mystique, and for others, it’s smug, smarmy and pretentious. Either way, voicing one’s opinion of Floyd is unlikely to draw from him anything but the smallest smile. He is the prototypical ‘bad boy’ in many ways: rebellious, a little gruff, and ever so cool.

Nature: Of course, there’s a lot more to Floyd than what first looks might betray. Truth is, Floyd does care, a lot — just not about you. He is, first and foremost, a thrill-seeker, a bon viveur, and his thrills come in two forms. The first, is knowledge. Knowledge, to floyd, is the prelude to power. Floyd is keen to learn more about the universe around him, and will open his eyes to vistas that were never meant to be seen if it means a chance to learn something new. It’s a deep, primal craving, as he needs the power knowledge brings just as much as he needs the thrills the danger of seeking it brings. His second source of thrills is in many ways, more mundane — pure adrenaline. Floyd needs power over his surroundings, and he finds it through surviving various reckless acts.

Description: Floyd is a roguish youth of 5’10’’, with a lean, fit build that might remind one of a runner. His skin is pale from hours poring over books in the library, and he has bright, gunmetal grey eyes that seem perpetually bemused by his surroundings. His black hair is always left tousled just so, accentuating his features without looking like he’s trying to. His manner of dress is generally rather preppy, but never perfectly well-kept — ties remained loosened, shirts remained pulled out, etc.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Plumbing the Void - (4) Brains Floyd is particularly good at learning about things that he shouldn’t. From dark rites to True Names, Floyd’s the go-to guy for things that just shouldn’t be. Used for some Research, Occult, and Academics rolls.
  • Dark Whispers - (3) Brains When you’ve been seduced by eldritch powers to do their bidding, you tend to learn a thing or two about how to convince people through less-than-pleasant means. A social skill that applies to Persuasion and, to a lesser extent, Intimidation.
  • Warped Mind - (3) Brains Floyd possesses a good deal of mental fortitude, hardened by years of learning about and seeing the unknown and the maddening. His drive and determination can push him through even his darkest moments. Applies to Willpower.
  • Thrust and Swipe - (2) Agility He’s a competent knife-fighter, having practiced the skill both for its practicality and its coolness. Applies to Melee rolls.

Supernatural Abilities:

Voice of the Old Ones (2) - Floyd recites a droning chant in an utterly alien language, using his body as a conduit from things beyond this reality to speak to this world’s inhabitants. Those who hear this chant are afflicted with visions of alien landscapes and faceless, shapeless horrors far beyond mere mortal comprehension. Mortal listeners unaccustomed to matters of the occult take Psyche damage. Floyd, likewise, instantly loses 2 points of Psyche and becomes dazed and confused after use of this power. Temporary memory loss might also be a side effect. Botching causes a temporary break in Floyd’s sanity, flooding his conscious with horrible images and dealing 3 Psyche damage.

Wither (3) - With a few words and a gesture, Floyd causes organic material to weaken, wither, and decay. When applied to non-human targets, such as wood, the substance withers away and rots rapidly, leaving behind a decomposed pile. When used on human flesh, however, the effect is different. Muscles rapidly age and atrophy, and in some extreme cases, can warp, causing pain and dealing damage to the subject’s Brawn and Agility. In turn, Floyd must bloodlet to consecrate the ritual, dealing 2 HP damage to himself. Botching this ability causes it to turn on him, rapidly withering away at his flesh and dealing 4 HP damage instead.

Balefire (4) - In an incredibly taxing use of his magical abilities, Floyd summons sickly green licks of ethereal flame, burning away at flesh and bone, at the cost of his own health and sanity. While the flames do damage, they cannot be used to start actual fires — they are manifestations of magical energy, not true flame. For each tendril or fireball summoned in this manner, Floyd takes both 1 HP and 1 Psyche damage. Botches bereave him, dealing 3 HP and Psyche apiece, and incapacitating him.


  • Rite and Sacrifice: Every ritual and spell Floyd uses has a Price, paid out through some physical and/or mental toll. The greater the power of Floyd’s spells, the more likely they are to wind up backfiring upon him.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A switchblade
  • A few occult trinkets, like a ring and necklace.
  • Cellphone
  • A wallet with just a bit of spending money

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Laptop
  • A small occult library
  • Various materials for black magic rituals

Personal History:

From the moment Floyd was born in August of 2002, in a small, rainy little Massachusetts village, his parents knew he had the Gift. Both of them had the Gift, just as both of their parents had it before them. They had been given this Gift by the powers unknown to which they swore fealty, the Outer Gods that spoke to them from the farthest corners of the abyss of existence.
In this cloistered family of upper-class socialites, public eccentricity was a thin veil for abominable religious fervor and wickedness. The dark halls of the family home served as a classroom where generations of warlocks were trained to become loyal servitors of the Outer Gods, and Floyd was amongst them. However, Floyd was not like the others of his generation. He was a bit too rebellious, a bit too rambunctious. He asked more questions than was wise to.
This was considered a great shame, as Floyd displayed great talent and promise. However, his motivations were entirely selfish, not guided by faith in the machinations of these great Gods, but rather by a desperate need to protect himself against a strange, unknown universe, and gain power over it. Thus, throughout his middle school years, he was sent to various sects of the family throughout the nation in hopes that someone might be able to re-educate him. When these attempts failed, he was instead turned to Fifth Sanctum, in hopes that a new perspective might change his mind.

Floyd in image form

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